#My Thoughts on the Last Two Discussions 

Can I Marry Someone I’m Not Attracted to? Is physical attraction so important when it comes to making a choice of a spouse? As Christians can we just get married and let the attraction come in little by little? Or… Continue reading

Born-Again and No Regrets! Plus News on New Series 

​Here’s a testimony of someone who has tasted of the Lord’s goodness in her life. And yes… today’s my wedding anniversary! Whoop whoop! 😁😁😁 1. Tell us a bit about yourself: My name remains anonymous. I’m an undergradute. I’m 17 years old.… Continue reading

What Do You Do When Someone Hurts You?

Hi fam! Hope you’re enjoying the week. Here’s an article I wrote some weeks back on Simi’s blog, https://seekingvous.wordpress.com/2016/10/02/what-happens-when-someone-hurts-you/ Enjoy! There’s no doubt about it… one way or another we have been hurt by people close to us or random… Continue reading