Marriage and Culture: Are There Still Men Who Can Stick To One Woman?

I was having a discussion with Lady Annabelle, (for the sake of privacy I would call her lady Annabelle), and she asked me if I believed in the one man, one woman thing. I said yes, and she called me… Continue reading

Is Homosexuality Good?

               Is Homosexuality Good?     Some would argue that it’s good while others would say it’s outright bad, vile and disgusting! Well I would like us all to look at it from two points of view; whether you would like… Continue reading

Weights And Balances

Hi!    How’s your week been so far? Mine started off pretty good … Thank God. It can only get better. *thumbs up* Here’s an article/story from my  beautiful, fun-loving friend and sister concerning us Christian Ladies maintaining chastity. Men… Continue reading