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Oladapo Omotosho: The Compelling Reason


If you don’t know what you can die for then you may not know why you are living.

I’m not too certain if the quote up there is very correct but we can get the message behind it. If you don’t have what you stand for, you will sit for everything. You will be swayed by every doctrine. It’s about holding your grounds. It’s about standing for something. Being known for a particular thing. This would help you make impact.

We all have dreams, at least most of us. If you are reading this or have been a good follower of the #TAC, you very likely are dreaming again or gearing up and achieving your dreams. My last article was on fear of change and I hope you are already applying the points learned. But I have also discovered that people with dreams hardly take actions on those dreams without a fiery motivation. A reason that forces or pushes you towards your goals.


This reason is known properly as a compelling reason. What is a compelling reason? This is the thing that pushes you out of the house before sunrise to go chase your dream. It may be your mother, or your wife, kids, terminal illness, love to leave a legacy behind or any other reason . . .

The central idea is you are willing to give your life when this issue is on the front burner. The strength/passion for survival is the strongest in homes and the average human being has come up with different thoughts, ideas, behavioural patterns etc, to help them stay safe and keep forging ahead. Thus when you meet with a man that is willing to take/give his life then he has a compelling reason.

The suicide bomber can be learned from. Yes, I just said that! For a man to strap a device round his torso and head into a crowd to kill himself is not just madness, but courage, bravery and yes has discovered his own compelling reason. You may easily say that’s all B.S, crap! But then let’s backtrack a little.

This man very probably was brainwashed (this is a termed used to describe a state whereby another human would willingly do something you cannot and would never do) to believe that there is absolute reward or peace upon completion of the task. This is my point specifically: Anybody can be brainwashed, either collectively, by another person or personally. What exactly do you believe in? What is your primary motivational factor? What one issue gets you so passionate that you loose all decorum and very possibly loose your cool while defending?

Think about it, what’s the hidden reason behind why you behave the way you do? What brain wash are you operating by? What are you willing to die for? What beliefs do you stand by? And what price are you willing to pay to achieve your dreams? Without a compelling reason, it’s okay to say your dreams just remain dreams and you never leave the thought stage to the act zone. A compelling reason is your brainwash code to fulfilling your dreams, getting things done and seeing the change that you desire. So think about what your compelling reason is, Act because you know what it is and see the Change that you deserve this 2016.
Think Act Change.

Oladapo Omotosho

About Oladapo Omotosho


Oladapo Omotosho is a trained public health specialist, public speaker and wealth generation consultant. He believes in people pushing the limits around them. He runs the Think Act Change  (TAC) campaign which is focused on helping people get the best out of life.  He currently has 3 years public speaking experience, a close relationship with God and is working on a project to impact 1000 lives directly before 2020.



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  1. igwegbe chijioke.A says:

    Nice article sir! GOD bless you

  2. Paul Soetan says:

    Another well researched article by Dapo. I am always eager to read from you. It’s yet another reason to believe and be challenged into going for the impossible. Well done and keep going strong. You are on the path of greatness and you are strapping many people along with you (smile). At least when we all begin to explode, live’s will be transformed as opposed to being destroyed.

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