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After ‘I Do’ – 9

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Here’s After I Do!

Thy word were found, and I did eat them…

“Hello sir, good evening”.

“Good evening”. I reply waiting for the caller to identify himself as it was a strange number

“I am Peter Akinlade, I am Omolade’s boss. I mean Mrs Lawson, your wife’s boss”. He stutters.

A frown forms on my face at the uncoordinated sentence. “Yes what is it?”.  I reply. I can’t help but be somewhat rude because first the caller is uncoordinated, secondly I am overburdened by work and thirdly it has to do with my wife. To me, this call from my wife’s boss is symptomatic of something bad.

“It’s your wife sir”. He says with a heavy breathe further wasting my time.

“Mr.Akinlade I do not appreciate this method of passing a message. If there’s something wrong with my wife can I know immediately so I can take quick action “.

” I apologise sir. I am really sorry sir”

” I don’t need your apologies, what about my wife?”  I cut him off, ignoring his placating attempts.

“She’s at the hospital Sir. I think she fell…”

I blank out for a second. If this guy called Peter Akinlade was with me, I would have punch a hole into his face. How on earth is this guy even capable of being my wife’s boss and why is he calling her Omolade? I think to myself

I get angrier when I think of his statement .”What do you mean by that? What exactly do you mean? . You think she fell?” Unbelievable!”. It takes a while for me to realise that my voice is raised and my pace has increased.

“Just give me the address of the hospital”. I say in a clipped tone.

“it’s In Abuja sir”.

Bloody hell. I mutter.” Don’t you think I know she travelled?”. My temper rises again

For the life of me I seriously wonder how this guy can be my wife’s boss and she listens to him. Omolade will respond to me with a thousand words if I say as much as two words to her during an argument. But I guess she would rather listen and submit to her boss even though he apparently lacks the basic adult sense of communication just because its work and money related.

In my opinion, if you can respect and give regard to your boss because your work is at stake then you should respect your husband more because God wants you to do so. Our regard for work shouldn’t exceed our regard for the things of God.
I wonder why women do this. Disregard and disrespect their husband but would keep quiet and trail their bosses with ‘Yes Sir, No Sir’.

I go to my line manager and direct reports to inform them of my need to be absent from work . I become inexplicably calm to the extent that I have the good sense to go home to pack a bag for my wife instead of flying off to the airport. I don’t bother to tell Kayla anything because if I do, she’ll probably find her way to Abuja before me. Besides,I need the time alone to question God about this. I did not see this coming.


“Ehn! So you expect me to get up to cook and arrange the house for your mother’s visit!”. I clap my hands back and forth in surprise. “You must be a joker!”. I throw at Carmen,

“Ashley don’t tempt me”. He warns

“Don’t even give me that tone”. I retaliate with an acidic tone. “So after recklessly and intentionally bruising my private part, you have the audacity to demand that I prepare for your mum’s visit. I can’t even walk properly because of the excruciating pain I experience when I move. I have been traumatised by your actions”.

I pause to catch my breathe before I continue. “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself Carmen? How can you rape your wife and call yourself a man or a husband talk less of a father? I am a wife Carmen! I should be made love to and not raped like the low life useless prostitutes you follow around!”

“Don’t tempt me Ashley!”. He repeats, this time in a menacing growl that gives me the chills.

I am about to tell him to do his worse and act like the devil possessed child that he is when Leah, our daughter flings the door to our room open.

She sees me and squeals in wholesome delight. I take in her little cute frame and my face relaxes in a smile.

“Mommy! Mommy!”. She giggles. With her arms wide spread she runs towards me.

I get ready for her weight as she flings her three year old self on me. My heart swells with Joy as I cuddle  my little angel. 

“Mommy hu beat you? Why are you kwaing?”. She says in a baby voice. The serious look of concern on her face makes me laugh

“No one beat me, It is tears of joy because I am happy to see you bubbling with life”. I reply her, as I take hold of her chubby little cheeks.

Her presence reminds me of the love of God that Kayla has been telling me about.  I love my daughter irrespective of what she does or does not do. It is a pure unadulterated love that I have for her, I know I have to get up to bathe for her and give her food despite the pain between my legs. I know I will go to the ends of the earth if I have to, to prove my love for her.

It dawns on me that that’s how God sees me. His love is proud to be seen with me irrespective of my past. He calls me his own even when I forsake him time without number. His love is patient enough to wait for me to come back to him when I allow my sin take me away from him. He would do all of these for me, even when I don’t deserve it. He pours out his love without restraint or condemnation. In all of his majesty, power, splendour and authority he does all of these for me without wielding his power over me, instead he gives me the liberty to choose.

Tears pour in torrent down my face as I meditate on his love. ”Thank you dear Jesus for showing me a practical way to tell me how much you love me. For opening my heart to see the beauty of your love “. I whisper in gratitude.

As a mother, I love my child but even I know that there’s a limit to how much I can love. With the lens of love put over my eyes by the holyspirit I see my husband differently.

I see someone in dire need of love, in dire need of light to bail him out of the forces of darkness.
I shake off Leah’s worried look and her ramblings. I drop her on the bed to stretch my hands around Carmen’s neck.

I ignore the surprised, confused and wary look that passes through his eyes. I know he wouldn’t push my hands away because of our daughter’s presence.

I kiss him with all of my being.

I am not kissing him because I am horny, for God knows that I am far from that region. My lips is just a tool to pass virtue. As I kiss him, I pray for him fervently in my spirit. My groans are not stemmed from pleasure but from utterances coming from my inner being.

I break off the kiss when I feel a note of victory in my spirit. Our gaze meet. We stare at each other with so much intensity until Leah’s voice breaks it.

“Daddy I want, I want. Mommy I want my own “. Leah repeats tugging at my night shirt. She gestures to her dad’s face.

Carmen and I laugh in sweet delight.

“What do you want?” Carmen ask, throwing her up in the air. I savour the moment praying it doesn’t stop soon.

She giggles happily “I want mwah”. She replies by pouting of her lips in demonstration.

I look at Carmen with a roll of my eyes. He burst out in laughter.

“Babe your daughter wants mwah ooo “. He jests

A smile splits my face. It feels good hearing Carmen call me babe.

“Leah what is the mwah that you want ”. I ask, pretending that I do not understand what she wants.

She squeeze her face in frustration. She takes me by surprise when she goes ahead to show us what she wants by kissing her dad on his lips.

“Ha Leah! ”.  I exclaim. More laughter pouring out of my belly.

It feels good laughing together with Carmen. I’ll always make sure to always listen to the voice of God. It pays to listen to him because I am not even sufficient unto myself. There is no need to harbour hate when love is all that is needed to lift the burden

The incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is very precious in my sight”

Hmmmm I need to stop speaking or reacting too quickly ooo

“Leah please leave space for me to kiss on my husband’s lips ooo” I say

” e nor  your husband, eez ma daddy” Leah replies possessively. She hugs Carmen tightly to stamp her position as his daughter.

“Hian! See this one ooo”. I shake my head as I clap my hands back and forth

“Girls girls stop fighting. I have just enough space to accommodate both of you equally”. Carmen says.

“E ma daddy!”. Leah repeats frowning at me as if I want to steal her dad from her. I get Jelous at this “keep your daddy to yourself. Let him cook for you and take care of you, I am going to the market and I am not taking you with me”. I stick my tongue out.

“Ma daddy e buy ice cream for me. awee nor  give you”. She sings moving her head from left to right. She sticks her tongue back at me.

I chortle, shaking my head at her . “Carmen I am off to the market, take care of your daughter”

“Please don’t take too long. I wouldn’t know what to do with Leah when she starts to cry for you”. Carmen says with a worried look.

“She can’t cry for me”

I pull off my night shirt to change into something suitable for the market. I feel Carmen’s eyes on my body as I change but I ignore him.

I am about to step out of the door when his voice stops me. “Yes?” I question.

“Can you please change into something longer? I don’t what other men looking at my wife’s body “. He says in a solemn voice.

“Okay”. I reply as if his statements do not mean anything to me but in my mind I am jumping and my heart is swelling.

I almost get frustrated when after five changes Carmen is still not satisfied with my choice of cloth.

“Babe when did you become this Jealous. I have always worn shorts to the market and you never complain”.

“Ashley please…” He says in a no nonsense tone.

“My darling I always wear my ring so it’s obvious I am married and if I take Leah along it will ward off men from looking at me. I will be so quick at the market ,no man will notice me. I am not even wearing makeup so no one can ….”. I stop, suddenly tired. I have run out of explanation.

“Babe you’re beautiful with or without makeup”. Carmen says to sincerely. I know these because his eyes tells me so and not just the emotion laced in his words.

I jolt in shock. I can’t remember the last time Carmen called me beautiful or said anything nice to me. For the past year all I have heard Carmen say is that I nag too much, I have insecurity issues, I am  useless, I talk too much, I am stupid and worse.  I hope this is love and not the spirit of possession because I wouldn’t know what to do.
He must have noticed the distress on my face because his next suggestion surprises me.

“You know what? I’ll go the market. You and Leah should stay and catch up okay?”

“Thank you”. I whisper. I am too choked up with emotions too argue.

I follow him to the door so I could lock it after him. I am about to shut the door when he turns to face me.

“I am sorry Ashley”. He says before walking out.

I am in kitchen cooking dinner when I receive a call from Kayla. Instantly my face lit up in joy

“Kayla love! My God sent sister how are you?”. I say in bubbling enthusiasm

She gives a small laugh “I am excellent and full of glory. How are you?”.

“Kayla, God is good. He is faithful to his word. Thank you for introducing me to God and for teaching me…”. I stop when I sense something unusual with her. “Are you okay Kayla? “.

She gives a small laugh for a response.

“Kayla don’t scare me o, what Is it ?”

“Seriously there’s nothing wrong with me. I just finished praying and I need to be really quiet for a while. I know if I don’t call you now I wouldn’t have time”

“Are you sure Kayla? Are you telling me the truth?” I question

“Tell me about your day Ashley. I am fine, I am not lying to you”

I don’t need any more prompting before I tell her about everything that happened. I tell her of how Carmen has been nice and loving to me, how God spoke to me at different times during the day, how I obeyed my spirit and I saw the result of my obedience immediately.

“He upholds all things by the word of his power. I am happy to hear this. He that started the good work is faithful to complete it”. She says

“Amen ooo. I can’t thank you enough for showing me love”

“Ashley I keep telling you its God. He poured his love on me, so I could show you the kind of love his offers. He was looking out for you”

“Hmmmm I agree. How’s Omolade and Tayo by the way? Carmen and I need to come over to thank them for accommodating me in time of my distress”

“They are both in Abuja”.

“Enjoyment galo. Are they having another honeymoon there?

” Okay Ashley let me come out clean”

“Kayla what is it?” I panic

“You need to relax. You shouldn’t entertain fear. Anyway, I am just telling you this because you’re Omolade’s friend and I’m sure you care about her”
The spoon drops from my hand. “Kayla what is it na. of course I care..”

“Omolade tripped from the stairs this afternoon, Tayo had to go to Abuja to check on her. She’s doing fine sha”.

I try to control my racing heart. “Thank God. What was she doing in Abuja sef”. I query in a reprimanding voice.

“She went for work. We need to put her in prayers”.

I nod in response.

“Good night. My regards to your husband and my baby Leah”.

I am about to say goodnight as well when I remember something. “Kayla wait wait! How’s the baby doing?”

“She lost it”.

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God’s chick first…Living in the consciousness and basking in the righteousness of He who poured His liquid love on me…Epistle of Christ, Gregarious…I like to write but I am sometimes too lazy to put my thoughts in word. I am human!



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  1. Iyanu says:

    Omg!!!! This is soo sad poor Tayo nd omolade? if only omolade just obeyed the hopyspirit and her husband…..btw am soo happy for Ashley?? thanks for the episode❤❤

    1. Pelumi says:

      Thanks for commenting dearie. Much appreciated.

      Blessings x Hugs

  2. Chidinma Frances says:

    Okay, dis is jst bad news. The Lawsons lost d baby…i wonder how Tayo is feeling esp since he had not willingly consented to her trip. How tragic tins turn out when we ignore d voice of d spirit.
    Well, im happy for Ashley n Carmen. I pray its rili love here n nt spirit of possesion as Ashley thought.
    More grace Pelumi. Twas a wonderful read.

    1. Pelumi says:

      Awwww thank you !
      Thanks for reading and taking time to comment! Blessings and hugs

  3. Aramide says:

    Thank you for this episode. Yesterday i was reading a post on Frances’s blog on prompt obedience, today this post reiterated the lesson i learnt on obeying God immediately.

    I’m happy about Ashley’s home, see how Pelumi made kissing to be much more than emotions and feelings but an instrument to pass virtue.

    Tayo and Omolade, why are you two just moving from one issue to another, its not up to a year o!.

    @ Temitope i am interested in the e-book please.

    1. Okay Aramide. Noted ?

  4. Cutedamsel says:

    Touching , thanks for the update

  5. Ebong,Ndiana-Abasi Nse says:

    oops…loving this series… hope she will take in again ooo. not a mistake she will constantly regret. nice all the same.

    1. Pelumi says:

      hmmmm. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment! Love and hugs

  6. Nykky says:

    Omolade it pays to listen. Our husbands are God’s representative and we need to listen and obey their leadership to stay out of danger. Am happy for Ashley it’s not how long we’ve known God but sticking to the rules and enjoy His Grace but disobedience will rob one of everything. Nice one Pelumi.

    1. Aramide says:

      waow! i love this in your comment. ‘it’s not how long we’ve known God but sticking to the rules……

    2. topeogunyinka@gmail.com says:

      Not how long we’ve known God but sticking to the rules. .. #word ?

  7. Toyenlon says:

    Oh no! Omolade lost the baby. If only she had listened to God and her husband and force her way to travel. It is well sha

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