Separated Episode 20

Nathaniel Bassey’s Onise Iyanu was playing in the background while he worked from home on his laptop. His boss was on his neck for some ideas on the new account they had just gotten and it required serious work. Unfortunately, nothing was really coming to mind despite having spent over an hour staring at his laptop. He rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache building up, and let out a sigh. He pushed back his chair and got up to relieve himself, then hummed along to the song and made a cup of coffee and took some biscuits he always stashed at home for Eluwa to snack on.

He sat on the couch, desperate to be far away from the laptop, and nibbled on the biscuits while having his coffee. The latter was good for the cold weather. December wasn’t exactly his favourite month. For years he had spent it alone or with his parents or friends, and it seemed this year wasn’t going to be any different.  Every expectation he had at the beginning of the year to be married, preferably to Adesewa, to have progressed spiritually and financially… it hadn’t happened the way he would have liked. He was doing okay at work, but that was it. Hopefully, things would go on track now that he was back to building his relationship with God.

That was his highlight of the year.

Sadly, he couldn’t say the same thing about his wedding. It had been a mistake for him to marry without getting his facts straight. But there was no need crying over spilt milk. God had made that known to him when he kept asking why and going over the past in his head. He dropped his cup on the side-table and picked up his bible. For that last couple of days he went through his notes at the bible study and went through all of them.

He had failed in so many areas but God never let him stay down. He kept reminding Daniel of His Word that he was a new creation and old things had passed away and things had become new. He was going to try to make things right with his parents and Efe. Regardless of what Efe did she was his wife and he had made a vow before God to be with her. If God wanted him to still be in the marriage then he would and face the challenges head on.

It was close to ten at night when he was shutting down his laptop and calling it a night when his phone rang. He wondered who would be calling him at such an hour. He dragged himself off the bed and to his study table where he dropped the phone so he could concentrate on work.

The number was unknown to him.


“Good evening. Is this Daniel Nwachukwu?”

“Yes, good evening.”

“I’m calling on behalf of Mitchell. She’s been rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. She asked to see you.”

Daniel had to hold on to his chair for support as the wind got knocked out from his lungs. Mitchell is in the hospital?  Critical condition?

“I’m on my way.  Please tell me which hospital it is.”

The woman rattled off the hospital address and Daniel hurriedly dressed, grabbed his keys and rushed out of the house.


There were two words to describe her service that morning;  energising and comforting. It reaffirmed God’s will for her and made her know it was okay to take the next step holding God’s hands despite being blindfolded and unsure of the way. Irrespective of what she had built for herself at her company and had to give it all away, she had high hopes for her future.

Adesewa wondered why God was so good to her. Despite her shortcomings He was still very much interested in her. He even gave her a man she would never have expected. It dazed her. If she had still been stuck in the relationship with Daniel she would may have been happy ’cause it was what she wanted, but she wouldn’t experience the inner joy and peace she presently had.

Now, she was on her way to Korede’s place far down in Ajah. He was having a get-together with a few friends and wanted her there. She smiled to herself at how things were progressing in their relationship. Things weren’t perfect. They disagreed once in a while but settled things as quickly as possible. God was teaching her no relationship was perfect. She was studying the marriage between Isaac and Rebecca. Despite the fact that God had ordained the two of them to be together, they still had their struggles as Rebecca was barren for some time before she had kids.

Lord, just teach me more of You. Never let me be satisfied with the little I know. Increase my thirst for You.

Adesewa walked into the kitchen and saw him at the gas cooker with a saucepan and a big steel pot, steam emanating from them. She stood at the entrance a little and watched as he worked with his back to her. He looked completely at ease with what he was doing. She looked around and noticed his kitchen was well equipped and spacious. It was the kind of kitchen she dreamed of having when she moved into her own place, or rather her husband’s house, when the time came. It had been a while she cooked and hosted friends but she still researched on fancy meals when she had the time. She guessed things would change now that she had a lot of time to spare.

Sugar and spice.

She raised her brow at the strange thought. Sugar and spice? It didn’t make much sense to her.

“Wow…  what smells so good here?” She walked further into the kitchen, standing a few inches away from him and grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey!” He pulled her close and hugged her close with a spatula in one of his hands. “Hmm…you smell lovely. How was service?”

“Service was awesome! I wouldn’t mind sharing some of my lessons with you. I just feel like God is leading me into a direction that’s going to be bigger than I imagined.”

“That’s great. Can’t wait to hear it. So you don’t feel bad about it anymore?”

She nodded. “Sometimes doubt creeps up in my mind but as quickly as it comes I chase it away and remind myself of God’s promises concerning His plans for my life. Honestly Korede. . . ” She moved towards the large sink. “It freaks me out but I’m ready to step out.”

Adesewa rinsed her hands and took a slice of tomato from a bowl and ate it.

“It’s going to be fine.”

“Yeah, so you need any help here? What are you making?”

He winked at her. “My special Shawarma. I don’t need any help, just seat there,” He pointed at the high stools at a corner, “and look beautiful while keeping me company before most of the guests arrive.”


Their line of conversation was the last thing she ever thought she would hear.

“She has given her life to Christ?! Seriously? What happened? What made her convert?” Efe could believe her ears as her father narrated what had happened with her step-sister’s wedding and how things had ended. He didn’t give her full details on why the wedding was called off. He told her how he spoke to her about Jesus and told her no guy could love her more than Him. No life could be better than life with Jesus.

“You can’t imagine how happy I was to see that joy radiating on her face. God works in mysterious ways Efe. When one door shuts another opens. All glory to God. So! How have you been?”

Efe pushed aside her jealousy. “I’m fine.  Daniel and I are working on the divorce.”

“And Daniel has accepted to divorce you?”

She folded her arms. “Well he didn’t say no to it either.”

“Efe tell me the truth. Is there another man in the picture? Because I don’t understand how you can go from loving a man for so many years to suddenly just not liking him again. Please explain it to me.”

She scratched her head. “Daddy, you know how things have been. He doesn’t love me.”

“Is there another man?”

“No.” She thought it best to keep her relationship with Amanze a secret. There was no way she would tell her father she liked another man and they had shared kisses together. He couldn’t understand how she felt.

“You are sure?”

“Yes daddy. Trust me there’s no one else. I just want to be alone to gather my thoughts. I plan on moving on with my life. I’ve even applied for my Masters abroad.” She hated lying to him but there was nothing she could do.

He heaved a sigh. “It is well with you. I would be praying for you.”

“You know Daniel’s mother came to see me.  She supports us getting a divorce. I would really appreciate your support as well dad.”

“As much as I wish I could give it to you… I feel you’re heading the wrong path. Here I thought two of my daughters know the Lord but one suddenly seems to be deviating from that path.”

Efe gasped. His words struck her as if he had literally blown her on the chest. She held back her tears.

“I love you dear, but the best thing I can do is pray for you and hope for the best. Have you thought about your daughter in all of this?”

“It’s for her as well. She should grow up seeing what love is really like and not see us fighting eachother.”

“Efe, do you know what love is?”

“Of course I do!” Why would he even ask her such a question? “I know love to mean not hurting others, doing what you want others to do to you. It means willing to sacrifice your happiness for the one you love. I know what love is.”

Love was what Amanze was offering her.

And what have I not offered you to show that I love you? I  told you to rest in My love and wait on Me and you didn’t. You would rather have the love of man that lasts but for a few minutes than My love that would last for a lifetime.

“Like I said.  I would pray for you. Love you dear.”

The call ended and Efe couldn’t help the empty feeling within her. She felt everyone was moving on in life except for her.  Adesewa and Zainab. The two people that had caused her so much pain were now forgiven and progressing while she was here. What else was going to happen? What other surprises awaited her?

☆ Bible Quote for the Day:

John  15:5 KJV, I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.



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  1. I hope Efe lean on God’s love and listen to His voice and not be carried away by Amanze’s promises…..loving this

  2. Uhm, God is indeed “Onise Iyanu” .
    Glad that Daniel is seeking Him back again and he is realizing what a mistake he had made. A few of us hold on to the past or what we think is best for us without realizing that God already gave us the perfect thing.
    – Efe : A few of us are in the situation , we think because of our past situation the current one is the best for us- because we are enjoying the present situation and forgetting that the past things that happen to us is sometimes for a reason(either a lesson or help others) Also Efe should stop condemning herself or ignoring God (she better speed run if possible back to Him, the opposite will be dangerous) she should stop looking at what Adesewa and Zainab did and how they have change but ask God to help her. Me self i need help. God sure hate divorce , but if that is what Efe want- God will always give us a choice, hope we always choose alright.
    Can’t wait for the next one- God bless

  3. hmm, lovely episode. Efe……1st Corinthians 10:12 let him that thinks he stands take heed,lest he fall. God be with you

    • Thanks for reading Gbemmy. Hmmm… it is well. Hopefully she sees the light soon.

  4. I love the way her Dad gave her the truth. Not what she wanted to hear but what she needed to hear. I just a feeling that all is well that ends well. So Efe, just be cool and trust the bold lettered texts.
    Oh Mitchell, I’m so going to miss you, please help Daniel, do something, don’t just go like that.

  5. Hmmm! Thank God Daniel gradually leaning on God for strength and direction. I hope Mitchell there is a big miracle for Mitchell and she pull through. Efe, please don’t look on the outside but be guided by the voice of God.

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