Always One More Time

New Series 2016: Always One More Time (Sneak Peek!)


Here’s another sneak peek into the Always one more time. This is  Efe, a young woman trying to get over the crush she has with her baby daddy.
P.s sorry if there are lil typos.. had to post this in a hurry.

Efe got out of the bus and paid the taxi-driver his fee. Her father didn’t know she had left Ibadan to meet up with Daniel. It wasn’t like Daniel was also expecting her. She had planned a surprise visit so she could sort out what was happening between them. The awkwardness building up between them was unbearable for her. She adjusted her trousers and knocked on his gate. It was seven in the evening and he should be back home from work.
   “Good eve-nin ma.” The security guard greeted her.
    Smiling at him she said, “Good evening Solomon. Daniel dey?”
   He nodded and wanted to help out with her handbag but she declined. She climbed the stairs up to his apartment on the second floor. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door. She hoped within her that he didn’t have any visitor. I should have asked So-lo.
   “Who’s that?” He called out behind the door.
   “Daniel it’s me. Efe.”
   She heard footsteps approaching the door and she quickly swiped the sweat from her forehead as the door opened.
   “Efe? Wh- What are you doing here?”
   Efe eyes fell on his hairy, bare chest as he put on his shirt. She quickly looked up. “I – I came to see you.”
   His face let on a worried look. “Hope no problem?”
   “No. There’s no problem.”
   He must have realized she was still standing outside and he suddenly shifted his large frame to the side to let her in. His apartment was still as she remembered it. A bachelor pad; black leather sofas, a huge plasma TV with a home theater system, walls painted off-white. 
   Not much had changed, except for the décor and sitting arrangements. She took a seat on the soft leather couch. She spotted the take-out bowl on his centre-table and the paper of suya. He took his seat opposite her.
“You were having dinner?”
“Just finished.”
“Oh okay.”
“How’s school?”
“Great. I have this new lecturer and loads of work . . . Really stressful.”
“That’s school for you babe.”
She chuckled. “Yeah . . .” She took a deep breath. “So I came over ‘cause I’ve been trying to reach you for some couple of days now. It’s either your phone is off or it’s busy or it’s just ringi-”
“Efe you know I’m working. I have a lot to do. I don’t have time to have any conversation about marriage or whatever.”
“Right . . .”
She looked down at her back and willed the tears to stay back. She heard him sigh. Gosh why am I so emotional?
“Effy I’m sorry.”
Hearing the nick-name he used to call her didn’t lessen the pain from the way he had just snapped at her.
“I’m just tensed. I’m looking after Ulunma and working-”
She looked at him. “I thought you said she was with your mum. What happened?”
“Long story. But anyway I just got a nanny that comes in the morning and leaves when I get back from work. So far there’s been no issue.”
I wonder if she’s pretty. Efe closed her eyes and chided herself of thinking of such nonsense.
“I’m balancing it all now.” Daniel said.
“Okay. Is she sleeping? Can I see her?”
“See question! Of-course nau, no bi your pikin?”
Efe chuckled and rose up. He led her down to his bedroom where she was sleeping in her cradle.
“Awww, she looks so cute. I’ve missed her. How long has she been asleep?” She whispered.
“Just recently . . .”
Efe was disappointed. She would have loved to play with her.
“Don’t worry she doesn’t sleep long. She would be awake before you know it and you would be begging her to fall back to sleep.”
Efe nodded. It hurt that he was telling her about his own daughter; only because she was in school and couldn’t look after her there. She didn’t worry over it too much, knowing she would done with school soon and hopefully she would serve in Lagos during N.Y.S.C.
They walked out of the room as quietly as they came in.
“Have you eaten? I think I have some noodles at home.”
“Oh? That’s why the packs you have are disappearing fast fast.”
He chuckled and rubbed his chest. “I need a woman to take care of me.”
There was an awkward silence in the room but Efe was quick to break it. “I would check the noodles out.”


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