Separated Episode 13

Bible Quote for the Day: Jeremiah  29:11 KJV, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

She couldn’t bare the look of disgust on his face. The anger in his eyes. Tears filled up her eyes and trailed down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry I.K . I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just who I am. You know me… I’m crazy and I do crazy things. My life is anything but normal.”

“Oh shut up! Are you the only one with problems? You think I don’t have problems?  I do! Yet you don’t see me pulling crazy stunts or going around doing it with men!” He slammed his palm into the wall and she jumped at the sound. “Zainab I knew you were sick but not a lunatic!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She trailed off.

Zainab eyes snapped open and it took less than a minute for her to realise it was just a dream. She swiped the drops of sweat off her forehead and took deep breaths. The dream seemed real to her, but thank goodness it wasn’t. She threw her covers off her and sat up. Her head in her hands she tried to calm herself a little bit then got up and went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water. She was getting married the next day and she was nervous.

The dream made her extra nervous.

What if something went wrong? Why would she be having such a dream at this time? She hook her head and gulped down the water until the bottle was empty and she binned it. She had to stop worrying about unnecessary things or they may become a reality. Besides, Sonia had already promised not to tell I.K anything as long as she was getting her own end of the deal.

Zainab grimaced.


What was it Mitchell had said? That his first separation started with God and spiralled into other areas of his life? Well, she was right about that and so many other things she had told him. For a woman that young she definitely had a profound wisdom for her age.

Daniel briefly put aside the campaign-Ad he was currently working on and sat back on his seat. Efe’s call had come as a shock to him, even more her request for a divorce. He hadn’t spoken to her for two months prior to when she called and had no intententions of doing such. He was still trying to get his life back together;  trying to figure out God’s plans for him.

‘Maybe this is what God wants for me.’ He thought. But as quickly as the thought came to mind he doubted it. Would God want both of them to give up so easily? A marriage that had not fully started would end just like that? Daniel knew Efe to not make rash decisions.

What about the rash decision she made to seduce you and get pregnant? Do you really know her as well as you think you do?

Daniel was more confused than ever. Maybe it was best they both moved on with their lives. When he told her to move out months back, had he expected they would get back together in the future? Truth was he didn’t know what would happen. He just needed time apart but he also knew he couldn’t stand being with her in the same place.

He thought about what he had learnt so far at bible study. Being the man God wanted him to be and loving his wife.

“God do you really expect me to love this woman after everything she did to me?”

Haven’t you hurt her as well?

Daniel knew he had. But if she hadn’t meddled in his life in the first place none of this would have happened. He might have married Adesewa,  had beautiful kids with her, have fun times as they always did.  What was going to happen now? 

The words came swiftly, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

“Okay God, so what are your plans?”


Efe believed she had made the best decision for the both of them. Life would be easier now. At least she hoped it would. As she knew he would, her father had tried to dissuade her from getting a divorce asking on what grounds would she be divorcing him.

“Adultery. Dad he cheated on me when we were married. He even took Eluwa with him. Can you imagine that? What kind of man is he?”

“Efe, are you sure of what you’re saying?”

“Yes dad. I know what I saw in his eyes when I found him at her place. Guilt! Guilt!” Efe had snapped her eyes shut as the scene came to play in her mind… taunting her as it had for the last few months. She had been pushing it away. Telling herself she deserved such punishment for what she did to him as well. But no she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“I’m sorry my dear. So sorry. But you know two wrongs don’t make a right. You know God does not approve of divorce.”

“Does that mean God wants me to suffer? He wants me to be with a man that might never love me? How do I cope with that? What kind of life would that be? Daddy,” she sniffed. “Daddy, you tell me. As my father doesn’t it hurt for you to see me go through this pain? I deserve to be happy.”

She heard her father sigh. She could imagine him sitting in his study one hand with the phone pressed against his ear and the other one pressed against his forehead with the table beneath it as support. She knew her father may have a hard time agreeing with her but there was nothing left to do.

“I would be praying for you Efe. You know my stance against divorce. I love you and would pray for God’s will to be done. He alone can salvage what others see as impossible.”

That was a couple of days back. He had told her he was off to Abuja for Zainab’s wedding and should be back the next week. Efe had wished him a safe trip.

She tucked in a strand of her hair behind her ear and licked her chapped lips. The weather was getting cooler these days and her lip gloss had finished the week before. She would have to stop at a super-market soon to get things she needed before she got busier. According to her colleagues, this was the busiest and most fun time of the year in the office. There would be the clising of accounts and fixing budgets and plans against nextyear and the end of the year party. Efe knew Amanze was busy with plans and preparations for the party and also had to spend time getting to know Ezra.

The meant little time for her but he had promised they would have this Saturday to go sightseeing and have some fun. She looked forward to it now more than ever.  The thought of someone who would love and care for her as a man should made goosebumps creep up on her body. She smiled to herself. She could hardly wait!


Mitchell’s heart ached. The burden and need to pray heavy on her. She hurried up with the dishes and made her way to the best place of the house. Her bedroom. It was a place she never got tired of being in. It was where she cried out to God in worship, pain, anger, joy and happiness. It was where she also met with Him in times of dire need. This was one of those times. She knew the burden in her heart had something to do with Daniel and his wife and God wanted her to pray and pray hard.

She took her bible from her reading table and sat on the floor beside her bed. She started with worship songs and praised God.

“Daddy, I don’t know how or what to pray… but You do. You know exactly why you placed this burden in my heart. Please lead me to pray as You want me to. Give me the words Daddy.”

Mitchell opened her mouth to pray and she started speaking in tongues. The burden in her heart getting deeper and tears sprang up in her eyes. She prayed and prayed till the burden turned to peace and she was relaxed in her spirit. She looked at her wall-clock; it was a quarter past twelve. She had prayed for two hours! She was physically exhausted but Spiritually joyous. She knew God was up to something great. Something that would help alot of people and not just Daniel.

She laughed and praised God as she climbed on her bed and fell asleep.


Zainab knew something was wrong when I.K walked into   the kitchen while she and the girls were having a late breakfast. Adesewa and Audrey exchanged looks and made to get up from the table but I.K told them to remain seated. He sounded tipsy.

“I.K are you okay? Are you high?”

He placed a hand on his chest. “Me? I’m perfectly okay. I’m as normal as I can be. What you guys are eating smells good. What is it?”

“Err – Scrambled eggs, sausages, boiled tomatoes and toast.”

He chuckled. “Smells good but sounds boring. Not like my Zainab here. Smells good. Tastes good and is not boring at all. Abi Zainab?”

Zainab frowned at him.  “What exactly is your problem? Why are you behaving this way?”

“Oh, I’m sorry dear.” He walked up to her and planted a kiss on her lips. “Okay then food also tastes delicious.” He pulled Zainab up to her feet and kissed her soundly and with so much passion that had one of the girls sigh. Zainab was sure it was Audrey. He pulled back and they stood face to face, his breath warming her nose.

“We’re getting married tomorrow Zee. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together. Have kids. Build our lives together and grow old. We would have kick-ass fun. Don’t you think so?”

She nodded, not sure what was happening but guessed it to be the excitement of their wedding tomorrow. “I believe so. We are good together I.K and I love you.”

His eyes turned dark all of a sudden and he shoved her aside. “Bullshit! This is all bullshit! You love me? Do you also love Sonia as well?”

Zainab heard Adesewa gasp.

“What are you talking about?”

“What am I talking about? Are you really asking me that question? Okay… why don’t you explain to me when you developed a liking for women? Are you a lesbian? Are you bisexual? Transgender? Or maybe you’re an hermaphrodite!”

He pointed at her friends who were still seated at the table. “Are you doing them as well? You guys having a threesome? Gosh! Zainab you are sick in the head! If I hadn’t seen that video for myself I wouldn’t have believed all the lies your cousin had been telling me all this while.”

Zainab suddenly felt cold. “What video? What did Sonia tell you?”

He shook his head in disgust. “She didn’t have to tell me much… the video said it all. The wedding is off Zainab. Enjoy the rest of your life as a crazy woman. I sent you the video. You can check it on your phone.”  With that he walked out of the kitchen and she shook when she heard she door slam. She turned slowly to back to her friends. Adesewa looked sad, Audrey in shock. Zainab took her phone from the table and downloaded the video. It took less than a minute. She played it and watched as her life crumbled down. She didn’t know when the phone left her hands and she dropped on her knees to the floor.

The tears came… just like in her dreams. The hurt and pain was too much. This time she wished she was dreaming and someone would wake her up fast.

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  1. I pray something good happens to Efe and Daniel… And Zainab should have told IK the truth earlier. I feel sorry for her but it serves her right. Thumbs up dear.

    • Something good will very likely happen. For God to give a prayer burden to Mitchell, that looks and reads good to me.

  2. it is well.
    Everything that happens under the sun , happen for a reason.
    Efe and Daniel – my favorite couple ( their life is interesting in a sense ) but they keep using their past and comparing with their future. God knows why everything happen in life. They better both go back to Him before is super late.
    IK & Zainab – Well, i don’t even know where to start with this two, the foundation wasn’t right and they thought they could build on that without looking deeper. Zainab should have told IK everything, he loves her and will definitely be angry but he will forgive her.

    We have dreams for a reason- never joke with them either good or bad- pray after having a dream, that is the lesson here.

  3. mehn..! am forced to comment on what happened to Zainab..
    No matter how you cover the smoke.. it’s gon find it way out.

    can’t wait for the next episode. efe o her happiness is the koko

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