With These Shoes I Thee Wed. . .

Happy New Month LGL Fam! 😊 God has been good to us. Thank God for letting us see another month. It’s only been by His grace alone. I pray this new month brings pleasant surprises for you.  I just heard… Continue Reading

Bible Study on Ephesians 

Hi fam! How was your weekend? So no story or discussion today. I have the need to share this bible study with you all. Dont worry the stories and discussions would still continue. If you have something bothering you that… Continue Reading

Details of My Upcoming Novel!

With these shoes I thee wed . . . But the shoes don’t Fit, a Christian romance by Tope Omotosho. This book struck me from the title ‘Shoes don’t fit!’ why? Get yourself a new pair no need for unceremonious… Continue Reading

#My Thoughts on the Last Two Discussions 

Can I Marry Someone I’m Not Attracted to? Is physical attraction so important when it comes to making a choice of a spouse? As Christians can we just get married and let the attraction come in little by little? Or… Continue Reading

New Series: EZINNE

Today is supposed to be another discussion but i want us to address the last two topics before going any further. Would post my thoughts on our last two discussions tomorrow.  Remember Rings and Roses? Well, if you do then you… Continue Reading

Born-Again and No Regrets! Plus News on New Series 

​Here’s a testimony of someone who has tasted of the Lord’s goodness in her life. And yes… today’s my wedding anniversary! Whoop whoop! 😁😁😁 1. Tell us a bit about yourself: My name remains anonymous. I’m an undergradute. I’m 17 years old.… Continue Reading

Does God Choose Spouses For Us?

I want to thank everyone who filled the Questionnaire. For those who haven’t please do by clicking here. Please the WhatsApp Bible Study is closed until further notice ’cause I can’t add people while study is going on. You would just… Continue Reading

He Doesn’t Love Me… Should I Still Submit?

“You can stop over at the dry cleaners place and get my suits and shirts. Don’t forget I’m hosting some clients here later on in the evening so prepare a meal for us. Something a little fancy. Maybe chicken and… Continue Reading

Can I Marry Someone I’m Not Attracted To?

Hi! So I’m excited about us starting this new segment here and I guess your response determines if it’s here to stay or not (don’t worry there would still be stories). I’ve had people tell me they aren’t attracted to… Continue Reading

I Need Your Help 

Yes, I’m desperately deperate. I need urgent help. I was thinking and actually doing an audit. Am I making sense? Are lives being impacted? Are you being blessed? How do I know?  Well that’s where you come in.  While it’s… Continue Reading