Separated Episode 14

Adesewa swiped the tears from her eyes. Yes, she had prayed for God to do something… to tell her what to do but then she hadn’t expected I.K to call the wedding off. She rubbed Zainab’s back gently as she shed silent tears.

Audrey had been trying to reach I.K and talk sense to him but he wasn’t picking her calls. She looked up as Audrey made her way towards them with a defeated look.

“Still no luck?”

Audrey shook her head. “He has switched off his phone now. What else can we do? Should we go over to his place?”

“We could try that.”

“I need to see Sonia.” Zainab said abruptly and rose from the floor. She swiped the tears from her eyes. “That sick bitch thinks she can mess with me! She would know she’s not the only one that can play dirty.”

Adesewa didn’t think it was a good idea said as much. “Why do you want to see her? She’s done her worst. Now what’s left to do is try to work things out with I.K.”

Zainab’s eyes blazed with anger. “So I just let her have her way with me?”

“I’m saying it’s over. There’s nothing left to do. Going over to meet her wouldn’t solve your problems with your fiancé! Go and talk to I.K.”

“Maybe it’s just God’s punishment for my sins. Maybe I’m not to have it good in this life.” Zainab wrapped her arms around herself and stared out the window. “I know I.K, once he’s made a decision there’s no going back to it. He really doesn’t want to get married.”

“Zee don’t give up hope. Let’s just go over to his place and talk to him. Please.” Audrey said.

Adesewa didn’t wait for her to answer. She hurried to the room to get the car keys and change, all the while praying for God’s will to be done.


If it wasn’t for the cold seeping into her body she might have enjoyed him being so close to her. His warm hands around her shoulders. This was far better than she had envisioned their date night; watching movies at the cinema and then heading to a restaurant to have dinner. What wasn’t there to like? And to top it off he had a gift she wasn’t to open until dinner. She smiled to herself. Thank You Lord for giving me another chance.

Efe felt a nudge on her shoulder and looked up at Amanze smiling down at her. “You good?”

She nodded. I’m perfect!

The movie had her laughing and smiling. It was a Romcom and she enjoyed the love brewing between the couple despite so many oppositions. She frowned as doubts crossed her mind if she and Amanze would always be together or if something would tears them apart. The thought scared her. She wasn’t ready for another heartbreak. Besides, Amanze was near perfection and he made her happy. She couldn’t imagine losing him.

“Did you enjoy the movie?” He asked as they made their way out of the hall. He stood aside to let her walk infront of him.

“Yes, I did.”

“What was your favourite part of the movie?”

“Hmmm. . . It was really funny. I think the best part was when the couple decided nothing was going to keep them apart regardless of how difficult it might be. I think that’s what love is about. What was your favourite part?”

They were almost at the car park now.

“You took the words right out of my mouth. Love is fighting for whom you love. You fight against trials, you fight obstacles. I know I’ve been in relationships where nothing was worth fighting for… Maybe ’cause I never really loved them. I did love Kokoma but I just couldn’t handle what she did. It was beyond anything I could ever forgive.

Efe stopped to look at him then. “So are you saying there are some things love would never fight for? Like there would be something I do that would make you stop loving me?”

“I’m not saying I’m perfect. . . I’m learning and I’m determined to do whatever it takes to make us work. I believe the reason God brought you here was for me. I love you Efe.”

His answered satisfied her for the moment but it didn’t keep away the tiniest bit of doubt within her.


She sighed. “Atleast I now have an idea why I wasn’t told I have a grandchild.”

“I can’t keep living my life this way. I need a man. My baby needs his father. He told me there’s someone else! I can’t imagine Amanze being with someone other than me.” She crossed her legs and arms as she faced the elderly woman seated infront of her.

“My dear wasn’t it you that made the mistake? Wasn’t it you that cheated on him? And you expect him to just take you back easily? You must be out of your mind.”

Kokoma looked away from her. “People make mistakes. I made mine, should I be punished for it forever?”

“There are some mistakes that take years to let go. There are some that can never be remedied. If you really want to make things right then you have to try your best to fix it. Don’t think it’s seduction that can do it.”

“Seduction always works.”

The older woman shook her head. “I know my son. It would never work. So who’s this girl that has grabbed his attention? That must be why these days he’s always on the phone and smiling all the time.” She smiled. “I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time.”

Kokoma gritted her teeth. “But mum what if you don’t like her? What if she’s of a low class?”

She shrugged. “My son’s happiness matters to me. Whatever his choice is I would accept.”

Kokoma stood up and moved close to the older woman, kneeling infront of her. “Mum you’ve always loved me as your own daughter. Would you let my mistake stop you from loving and accepting me?”

She patted her head. “I love you dear but it is my son that has to make the decision to love and accept you. I can’t make that choice for him.”


They had been at his house for more than thirty minutes and he was yet to open the door.

“I don’t think he’s home.” Zainab said. “He might have gone to a bar or a smoke joint. He would rather take the pain away than stay in an empty house feeling sorry for himself.”

“Do you know exactly where he would go to?”

Zainab shrugged and took out a joint from her pocket and Adesewa snatched it away from her.

“What’s your problem?”

“Smoking weed is not going to help you either! You have to be in the right state of mind.”

“Ade why can’t you just mind your business!  Give me back that weed jor!” She said angrily.

“No.” Adesewa threw the joint far away from them. “Where can we find I.K?”

“You owe me money for what you just did.” Zainab rattled off an address and they drove over there. Luckily they found I.K’s car parked outside the building. But it wasn’t just his car they found. He was with another woman.

“Girls let’s go. The wedding is off.”

“But Zainab we can confront him-”

“And do what? Please let’s go. It’s over.”

Adesewa looked at them again before she drove away. Silence filled the car as they headed Zainab’s apartment.

“I need you guys to call everyone and tell them the wedding has been cancelled. Audrey you can look into the bills that should be settled. Ade you can call my dad and tell him there’s no wedding. After that you girls can leave. Thank you. Sorry I wasted so much of your time.”


It was a different restaurant than the one he took her to the last time. It was classier and more expensive. They were both very hungry so they ordered their meals.

“I was thinking we could go sightseeing tomorrow. Let me show you some of my favourite spots in town. Is that cool with you?”

“Sure. I would love that. How’s Ezra?” She asked as she forked some pieces of meat in her mouth.

“He’s fine. He doesn’t cry much when I carry him. He’s getting used to me. I would like you to meet him someday. Hopefully soon.”

Efe smiled. “Alright. So tell me how the end of the year party is going. Is everything going according to plan?”

“Yes. I still have a couple of people to call though. I have a surprise up my sleeves.”

“I’m sure you won’t disappoint.”

Efe excused herself to use the toilet. She took care of business and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She looked good. Pamela had done well to choose the black lacy gown she wore with silver pumps and accessories to match. Her hair packed up in a bun. She took a deep breath and walked out of the ladies. She got back to their table and took her seat. It was a few seconds before she notice the small box on beside her plate. She looked up at Amanze.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look this evening?”

“Yes, this should be the thirteenth tome now. Amanze…What’s this?”

“There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now and I hope you say yes.”

Efe swallowed hard. What question?



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  1. Yup! Yup! Yup! 😀 🙂 . Too bad amanze is so not different from Daniel. Efe needs to learn that the devil y’know is better than the angel you don’t!

    • Probably she would have to learn the hard way since she’s not paying attention to what God is telling her. Thanks for reading Benita! 🙂

  2. will you do me the honor of being my wife? this is a tough moment in Efe’s and Zainab’s life. God …

  3. The question…”move in with me”? Inside the box should be a spare key to his apartment.? Or “be my girlfriend?” And the box should have a pair of earrings… hehehehe

    • Searching for love in all the wrong places and not letting God lead. We would see what happens next week. Thanks for reading Goodness. 🙂

  4. Efe- Is really a big move for her, sure hope she wont jump again.
    -Zainab- Is always right to say the truth , no matter how bad. Sometimes keeping our past secrets can always come back to hunt us.
    Adesewa- she is the intercessor now in a sense, God will give her grace oo

    _ Only God can do the impossible,at every cross road.

    • Yeah… hope Efe thinks it through before making any decisions. It is well. Thanks for reading Olawumi 🙂

  5. Nice but short but appreciated.

    Ah Efe.. another mistake oh. LOrd pls help them.
    I hope Zainab’s pain draws her cloae to God and not weed.. grace for Adesewa..

    • I really hope so @ Zainab. Thanks for reading Frances. Short… Let’s see how the next episode goes. 🙂

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