Ephesians Chapter Five Bible Study

Chapter 5 Love the principal thing. This chapter seemed divided into two. The first half talking about working-out our relationship with GOD and the other half on how to work out our relationship with our spouse.  How can we effectively… Continue Reading

Ephesians Chapter Four Bible Study 

Happy New Month dear family! Happy independence to Nigeria! Hope you all are good. I pray this new month ushers in new beginnings of joy, love, peace and other wonderful things in your life. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a… Continue Reading

Bible Study: Ephesians Chapter Three

Happy New Month fam! Here’s chapter 3 of Ephesians. Please try to take out time to read the scripture itself from the Bible as well. It would really help you understand the bible study. Have an awesome day! Chapter 3… Continue Reading

Gotten Your Copy? + Review

Hi fam! How’s your weekend going?  How many of you have gotten your copy? Another weekend is here and you can seat, relax and enjoy reading ‘With These Shoes I Thee Wed… but the shoes don’t fit.’ Here’s what someone… Continue Reading

Bible Study: Ephesians Chapter Two 

As I said earlier I would be sharing our study on Ephesians from our WhatsApp study group ‘CRADLE2SUCCESS’. It’s a lot more interactive on the group but I have trimmed off most of the comments and shared the main message… Continue Reading

Sneak Peek 2 of EZINNE

Hi fam! Thanks to everyone that supported me at the interview on Facebook. It was wonderful! God bless you all.  It was seven in the evening when she left the office and going to an empty house wasn’t an option… Continue Reading

First Interview as an Author!

Hi fam!  How’s your weekend going?  Fab-tastic? Lolz… Join me this evening on Facebook as Frances Okoro interviews me on my new novel, With These Shoes I Thee Wed. . . But the shoes don’t fit.’ It starts at 8pm!… Continue Reading

Gotten Your Copy Yet? + Giveaways!

Hey Fam!  Was supposed to post this yesterday but had data issues. Oh well. . . How are you doing? Have you gotten your copy of the novel yet? Why????  Few married people have told me they wished they read… Continue Reading

Book Release: With These Shoes I Thee Wed Now Available!

Whoop whoop! Lolz. Sure you guys are excited about this. You can get your copy of the book on Okadabooks at a very annoyingly affordable price of #500. 😁 Why should you get this book? Gives you a better understanding… Continue Reading

#3 Sneak Peek of With These Shoes I Thee Wed 

He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He counted up to five and tried breathing easy before staring at her again. Reverse psychology was the best solution at that point. He couldn’t deal with her craziness at that moment.… Continue Reading