My New Novel: Once Upon a First Love


I’m really excited about this book. This is the hardest novel I’ve written this far (including series). I learnt a lot from it and I’m still learning. 🙂


Here’s the book blurb below:


What are you willing to give up for the one you love?

Beautiful, strong and confident Peju Adams has always been a woman who knows what she wants and when she finally reunites with her teen love, Abdul Layeni – It’s a dream come true. He’s the kind of man she wants to be with, infact, he’s the only man she’s ever known. Their love stronger than ever, she determines nothing would keep them apart again. But it seemed fate has other plans for them. In a struggle for love, will she come to realize who her first love really is?

Once Upon a First Love takes you on a journey filled with new beginnings, betrayal, disappointments, heart-breaks, pains and love.


So what do you think?


Would love to know your thoughts on it.


Also, pre-order of OUFL starts this Friday! Hopefully this week you will get to have a sneak peek of the book *wink*




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  1. this is really going to be interesting. can’t wait to read this.

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