Separated Episode 25A


Hi fam! Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. God bless you all.


Had she really made a mistake?

Dinner with Amanze’s parents wasn’t as bad as others would have predicted. It was far worse! At least for her. She had felt uncomfortable under the gazes of the matriarchs even though they had welcomed her into their home and treated her nicely. Efe felt like she was at an interview. His mother had cooked a delicious meal and asked if she knew any Calabar dishes.

“My son loves certain dishes.”

“I have also taking a liking to some of the food here. I learnt how to cook a few of the recipes from a woman down my street and I have practised making them on my own.”

His mother looked shocked and very pleased at that. “So how do you find my son?”

Efe was confused at that moment and had wondered if it was a trick question.

Amanze’s grandmother spoke up. “Why ask her that question? You are scaring the poor girl.”

“I’m just asking a question. I know my son can be stubborn at-times and too caring to a fault. But okay let me ask something else. How do you feel about the fact that he has a son from another woman? Surely, he has said that to you.”

“Mum -”

His mother raised her hand. “My dear, it’s good for us to know. Some women are not comfortable taking care of another woman’s child, especially if the mother is still alive and in the father’s life as well.”

Efe swallowed hard. “Yes, I’m aware he has a son. His name is Ezra and he’s a very handsome boy, just like his father.” She looked at Amanze then who smiled at her lovingly. He reached out for her hand beneath the dining-table and squeezed her hand, encouraging her to go on. She looked back at his mother. “I have no problem with him having a son. I love children.” She couldn’t mention that she had a daughter and she was married before.

“That’s good.” His grand-mother said. “So tell us more about yourself. Amanze has told us a lot about you, and I don’t doubt a word he’s said, but we would want to know you better.”

“I – er – My father is a pastor in Ibadan. My mother passed on years ago, when I was a little girl.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” The older woman said.

Efe nodded. “I help out with the church and talk to teenagers. I plan on getting my masters degree after I’m done with NYSC.”

“That’s good. Don’t worry we have more time to get to know each-other more. We can get-together one of these days and talk some more. Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

Efe was afraid she would do more than bite. Amanze had felt good about the dinner but some things didn’t sit well with her and she couldn’t place her hands on it at the time.


Was it really too late to amend his wrongs? He knew what God had laid in his heart. He still felt that push to make things right with Efe. But God hadn’t told him it would be this difficult or she would have a man already. Daniel rubbed his eyes tiredly. He had a long night; tossing and turning, thinking of what he was going to do. He finally understood how John must have felt when he was waiting for Funlola to come back to her senses. So what was he to do now? Just sit back and wait for her?

He reached out for his phone and dialled his cousin’s number. He desperately needed someone to talk to. He answered on the second ring.

“Daniel, what’s up?”

“I dey jere. How are you? How’s Funlola?”

“She’s fine. This pregnancy thing is really getting to her. She’s just grumbling everywhere and demanding for massages and food I’ve never heard of in my life.”

Daniel chuckled. He wondered how Efe had managed herself during that period as well. She had spent a few months with her father before going to stay with his parents. He had not been totally interested at the time. He had done her so many wrongs that he had to make right. “I’ve been praying that God should just bless us with triplets so we won’t have to go through all this again.”

“Triplets ke? You want to kill the woman.”

“Abeg, my mum is there to help out. Let’s just get it over with once and for all and move forward. The other night she woke me up at 3am, crying and telling me she is scared of giving birth and the pain would be too much. She started listing all manner of things and I had to placate her and tell her to make positive confessions and God would be with her. That it’s only God she needs. Guy, that’s how she started on my case that I’m the one that put her in such a position. Honestly, I don’t know what else to do.”

Daniel laughed. “You know your wife nau. Just keep trying to placate her. Spoil her a little. Everything would be fine bro.”

“I hear. So how’s it going over there with Efe?”

“Bad.” Daniel told him everything that had happened from the moment he arrived at her door-step till when he left.

“Ouch. Efe has another man? Do you know who he is?”

Daniel shook his head. It gave him a strange feeling to think of another guy with Efe. “No idea. From the way she spoke about him it gives me the indication she has some feelings for him. Also, she mentioned the man wants to marry her.”

“God forbid!”

“She’s adamant about the divorce. Once she found out I didn’t sign it, it pissed her off big time. She would take me to court if she has to.”

“What happened to the fire-brand Efe I knew? Clearly, something has gone wrong somewhere.”

“That’s why I called. I don’t know what to do. I keep wondering how you were able to wait that long for Funlola.”

“You do what you know best. Pray. Pray hard. It wasn’t easy at all. Everyone wanted me to let go. Even some men of God felt it was God giving me a way out of my marriage to her and for me to get divorced. But if God is telling me to stay, the words of man has no hold on me. You have to tune out the negative and hold on to what God is saying.”

“So I just pray for her? That’s it?”

“Our cases are different Daniel. In your case I would advise you pray and woo her back. Let her fall in love with you again. Show her you want her in your life.”

Daniel confessed, “I’m yet to love her as I should.”

“That’s another thing. I wasn’t in love with Funlola when I knew she was my wife. I got to know her better as a person than the surface things I knew or what people had said about her. I prayed to love her as God expected me to. Gradually, love for her grew in my heart.”

Daniel heard Funlola call out to John. Saying she needed his help.

“I’ve got to go. Write out things you like about Efe. Things you have seen in her over the years that you admire in her. Also, write out things you don’t like as well. We can talk later on about it.” His wife called to him again. “I’m coming dear!”

“Regards to your wife. Tell her pele and it would soon be over.”


Daniel ended the call and tossed his phone on the bed. He was staying in a cheap hotel and the services had been okay thus far. He didn’t really have much to do and so he took out a paper from one of the files he brought with him to work on and got to work on what John had told him to do.

♡ Bible Quote for the Day :
Song of Solomon  3:5 KJV, “I charge you, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, by the roes, and by the hinds of the field, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, till he please.”



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  1. A belated happy birthday to you. I guess you had a lovely time.
    Hmm! Efe, are you sure about what you are doing??? Gee! You couldn’t even be open about been a mother yourself or having a husband lacking in the background. As for Daniel you made you own bed messy so work hard to tidy it up with lots of flowers, chocolates and sweet talk.
    Lovely read but wanted more.

    • Thanks Akua! Yes I had a lovely time. 🙂

      @ Separated… More coming up on Monday by God’s grace. Thanks for reading and your frequent comments. God bless you.

  2. HBD in arrears Temitope…may the light of Gods countenance continually shine upon you. Wishing you many more decades of Gods utter faithfulness.

    Sis Efe,hmmm…you need to be careful really and get back on track with God… The lack of peace with Amanze pinpoints to something deeper…

    Bro Daniel sure has his work cut out for him,Efe & Daniels marriage showcases how people marry for wrong reasons leading themselves to untold pain

    • Amen! Thanks Favour ?. Where have you been????? Been a while.

      • Hi Temitope, yeah been a while.just got busier and all(a new job). I am fine though

        Do take care ma’am

  3. Just to encourage you dear,
    These stories are more than stories. God is placing things in our hearts with His words in you. God bless you as you continually stay faithful and keep working for Jesus with your pem.

    *kiss kiss

    • Amen! Thanks much Frances ?. I really appreciate it. The timing was perfelt ’cause I was feeling a little down. God bless you sis.

  4. Well written and apt as always..I want more tho..happy belated birthday, may your blessings come in multiples

  5. I feel like it’s too short,anxiously waiting for the part b, it was a great read as always. God bless you more

    • Thanks for reading Bola. Part B coming up on Monday by God’s grace. Stay tuned ?. Happy Easter!

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