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Oladapo Omotosho: The Love Triangle

When I decide my topics … oops! I actually don’t decide them, they jump at me. Then I sit and do a force think. I allow my mind to roam on an issue and I try to capture those thoughts on paper. I was writing my thoughts on love when the love triangle jumped at me.

So what exactly is the love triangle?


Let me just state that I’m no love expert. My very good friend, the author of Rings and Roses, is the love expert. She has loads of love stories, concepts, ideas and other things. She may not agree much with this but then this is a free world and I’m being free with my thoughts.

TO KNOW: I may discover that someone has some qualities I like that attract me to a him or her. Let me say her and direct this piece to a girl – guy relationship [which is what we call romantic love]. So this babe has a nice shape ( I find it amusing that there’s a shape for humans . . . Certainly not the ones we were taught in primary school) or her eyes are beautiful, she’s caring etc. (Depends on your taste).

This knowledge makes me interested in meeting her, getting to know her more, trying to start a conversation, forging a relationship and so on. I see what I like. The process makes me want to find out more about her, and I do. But oh no, she has some attributes I also don’t like. Maybe she likes dirty jokes, doesn’t respect time, or any other thing that ticks me off. At this point I have gathered sufficient knowledge.

DECISION: Next is for me to decide upon the knowledge I have. Do I want to go ahead despite the ‘downsize’? Do I place higher value on the things that attracted me over the behaviour or features or habits that turn me off? I believe this is very key.
Late Dr. Munroe said ignorance or lack of knowledge is a key to split-ups in relationships. So amazing I didn’t know I certain flaw about her [like she snores or can’t cook] do I let this knowledge push me away? The decision to persist despite this knowledge just may lead to an amazing life or a long hell… depends.

ACTION: This is where I act upon the knowledge I have. Here u act out the decision I have made. Should I leave my wife of 5 years to marry another lady ’cause she can’t conceive? Or do I decide to stay and give our love a fighting chance. I believe these things are harder than they seem. Actions speak louder than the words I love you, which are very easy to vomit.

I decided upon the love triangle because I thought to myself, my future wife will not be perfect [just like me],  but I would decide nonetheless to love her till I die and stick to this decision backed up by my actions.

I usually write on Think Act Change, these are my thoughts that would lead to actions – what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

Dapo Omotosho.

♥ Love quote for Today:
“Whatever a person may be like, we must still love them because we love God.” ~ John Calvin


Oladapo Omotosho is a trained public health specialist, public speaker and wealth generation consultant. He believes in people pushing the limits around them. He runs the Think Act Change (TAC) campaign which is focused on helping people get the best out of life. He currently has 3 years public speaking experience, a close relationship with God and is working on a project to impact 1000 lives directly before 2020.


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Temitope Ogunyinka, is a loving, caring and friendly person. She is passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge found in her thought provoking stories and writing that applies to all ages.

Her stories and articles cut across love, relationship and romance in a way that does not deny the relevance of God in our everyday life.

She is a devoted christian, passionate about bringing people to the knowledge of God’s true and unfailing love.

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  1. folahan says:

    Great piece. Thought provoking. It is for we all to think deeply and well, cause at the end of the day it is YOUR love story, or perhaps you and your spouse.

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Exactly Folahan, we write our experiences and live with each decision we make

  2. says:

    Lol Dapo. Why would you think I wouldn’t agree to it?
    It was a great article and I loved how you broke everything down – Know, Decide and Act. Indirectly, you have also said love is a choice/decision ’cause you can decide to love someone regardless of his or her flaws.

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      My Oga. You are the expert na. I have another article on the theme for the month. It’s a new ball game writing on love for me. Lol. Thanks for your comment and yes love is a ‘choose’

      1. says:

        Lol.. I meant it’s a choice. I’m still learning o! And I’m looking forward to the next article.

  3. Balogun Olufunke says:

    I will like to make my comment from this phrase, “my future wife may not be perfect (just like me)……”
    Looking at it from the God factor angle of a marital journey, most times we don’t always a get a perfect person, the person look so imperfect, but when it is a direction from God, you love such person with those weakness because you love God and you believe in him. And with time such person eventually turn out to be the BEST, you could ever wish for. It is good to know, make your decisions prayerfully and swing into Action

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Thanks Funke. You just took a line and preached a wonderful sermon. I can imagine what more nuggets of wisdom you are hiding in your head. Lol. I appreciate your comment.

  4. sunday john says:

    Great job this plartform will chainge
    a lots of youth orientation positive about
    LOVE my opinion is when he or she
    had discided and making a choice
    of whom he or she love as a partner
    let the love be without condiction
    that is what Jesus for us.

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Exactly Mr Sunday John. That’s what the love of Christ is. Pure unconditional LOVE

  5. Fear is the opposite of faith. Life with fear amounts stagnancy. Nice work, great job. says:

    The style of this write up is unique. We all face consequences of what we know,decide and act on. Good job.

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Thanks. You didn’t include your name. Please do so. I like to at least have a name feel of some of my audience.

  6. Hmmm, the decide part is very important. You have to be honest with yourself, and have a good understanding of your tolerance threshold in certain areas. We are all flawed but thank God for Grace. Act = Love in spite and despite.

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Wow. Act… in spite and despite. I wish I thought of those words. Nicely put ike. Thanks for taking time out to comment

  7. I just stumbled on this piece and I thought it made a lot of sense. Resonates with some of my belief system…. Weldone dapo

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Nice stumbling Nicole. Please don’t stop stumbling this way. I look forward to hearing what some of your beliefs are. Thanks for the comment.

  8. I just stumbled on this piece and I thought it made a lot of sense. Resonates with some of my belief system…. Weldone dapo *winks

  9. Kudayisi Gbenga says:

    Bro Dapo,Nice work. I really concur with your view. A very thoughtful way of making those life changing decisions.

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Thanks Bro Gbenga, I look forward to reading something from you soon. No Excuses!

  10. This makes sooo much sense. All three steps are important to building and sustaining a healthy relationship.

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