Broken Pieces of Me, Episode Ten


Broken Pieces of Me Series
By Temitope Ogunyinka

Episode Ten
Dr. Coker closed his eyes. He was short for words. He didn’t know how he could help her. He begged God for words of wisdom before he opened his mouth to speak. He turned to look at her.
“Tomike . . .”
“I’m sorry,” Tomike said. She raised her hand and wiped the tears from her face. “I’m sorry I called you to meet me. I just needed someone to talk to. I don’t even know why it’s you I called.”
I’m glad it’s me you called. . . “It’s no problem at all. I’m here for you no matter what.”
She nodded. “Thank you.”
“Tomike, how long ago did this happen?”
“Nine years ago . . .”
“Did your parents know about it?”
Tomike shook her head. “I- I couldn’t tell them. I felt so ashamed. I just wanted to forget. . . Shortly after it happened my uncle moved away. He was transferred to South-Africa to manage a company there and I didn’t hear from him again. After that I was told he had become a pastor.” Tomike let her head fall back to the headrest and closed her eyes. She chuckled. “How can God let a man like that serve him? I got angry with God. I felt He hated me and left me to be soiled. . . I couldn’t imagine how God could forgive him. I can never forgive him.”
Tunde opened his mouth to speak but he felt God telling him to wait, to let her finish what she was saying. He obeyed.
Tomike kept talking. “I gave up any faith I had in God after that. I wanted to forget everything that happened. I pushed it out of my mind and kept living. My parents would not have believed me, they would have thought I disliked him just because he was the least of my favourite person. When he would look at me a- and touch me, I would snap at him and be irritated. I just couldn’t tell my parents.”
She shrugged and opened her eyes. Looking straight at the yellow wall. “Now they know. I saw him at home and I let it all out. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.”
Tunde sighed inwardly. “So what do you want to do now?”
“I don’t know. I’m not going back home. I’m so tired. . . I should go to my friend’s house to sleep over.”
“After that?”
“I don’t know Tunde. Funmi, my only close friend, knows everything. She would understand if I want to stay with her for a few days before I figure out what to do.”
Tunde looked away from her tired frame and faced the wall in thought. “I’m sure your parents wouldn’t let him stay there.” He turned back to look at her when she didn’t reply immediately. He found her fast asleep. Her mouth slightly opened. The sight made Tunde all warm inside. A flood of emotion accosting him. He closed his eyes and massaged his temple. The tantalizing smell drifting from KFC made his stomach grumble. His hand instinctively went to it and he glanced at Tomike to make sure she hadn’t woken up.
What do I do now? Immediately and idea came to him and he searched for her phone.


“Please . . . I need to use the toilet. What is it you want? Money? I can give you all I have in my account.” Everything? So now your life is more important than money . . . How people change when their life is on the line. “Please . . . Let me go.”
She heard him pleading as she made her way to the room. The room smelled of tobacco and sweat. The aura of the room was thick with fear. She walked up to the man kneeling on the floor and sweating profusely. He was blindfolded with a piece of red cloth.
“Hello love,”’ She said as she pulled out a chair and sat down. “How do you feel?”
His head turned to where she was seated. “Theresa?”
She signalled for one of the guys to remove the blindfold from his eyes. “Who is Theresa?”
Once the blindfold was off, he closed his eyes at the first sight of light in the past two days before he took a look at her. “Shola?”
Shola chuckled and brought out a stick of cigarette from it’s pack and lit it. “Who is Theresa? Another girl you messed around with?”
He shook his head, a doubtful look on his face. As if he was not sure of what to tell her. “How did you find me?”
She shrugged. “People know people who talk. You can get information any-time you want. Let’s just say someone wanted to deal with you, but I was able to get to you first.”
Shola saw the confused look on his face and threw her head back and laughed loudly. “You are confused.” She nodded. “I like that. You think you could get away from me just like that. After what you did to me? You must be stupid! You wanted to keep it all a secret. . . Your plans failed.”
He shifted from one leg to another. Probably tired of kneeling for so long. Shola knew his punishment had just begun. . . He had messed with the wrong woman.
“Never in your life would you think yourself lord over a woman. With all your stupid anger issues and hitting a woman. The last time you hit me . . . I promised you it would be the last.

Kayode was shocked. He turned to look at the other men in the room. One of them was the man he had bumped into at the hospital. He had paid the man good money not to talk. . . Not to tell anyone where he could be found. Kayode clenched his fist. He had been betrayed!
He looked back at the woman clad in black jeans trouser and an armless blouse. He felt his pants go warm as a trickle of his urine came down. Shola was a woman he had used to climb his way to the top. She was also his ex . . .
Two years ago . . .
Kayode watched her as she got up from the couch and moved to the bathroom and closed the door after her. He got off the bed and hurried over to her bag, rummaging for the pass-port and ticket she had purchased the day before. Once in hand he hurried back to his side of the bed and shoved the documents under the bed. She opened the door then to find him facing the floor.
“Is everything okay?”
Kayode closed his eyes and clenched his teeth briefly before he flipped over, his back on the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed with her eye-brow raised as she looked at him.
“Yeah! I’m good. You okay?”
“I’m fine. I have some news for you.” She sat at the edge of the bed. “We would get married at the registry tomorrow morning and head over to the airport thereafter; our flight to Dubai leaves in the afternoon.”
Kayode heart plummeted. That wasn’t the kind of news he was expecting. Marriage was the farthest thing from his mind. “Married? I thought we agreed to do that when we came back. Why the rush?”
“Nothing really. I just think it’s time to finalise this. Don’t you think so?”
Kayode nodded absent-mindedly, thinking of his escape plan. After Shola had left, not suspecting that he had taken all his documents, he ran out of her life as fast as he could . . . Since then he knew crossing paths with the Chief’s daughter would mean trouble. A big one.
Now the day had finally come. The day he had dreaded for so long.


Victoria knew the woman in the picture had been familiar. But she had no idea where they had met. It was upon seeing her up-close that she realized she was Moses’ wife. A very pregnant wife. She had left mother and daughter alone to catch up after Mrs. Johnson had introduced Victoria to her daughter.
“It’s a lie!” Sandra said to her for the second time within a minute of when she had told her about it. “It’s a lie!”
“Stop saying that nau! It’s true ah . . .”
Sandra apologised. “It’s just me expressing shock. Sorry.”
“So what am I going to do about it? What do you think I should do?”
Sandra frowned at her. “Ahn-ahn. What kind of question is that? Don’t say anything! Do you want the woman to pour acid on you? Or hot-water?”
Victoria shook her head. Linda Ekafor was not exactly a friendly person. When her mother was introducing the both of them to each-other, she had looked at her like Victoria was a riff-raff. The disgusted look on her face was enough to not cross paths with her again.
“But what about Mrs. Johnson? She has always been talking about her daughter and how they don’t have a good relationship because of the man her daughter married and she prays for her. I can’t keep it away from her . . .
“You are really letting this Christianity thing get to your head. What do you gain from telling her? She would chase you away and never want to see you again. Is that what you want?”
Victoria shook her head once again. I don’t want that. I don’t want to lose the only real mother-figure I have had all this while.
“Okay. I won’t tell her. You’re right.”
Sandra nodded. Satisfied they had come to a conclusion on the matter, Sandra told her the latest on her daughter’s father. “He seems to like me a lot. He said he would allow my other children to come along.”
Victoria raised her brow. “Really? He said that to you?”
“Yes dear. It seems too good to be true abi? I know. But he means it. He wants us to stay with him.”
Victoria didn’t feel quite right about it. How could a man decide to, besides his child, take care of other children that were not his? And he hadn’t made a fuss about it? “So what’s your take on it?”
“I told him I would think about it and get back to him. He still called me this morning, telling me he was looking forward to us starting a family together.” She shrugged. “It seems he’s really serious about it.”
“Well I think you should think about it very well before you make a final decision. Please . . .” She added the plea when Sandra looked ready to counter what she had said.
“Fine. I would think about it very well.”
“And please let me know what you decide before telling him.”
Sandra rolled her eyes. “Okay ma.”

Tomike slowly opened her eyes. The environment very different from what she was used to. The room was neatly arranged and smelled of Lavender. When did I buy air-freshener in the room?
She pushed the covers aside and sat up on the bed. She rubbed her eyes as a yawn escaped her lips. Her vision now clear, she looked about the room. This isn’t my room! Her eyes widened and she jumped off the bed. The last thing she remembered was she was talking to Tunde Coker before she slept off. Exhaustion finally taking it’s toll on her. She was still in her clothes so nothing bad had happened to her. Her eye caught on to a picture of her friend, Funmi, and her boyfriend smiling at each-other.
Tomike’s hand flew to her chest as she let out a breath. She was in her friend’s house. But how had she gotten there? What happened? She reached out to her phone on the bed-side table and dialled Tunde’s number. He answered on the third ring.
“Dr. Coker? Good -” Tomike frowned. She didn’t even know what time it was. “Erm- Hello.”
“Glad to know you’re awake now. Did you rest well? You really needed it.”
“Yes, I did. How did I get to Funmi’s house?”
Tunde narrated how he had chanced it by searching for her number on her phone and calling her. Funmi had rushed over to meet him and he had driven Tomike’s car to Funmi’s house.
“Hope I didn’t do wrong?”
Tomike shook her head and smiled. “No, you didn’t. Thank you so much.”
“You’re welcome. Any word from your parents?”
Tomike knew she had a couple of missed calls on her phone, but she hadn’t bothered to check who they were from. “I don’t know. Even if they called I don’t think I’m ready to talk to them just yet. . .”
She heard him sigh over the phone. “Tomike you have to remember your parent’s didn’t know anything about what happened to you. They are also in pain . . .”
“What if they are disappointed in me?” Tomike asked in a small voice.
Tomike could hear the smile in his voice even as he spoke. “They won’t be. You know your parents. Your father and mother . . . Do you think they would love you less?”
She let the question linger in her mind before she answered. “They won’t . . .”
“There you have it. Please when they call – pick up the phone and talk to them. Alright?”
“Yeah . . . Thanks.”
“I will call you later tomorrow morning. You should get some food to eat and rest well.”
Just before the call ended Tomike thanked him for everything he had done for her.
“You’re welcome any-time.”


Moses couldn’t take it any longer. It had been two weeks since he had seen her and he felt she should be done with her exams. He parked his car at the side of the road and hurried over to her house, eager to see her. She opened her door after he had spent the last five minutes knocking on her door. The look on her face made him nervous. Why isn’t she happy to see me?
“Can I come in?”
Victoria looked at him. A sceptical look on her face, like she was battling with the decision to let him in. “Could we perhaps sit in your car?”
“Why? You don’t want me in your house?”
Her hand went to the back of her head and her eyes shifted away from him. “No, it’s not that. I just prefer talking in the car. It’s really hot inside the house and it’s cooler outside.”
Moses looked at her pointedly. He didn’t believe a word she was saying, but he didn’t want to fight with her. He wanted her begging him and telling him how much she missed him. But the way things were going it seemed his wish wasn’t going to come true.
They were seated in his car. Silence taking up the car. An uncomfortable silence. The she spoke, “How have you been?”
He nodded. “Good. I came to ask how your exams have been. You refused to pick my calls and I was worried. Truly I was.” He added when he saw her brow raised. “I have missed you Victoria. I’ve been starved -”
He stopped mid-sentence as she raised her hand at him. “Moses please stop. There’s something I have to tell you.”
“I’m now a Christian.”
“What? Are you for real? Since when?”
She shrugged. “It happened a while ago.” Then she smiled. A smile that he had rarely seen on her face but made her look beautiful. “I’m so happy. I have never felt this much at peace in my whole life.”
“Ehn-ehn? So what has that got to do with us?” He had a feeling he wasn’t going to like her next words.
“It means I’m not interested in a relationship with you. I’m done sleeping around with you Moses.”
He chuckled. “Seriously? You don’t love me any-more?”
she bit her lip slightly. “I shouldn’t love you. It’s not right. You belong to someone else. You’re a married man. Your wife is heavily pregnant. I can’t keep doing that. I wouldn’t want my husband to do the same thing to me.”
“So all this revelation dawned on you because you became a Christian? Is this a scheme to get rid of me?”
Victoria shook her head. “No. I’m really serious about it. I would miss you for awhile but eventually I would get over you. I will.”
Moses smiled and shook his head. “You are wishing you can forget about me. But you won’t. You love me.”
“No. I loved you. I – I thought I did. What I have for you can’t be love. I don’t -”
“Shut up! What nonsense are you saying? Please let’s get into your house.” Moses turned to open his door but Victoria’s loud no stopped him. No? He turned to look at her. “No? Do you realize you would be out on the streets? I would stop paying your bills and giving you money. Is that what you want?”
“It’s fine by me. I have found someone else that would take me in.”
Her words made him angry. He frowned. “That’s interesting. Who is the guy?” He reached out and grabbed her hand, squeezing her wrist tightly. The pained look on her face assured him he was getting the result he wanted. “Tell me if there’s another guy!”
Despite her painful look she clenched her teeth together and spoke. “Yes! And his name is Jesus! You can never compete with Him. He’s so much better than you. I’m grateful for everything you have done for me. But I’m not interested any-more. I’m sorry.”
He searched her eyes and released her hand slowly. “You would regret this Victoria. I want you out of my apartment by tomorrow. I don’t care if it would take you long, just get your things out of this place by tomorrow. . .”
He moved away from her and started the engine. “Get out!”
He didn’t watch her as she made her way to her apartment. He normally would stared  but today he was in a foul mood.


Tomike had received calls from her parents and her mother had tearfully pleaded for her to come home. Her father hadn’t said anything to her yet. Unfortunately for her, Funmi was there to encourage her to see her parents. Repeating the same words Tunde Coker had said to her the other day.
“Your parents would also be going through a lot as well. You need to talk to them. A lot of things would make sense to your mother now.”
Tomike had taken both Tunde and Funmi’s advice and went to see her parents. Seated in front of her parents and her sister, Bimbo. Her mother was all tears when she finished narrating the story to her. Bimbo was stunned. For the second time in her life, asides the time Kamal had proposed to her, she had nothing to say. Her eyes gathering tears. She got up from her seat and came straight to Tomike. She pulled her close and hugged her tight.
“I’m so sorry that happened to you sis. How were you able to over-come it?”
Tomike was too spent and her eyes dry and unable to bring-forth any-more tears. “I don’t think I ever overcame it. I always pushed it away and tried not to think about it.”
“My daughter . . .” Her father said, “What would you want to do? Do you want to press charges? Do you want him thrown in jail? Whatever you decide I will support you.”
Tomike hadn’t expected such a response from her father, after-all it was his brother they were talking about. “I don’t know dad. I hate him. I hate him so much. I didn’t know I had so much bitterness within me. I wish I could have him castrated. I wish he would drop dead and die. . . “


Theresa hadn’t heard from them. She didn’t know if the job had gone well or if everything had gone horribly wrong. She was getting nervous. What if they were found by the police? Would they question them and link her to what had happened to Kayode?
Theresa bit her lip. What if he was dead? She swallowed hard. She didn’t know what she was going to do . . . Watch out for Episode Eleven.

♥Love Quote for the Day: Human love would never have the power it has were it not rooted in an express image of God. – J. MOUROUX



Hi! Gosh I’m so excited about Christmas!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Don’t you agree? 🙂
So I’m thinking of doing something special here in Life, God and Love. It’s been God’s grace for us to make it this far (and we are all marching into the year 2016 if Jesus taries). So we want to Thank God for everything He’s done for us throughout the year 2015.

I Thessalonians 5:18 (AMP) ‘Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will].’

The Bible let’s us know in the above passage that we should give God thanks in all things! For me, this year has surely had its ups and downs but there are still things I can thank God for! I don’t know what you have been through but I’m sure there are things you can praise God for. E.g that you can read this, you can eat, you can digest the food and so much more! Let’s not take the little things for granted…

The Thanks Challenge would kickoff in December; for all the 31 days in December! We would be putting up various picture quotes of Thanksgiving to God.  You can save the pictures and share among family and friends to join us. Let’s give thanks to God for all the wonderful things He has done in our lives.


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You remember the e-book Chastity for Men that I wrote about? You could read it here. Well, the author is back with another book that would surely be of help to you and I!
Tomorrow I would be announcing the book giveaway and steps to be a part of this.
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Have a great day guys!
Love you,
Temitope Ogunyinka.



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  1. Firstly, where do I start from?
    I pray Tomike finds healing…I believe that’s why God made her path cross with Dr Coker…and maybe plus some romance and marriage things in there. *winks*

    I wanted to shout when I read Victoria’s reply..the other man is Jesus! Yes!
    But she has to tell Moses’ wife the truth and the mom too..the mom will forgive her..

    And thanksgiving December! Whoop whoop!
    Busy busy and great December on here..let me do and send my guest post this November so it can be posted first oh.

    And finally, whoop whoop whoop! Thank you, my heart swelled in gratitude when I saw the book cover and the words.
    Babes, you are a ten! Thank you!

    • I pray Tomike does too. As for romance and marriage? Well we’ll see what happens. :).

      Even if Victoria has to tell the truth … It would still be hard. But with God’s strength she can.

      Thanks Challenge… yes o! Hope you would be a part of it. And yes please send your guest post… been waiting to read it since jor. *smiles*

      You’re welcome Frances. *hugs* Glad I could be of help.

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