Marriage Interview #3 ‘Marriage is for Matured Minds’

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So down to the business of the day . . . this next interview was with my Pastor’s wife and I appreciate her a lot for taking out the time to do this interview despite her busy schedule.
I’m sure you all would get to learn some things from it like I did.
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* It is important to note that the questions answered differ on people’s life experiences and the interviewee cannot be held accountable for any liability caused to the reader.

1.What’s marriage really about? Is there anything like the marriage of our dreams?
Individuals have marriage dreams. People marry for different reasons (Love of money, love of fame, sympathy, physical appearance, arranged situations, e.t.c).
So, marriage really can be said to be about whatever the motive behind the marriage is.
Whatever one is marrying for, is the marriage of their dreams.
Some will say they can’t marry a small boy who is still making it but will rather marry a Baba who has made it. That is the marriage of their dreams.

2. Before you got married what were your expectations on marriage and what did you learn afterwards?
The expectations of every girl before they get married is one of fairy tales, fantasies; one you only get in a Disney princess book.
Upon getting married, they will realize it’s more than just a happy ending. There’s more to it. It comes with responsibilities. One is forced to learn about being faithful, tolerant, kind, patient, prayerful.
Notice how I said “forced”, because its not voluntary, its thrown into your laps. As they say, the ball is in your court. It’s your choice to figure out what you’re going to do with it.

3. How did you know your husband was the guy for you? What are the things to look out for in a man when considering marriage?
For this, it’s best to wait on the Lord. If you are patient and you have listening ears, the Holy Spirit will reveal these things. You see, He’s the one who knows who God designed for you. What might be best for Taiwo may not be best for Kehinde, so it’s best to ask God for who will fit your puzzle or dance to your tune.

4. How was your first year of marriage? Was it as difficult as people claim it to be?
The first year depends on how the parties play their part. It could be a rosy honeymoon for some, or it could be a dead end for others.
Heaven on earth or hell, their pick.
In other to avoid the acclaimed difficult first year of marriage, make yourself teachable with your new family.

5.So far, what lessons have your learnt in marriage?
I’ve learned tolerance and definitely patience.


6. How can wives/ wives-to-be build a wonderful relationship with their mother-in-laws?
Firstly, accept her as your own mother, irrespective of whatever the situation is.
Take your time to study her likes and dislikes, putting in mind that one day by the Grace of God, you also will be a mother in-law. Also, keep praying.

7. What have been your challenges so far and how did you get past them? ( If you have).
Challenges vary in life. But I’ve been able to get through them with patience, endurance and prayer. You can only do so little but your prayers can do so much.

8. Is it important to ask God concerning the person to marry?
It is very important for one as an individual to seek the face of God, before jumping on the bed of marriage. For even non-believers do seek the face of the supreme being through a medium, concerning the destiny of their marriage.

9. What steps should we take to prepare for marriage?
You have to be mature. Marriage isn’t for little girls. It is for matured minds: matured in the sense of the way one thinks, acts and changes situations around them.

10.What would you advise those who are still waiting for that man or woman to settle down with?
Just keep praying.

What if you aren’t prayerful?

Ah, you just have to pray. God is not a magician and so the success of a marriage depends on prayer not magic.

Thank you.

♥ Quote for the Day:
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
~ Henry Ford ~



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