I Begged God For A Husband

By Temitope Ogunyinka

Well, I didn’t exactly beg God for a husband, but for a certain man to be my husband. I was sharing my story with a blog sister of mine who liked a guy and was going through something I had gone through and I decided to share it with you as well.

I was in my third year in the university and there was this guy that I really liked. He was a couple of years older than me but the age gap didn’t scare me away, in fact it thrilled me.

I had given my life to Christ sometime back and was reading my bible as well as books on love and relationships.

I read those books on love and relationships ’cause I didn’t want to mess things up. Having a good relationship was very important to me, being that my parents separated when I was a week old. I was determined not to have a failed relationship.

So when this guy came into the picture I was determined to love him and be there for him even before things got serious; even though I was already thinking of marriage with him and how it would be like.

As time went, we were getting close and liking each other more and then I made up my mind to ask God if this was truly the guy for me. The guy I would spend the rest of my life with.
I didn’t want to ask before ‘cause I was afraid of what the answer would be.
I didn’t want the love I had going on to end.

And so one night I went to God in prayers and threw the fleece as Gideon did in the bible, telling God that if he called me that night (during our midnight calls), then I would know he’s the guy for me. But if he’s not the guy . . . He shouldn’t bother calling.


The minutes went by and then hours. I was awake . . . Anxious; I couldn’t sleep. Didn’t want to miss his call. But when time went and he didn’t call, I prayed. Hot tears filled my eyes and trickled down my cheeks as I begged God for him to call.
I wanted him to be the guy for me.
I didn’t want to start over when I had put in a lot of my time and emotions into the relationship.
And so I did what I could do.
I pleaded with God. Begged Him.
And then I felt peace in my heart. Not too long after that he called me and I was elated. To me that was God giving me a go ahead.

Now our relationship went on but I discovered we had different values.
He claimed to be a Christian but he had some values I didn’t quite agree with. One was he wanted his girlfriend to spend time with him in his house . . . For them to know if they would be compatible after marriage. We argued about it a lil’ and I just shrugged it off. I should have taken the red flag as a sign and run away, but I didn’t. Later on I had a dream that I went to visit him at his house but his mother didn’t welcome me, but when his ex came . . . His mother welcomed her.
The dream seemed odd to me, but I placed it at the back of my mind and still kept on in the relationship.

Down the road we faced different issues; some my fault . . . A couple his.
The relationship came to an end later on.
We both tried to make it work but it didn’t. He later went back to his ex and I went my way.

So what happened to the peace I felt that night I begged God?

Why did I get what I wanted?

Why didn’t God just disregard my desires and do His will?

I can say I begged God for something I wanted at the time but He knew it wasn’t so good for me. . . Why did He let it happen?

Things happen in life. Relationships fail. You may ask, why did I feel at peace in a relationship that wasn’t heading anywhere.

Later on I got to know it just wasn’t meant to be. I learnt lessons from it. I learnt that when I ask God for something and get peace. . . It may be that He’s telling me He’s heard.

He could also be telling me to wait.

It may not necessarily mean He has granted the request.

If I got married to the guy we may have had lots of issues.

So . . .

Did I get over it? Most definitely.

Did it take time and was it painful? Yes.

Am I better of? Yes!

Did I learn something from it? Of course.

Are we still friends? Well, sort of. We talk amicably.

Do I still want us back together? No.

At the end of the day, I’m happy where I am . . . And I suppose he is as well.

It’s best not to jump into a relationship just ’cause you have developed feelings for the other person.
Wait on God first and ask Him about it.
Find out what He thinks about it.

You can prevent a heartbreak from occurring if you wait on God first and don’t let your feelings get ahead of you.

Have you been in such a situation or you’re currently in one now? Please share below in the comment section. Would love to hear from you!

Happy New Month! I pray that new doors of favor, blessings and breakthrough shall be opened to you this new month in Jesus name, Amen.
Love u!

♥ Bible Quote for the Day:
Proverbs 3: 5-6 KJV
3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.


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Temitope Ogunyinka, is a loving, caring and friendly person. She is passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge found in her thought provoking stories and writing that applies to all ages. Her stories and articles cut across love, relationship and romance in a way that does not deny the relevance of God in our everyday life. She is a devoted christian, passionate about bringing people to the knowledge of God’s true and unfailing love.


    • Lol @ love starts shacking you. True words ’cause when it starts you don’t want it to stop.
      Thank God sis *hugs*

  1. Nice pieceTope. Sometimes we the pressure get into us, sometimes we get carried away in love, but the Holy Spirit through prayer would keep us in line. Thumbs up

    • Thank God for His Spirit that leads us right every time. Thanks Folahan… hope you good.

  2. This is so true. Sometimes we develop feelings and hold onto feelings that are supposed to be forgotten memories. Its so hard to come to terms that the person we are with isn’t for us, we have hopes for things to change etc and we keep investing and investing our time,emotions and finance sometimes until going back or leaving is no longer an option for us and finally it ends in a major heartbreak or a disastrous forced marriage!!! May God help us… Thanks T, this was a good one xx

    • Hi Ella! Hmm… forgotten memories. Sometimes we start feeling we probably made a mistake or we didn’t hear God properly.
      God will help us to let go of any relationship that isn’t right for us in Jesus name, Amen. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. Hmmmm! What is yours is yours and nothing can ever change that…

    I truly feel you because I had once faced something quite similar to yours except my was a true Christian, I mean I wanted badly for us to work out, I wanted him to be the one though we never dated or have any intimate moments because we were just good friends…
    I almost lost it when I realised he was in love with my close friend.
    I was depressed for days, months, and even years… I would always have dreams that he would come back to me..
    He was was always there for me, he encouraged me and made me a little better, I felt dazed and even when I had relationships I would always compare any guy I met with him. To me no one can ever be like him. It was so crazy but after years of holding on I had to let go and let God.
    He never even knew about my deep feelings for him, I mean we were friends for 5years but I always acted like a didn’t care a bite…
    Now I am truly and sincerely happy for him and my friend.
    And if you ask me if I still want him in my life, I would say no, no, no and no and I really mean it…
    He is a true gentle man and has a good heart but I believe God has someone out there who would be all I ever dreamed for in a man…

    Wow! Thanks a lot for letting me pour out myself to you. God bless you and I pray that God will grant the desires of your heart in no time…


    • I’ve been in that same situation too. 🙂 liking someone who doesn’t like me back. That’s another story to share another day…
      Letting go and Letting God… Love that! No matter what difficult situation we’re in we should just let go and let God.
      I’m glad you are over him and moving forward with your life.
      🙂 *hugs* thanks for sharing this Judith. Amen. God bless you too. I pray that God would grant you your desires as well and he that would come, would come and shall not tarry.
      Have a great week 🙂

  4. Oh wow. This post was really down to earth, open and honest. It’s really wonderful to read this. I think I’ve been in those shoes before and years after or sometime after as you draw close to God, you begin to thank God that it didn’t even work out. Sometimes I even ask myself what I was thinking at that moment of my life. It’s like drawing close to God removes some scales from our eyes and I’m grateful for the woman He’s turning me into day by day.

    As for the peace part, Hmmn, I believe that when we keep pushing and pestering God to give us something that’s not His will, because its in our hearts, he leaves us to it because it has become an idol. An example can be seen from the story of Balaam and Balak when God told Balaam not to go. He asked again and God told him to go. Of course God didn’t want Him to go but because of His greed, the idol in his heart was to go. I learned this from one of the books I was reading by Kenneth Hagin-(I think it was tongues beyond the upper room, can’t really remember.)

    Anyways, I’m so happy for you, and I’m happy for myself too that God didn’t allow somethings to work out when I desperately wanted them to. Doesn’t that show the kind of father He is? Ever loving, ever faithful, always looking out for us even when we’re too caught up by our emotions.

    I love this post. It was beautiful and thanks for writing.

    • Thanks for your awesome comment and sharing your story as well, Itunu! 🙂 I have also questioned myself… asking what I saw at the time. Guess what I saw appealed to me at the time or maybe it wasn’t really love. But even if it was love… Thank God for the grace to let go. The other person may not be bad or anything but he/she isn’t just right for us.
      Thanks again for sharing. *hugs* I’m happy that God is letting us grow in Him and teaching us along the way. He’s ever faithful.

  5. Love this!
    Real life stuff and not just subjective.

    Thank God for His mercies and pulling out of something that wasn’t His will…painful at the time yes, but I am certain that you see His love at work now.

    Thanks again babes!

  6. This story is very similar to what happened to me very recently. You see, there’s nothing more painful than a woman trying to be a wrong man’s rib. I almost dated an old friend of mine who i thought was a christian, in my eyes this guy was Purrr-fect, until I invited him to a christian program and he started giving me some weird vibes and a bit of attitude, after that my heart and mind just disconnected from him. Nobody told me to move on and pray that he’ll be closer to God soon.
    I believe that when a relationship is from God, your mind will be convinced, your heart connected and your spirit will be confirmed.

  7. Thanks for your honesty, Tope! I could so relate to this story ehn lol. I remember asking God why too… why would you allow me “waste time” with such and such, and then He’ll open my eyes to all the lessons learnt which I would never give up in a hurry. All things work together for our good as long as we stay connected to Him.

    • Yup… All things work together for our good. Thanks for sharing this Ify 🙂

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    My story is that I met a guy who charmed me off my feet. forget that he was 14 years older than me, he was good looking and I convinced myself he was Christian and the one God had planned for me. I let emotions get the better of me and foolishly bought a flight ticket to go see and spend the night with him in another city. In my mind he was decent and liked me for who i was and would respect my boundaries. I begged and begged and begged God to make it work out. I really wanted to date him you see? if it wasn’t meant to be I remembered telling God that i would be angry but would understand.
    Lol. my Heavenly Father had other plans. an hour before my flight was to leave the bobo cancelled on me and left me hanging. we communicated for a few more days until I brought up the fact that any bobo who liked me had to ask permission from my Heavenly Father first. For some reason since then I haven’t heard shingba from him.

    Looking back I realized that God knows what is best and situations like the above come about to remind you that not every ‘the one’ looking bobo you see is God’s choice. Take note of the red flags, be patient and trust God with your heart

    • Hey Alos! Thanks so much for your comment! Thank God for your life sis… that God was able to stop anything from happening. Who knows what would have happened if you took that flight or you met that guy. God loves you much! Good things are coming your way sis.
      Yes those red flags are there to guide us and we have to pay attention to them. God bless you sis! 🙂

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