Bible Quote for the Day:

Proverbs 3 : 5-6 KJV

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Is this really happening?

Two men fighting over her. She didn’t know if she should be happy or disturbed by it. She hadn’t had this much attention from two guys at the same time. It was. . . sort of flattering. But given the situation it wasn’t what she wanted. She stood in the middle and could look at both men’s expressions. Amanze was not the least bit pleased at Daniel’s presence but Daniel on the other-hand wasn’t bothered at all. He looked calm even at the last statement Amanze had made.

“We aren’t divorced yet so there’s no need for saying ex.”

Amanze looked down at her, a frown on his face. “What does he mean? I thought he had signed the divorce papers.”

Efe shook her head. “He didn’t sign the papers.”

“Because I don’t plan on giving my wife up any-time soon.” Daniel spoke up.

Amanze looked back at him. Efe saw a muscle in his jaw move. “Don’t you think you’ve caused enough hurt already? Why don’t you just leave her alone and let her move on with her life?”

Efe blinked. Are these guys really going to fight ‘cause of me? And in the office? What if people got to hear about it and discovered about her relationship with Amanze? She didn’t want to be the talk of the company! Efe had to quickly put a stop to it before things got out of hand. “Please, can you both stop this.” She turned to look at Daniel and mustered enough courage to talk to him despite her beating heart at the sight of him and the care that was evident on his face and how he was willing to fight for her. “I told you to stop disturbing me. Don’t come to my office and make a scene ‘cause there’s nothing left for us to talk about. When you asked me to leave your home that day, I left without a word. I respected your wishes ‘cause I owed you that much. But now this is about me. It’s only fair that you respect my own wishes and leave me alone.”

Do you really want him to leave you? For good? You don’t think you can have another chance at love with him? The thought came to mind but she wasn’t going to wait to sort it all out. She was past that. She had made up her mind some months ago and it was time she finalized it.

The expression on Daniel’s face was almost unreadable except for the flicker of pain she saw that quickly left as soon as it came. Was he really pained at what she had said? This was the first time she would receive such an emotional response from him. She didn’t know how to feel regarding that.

“Alright.” He looked up at Amanze’s direction. “I would leave your office. I would go. But I haven’t stopped praying for us to be together and I feel it in my heart that God wants us to be together.”

Efe heard Amanze scoff and say, “This God talk . . . Yeah right.” She didn’t like his statement but kept her attention on Daniel who wasn’t affected by what Amanze had said. His eyes were only focused on her.

“All I can do is wait for you to come home. Home to God. Home to me and our daughter. I just want to ask you for one thing.”

She swallowed hard. “What?”

He smiled. “Open your heart to what God has to say. I know I’ve done wrong. I know in your heart you may be fighting back whatever feelings you had or have for me. But please listen to what God has to say first before making any final decisions.”

Efe jutted her chin out stubbornly. “And what if I have made my final decision? Would you sign the divorce papers?”

He nodded. “I won’t deny you your request.”
He bent low and picked up a bag she hadn’t noticed all the while they were in the room. He handed her the bag of goodies he had brought with him. When she failed to collect it he placed it beside her on the floor. He took one look at Amanze and walked out the door. All of a sudden she felt a little chilly and she wrapped her arms around herself. She felt Amanze’s hands on her shoulder as he rubbed them gently.

“Babe, it’s going to be okay. Don’t get yourself worked up about his coming here and what he said. It’s just all bull-shit. He doesn’t really care about you. He doesn’t love you.” He turned her around so she could face him. She felt tears in her eyes.

“C’mon Efe don’t cry. He’s not worth your tears. He stopped being worth it ever since he cheated on you. He was a fool to let you go and he’s a fool to think you two can ever get back together. Baby, I want to make you happy. I’m going to spend the rest of my life to make you smile. I want to spoil you silly. Both you and your daughter.” He pulled her into his arms briefly and pressed his lips against her forehead. “It’s going to be okay baby.”

Efe didn’t know if it was really going to be because now she was doubting her relationship with Amanze. Was it really God’s will for her to be with him or was she really supposed to return to her husband? It hurt her so much that he had disregarded her. It hurt that she had vivid imaginations of the both of them. It hurt that she didn’t really have any support from anyone. Everyone thought she was at fault to issue a divorce. Why was everyone against her? Even God . . .


Adesewa had almost forgotten how much work it was to get her own business started. And then she had to do more research on what it took to open her own restaurant/catering services. Despite the amount of work, it was refreshing to be able to get back in the work-zone. She was going to look at a few places tomorrow for the best space. She was still praying to God to show her which step she should take. She didn’t want to run ahead of His plans, neither did she want to be too slow. Of recent she had been browsing up everything she needed to know to start up a restaurant.

She had business plans to write. She had to secure investors willing to embark on her new journey. Asides all that she had a few worries. Were people going to be sceptical of her new business venture after she had just up and left her company to start a new one? She had prayed about it and God kept telling her not to worry.

She really hoped so.

Adesewa clicked on a few websites on her laptop. She heard her phone ring a few times and make a couple of sounds indicating she had messages pouring in but she didn’t want to be disturbed. She hated being disturbed when she was in full-gear work-mode. The calls kept coming in and she picked up her phone to mute it when she caught a glimpse of a message.
Her eyes widened and she clicked on the message and read the full text.

“It can’t be true.”

She shook her head. How can this be possible? She checked the link sent to her and saw a sight that had her shocked beyond words.

It was best she got her information from the horse’s mouth instead of following the rumour that was going around ‘cause that was clearly what it was. A rumour. His phone kept ringing. He didn’t pick. She tried again and again. No response. She decided to call someone else that could give her any information.

“Good morning ma! How have you been? We have missed you here a lot.”

“Stella. Good morning. I’m fine thanks. What’s going on at the office? What’s this news I’m hearing that EFCC is shutting down the company?” Stella was her former secretary and she knew she was a gossip, always having details of other people’s business. Adesewa had made sure not to be so cordial with her and keep it strictly business to avoid any issues between them.

“Ma. It’s true o! It was said that Mr Kobina was involved in some fraudulent activities and they had to look into the books to confirm their findings. They said he and some of his colleagues were syphoning money out of their companies and Mr. Kobina was covering up for them. Ma why did you have to go and leave this company in the hands of that man? Everything has come crashing down and we may soon have no jobs again.”

Adesewa sighed. She thanked Stella and told her she would be in touch. She ended the call.

So it was true. Was that why he was so keen on having her do certain jobs? And then God had saved her from the whole mess and tarnishing her name by getting her out of it before it blew up in her face. She could also have been arrested like Kobina. She looked upwards and smiled. “Thank You Jesus. You’re always looking out for Your own. Lord, I’m grateful. So grateful.”

Her phone was going to be a hot-line for the next couple of days as people would be calling to find out what the full information. Some may even go ahead to publish nonsense that she was involved with the crime. But she knew without a doubt that whatever man may say she would be vindicated. God was in control.

She picked her phone up and called Korede. She missed him. He had travelled to the states just after the new year concerning some business deals and he wasn’t expected back till the end of the month. It was sixteen more days and counting.

“Hi babe.” He said and yawned.

“You just waking up?”

“Yeah. Had a long night with some clients.”

“How’s it going?”

“Fantastic. How’s your end?”

Adesewa narrated everything that had happened with the company. “Wow, for real?”

She nodded. “Yeah. It took me by surprise.”

“Hope you aren’t worried.”

“I was.”

“Then I don’t need to say anything. Just leave it to God. Trust Him.”

“I’m doing that.”

“Have I told you I love you.”

Adesewa giggled. “Not in the last ten hours.”

“Hmm . . . Let me make amends. I love you Adesewa.”

“I love you Korede Williams.”


She dreaded how noisy and stressful it was to be in Lagos and the weather didn’t make it bearable. The traffic was horrifying! She had been stuck on the road for the past hour just trying to leave the airport and get to Adesewa’s place. The other day she had informed her step-father and siblings of her trip to Lagos that may be for some time. She didn’t know when exactly she would be back but she would keep them posted. Her step-father hadn’t looked the least bit interested in her trip or in whatever she planned on doing with her life.

And frankly, she wasn’t bothered about it.
Her concern was mostly for her younger ones and the hope that one day they would come to realize the joy she had just because of her relationship with Christ. There were days she would pass mosques and feel a burden in her heart for those who had no idea what they were missing by not believing in Jesus and living a life-style consistent to His ways. She remembered her mother those days and would feel a pain in her heart. She would ask God why He couldn’t just reveal Himself to everyone so they could see the light and change their ways. She had asked her Christian mentors the same question and they had given her an answer to that effect.

“God won’t force anyone to accept Him.” Sister Lolu, her Christian mentor had answered her. She looked to be in her early forties and was a respected woman in church. She had spoken to fellow new birth’s like Zainab on two occasions during their believer’s class and Zainab also felt refreshed after her talk. That was why Zainab had particularly sought her out to talk to her after Sunday service.

“But He could let them know He’s God and He sent His Son Jesus to save everyone from their sins because He loves us all. What if I never got to know Him? What if I never got saved and I ended up in hell?”

Zainab shuddered at the thought of it. She couldn’t imagine being immersed in a place full of fire and pains that would last an eternity. She had been heading down that path by living a bisexual lifestyle and not knowing Jesus.

Sister Lolu smiled. “God sends His people out, you and I, to share the Good news. To preach to others. To live a life pleasing to Him and for others to see we serve a loving and faithful God. He sent His Son for all to be saved. It’s left for them to believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord.”

Zainab recalled the few times people had come to speak to her about Jesus and she had chased them away with unkind remarks or out-rightly walked out on them. Now, she felt bad about it and could imagine how some of their reactions. Some were embarrassed, a few had shouted she was heading to hell if she didn’t accept. Others had smiled and walked away, saying they would be praying for her. Maybe it was their prayers that had brought her this far.

There was no doubt that God was faithful and He loved her greatly. He didn’t give up on her despite her stubborn and sinful ways. He was on the look-out for her.

“Hi sis!” Adesewa and Audrey screamed when they caught sight of her coming out of the Uber cab. Zainab smiled tiredly and hugged the both of them before they helped her out with her bags.

“It’s good to see you girls.” Zainab said as they made their way into Adesewa’s apartment.

“Us three musketeers are back together. I don’t know why you won’t just move here. What do you have in Abuja that’s keeping you there?”

Zainab shrugged. “I have family members. I have church folks.”

“So you’re really a Christian?” Audrey asked and settled down on a couch close to Zainab while Adesewa went to the kitchen to play host. She crossed her lean legs and flipped her long weave back-wards. “When Adesewa told me I didn’t want to believe it. Zainab hard woman that doesn’t send suddenly has a turn around and is now a born again sister? How did that happen?”

“I was really down. I was opting for suicide sef. But God showed me my problems didn’t have to take control of me. He had bigger plans for my life.”

“That’s interesting. So you’re happy?”

Zainab nodded. “Very happy. Happier than I thought I could ever be.”

Audrey smiled sadly. “I’m happy for you.”

Zainab knew Audrey was yet to accept Christ. She still wanted to play around and enjoy life to the fullest. Little did she know she could never have that happen if she still missed the bigger picture. Missed having God as centre of her life.

“So you plan on visiting your dad? He’s expecting you?” Adesewa asked as she placed a tray of cocktail drinks on the centre table accompanied with small-chops.

“Yeah. He’s super excited to see me. At first he suggested flying over to Abuja but I didn’t want him going through that stress. Besides, I’m using one stone to kill two birds by seeing you girls as well.”

“Honestly, I’m so happy for you. To see you come all this way after what happened with I.K. Do you miss him?”

Zainab shrugged. “A little. He creeps up in my thoughts once in a while and I miss his company. Laughter. The sound of his voice when he wakes up in the morning that sounds like a frog croaking.” Zainab chuckled. “Yeah . . . I miss him. But I’m letting him go. It’s all a matter of time. I’m not so keen on being in any relationship right now.”

Adesewa nodded. “I feel you sis. It was that way for me when Daniel and I broke up. I got so depressed I thought my life would end at that moment.”

“Heartbreak is a bi-” Zainab caught herself. “I mean a mean thing.”

They all chuckled.

One by one they filled each-other in on what was happening in their lives. Adesewa’s former company and her new latest idea of opening a restaurant. Audrey’s plan of starting a boutique and Zainab with the idea of paying her sister a visit.

“Wow. You would go all the way to Calabar to see her?” Audrey asked. “What for?”
“I want to get to know her. I want to apologize about having a hand in her relationship with Daniel.” Zainab turned her attention to Adesewa. “Is she still bent on giving him a divorce?”

Adesewa nodded. “The last time we spoke he mentioned that. But I called John a couple of days ago and he said we should keep praying for them.”

Zainab knew she had to see her. Very soon. “We would.”


Do you love me?

Of-course I love You. Yes, there were ways she had not shown her love for Him. She had not read her bible in days. She had neglected her relationship with Him. She had not even asked Him much about her relationship with Amanze because she was afraid of what His answer would be. The same question probed her heart again.

Do you still love me?

Of-course I do Lord.

Then do as I have commanded. Forgive just as I have forgiven you.

Efe closed her eyes. She had spent most of the hours she got back from work on her bed. Thinking about her life. Thinking about Daniel. Was she going to chase after her own happiness and forsake God’s will for her life? If God was telling her to forgive Daniel then did she have a choice? If he wasn’t going to be involved in her relationship with Amanze was it wise of her to go ahead with it? She knew she somewhere deep within her, past the pain and hurt, she still harboured some feelings for her husband.

There was no use denying it any more. No use fighting it.

She sighed. She was weary of it all. She had also said hurtful things to Pamela all because of everything that had to do with Daniel.

Okay, Lord. What do You want me to do? What would You have me do?

Forgive just as I have forgiven you. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

Did that mean He didn’t receive her because of what she had going with Amanze? Efe shut her eyes and willed for the tears not to come. She was tired of crying. It was profitless. If she was really going to break things up with Amanze, how was she going to do it without causing any pain for the both of them? How would he perceive her? What would happen to all those plans they made together? It just seemed she was causing more pain all around than she intended.

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left they first love.
Efe burst into tears. She allowed it roll freely down her cheeks. She had been in the wrong all this while. She had chased after other things . . . Things that she wanted and she had left God. Now see where she she had gotten herself into.

She cradled up in a fetal position.

I’m sorry Lord. I’m sorry.



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  1. Thank God for Efe. Amanze is not a Christian see his reaction to God. Didn’t they talk about his belief?. Efe has gone far from God oh, the funny thing is it the changes are subtle many will still tag her Sister of God. God help us…

    Thank God for Temitope

  2. Thank God Efe is back to her senses, I pray she acts rightly afterward

  3. Whoa, God always come through for us, though at times we may not understand his ways

  4. O how He love us. He is an ever loving Father calling us to Himself even when we are hell bent on going our own way. Thank God for Efe for finally yielding to Him

  5. Thank God Adesewa heeded to the leading of God or she would be in a mess. Zee, Zee God is sweet and he perfects what concerns his children. He will bring a better man your way who will help become what he wants you to be. Daniel, thank God for humility, patience and manning up to fight for your wife’s love. It is getting through to her. Thanks for this episode of hope and for reminding us of God’s sure love if we lean on him.

  6. My comment would focus on the part of Zainab and her newlife in Christ. Yes she’s happy and still has family and Audrey who don’t understand fully. I would love a situation where her light shines bright to all of them as we individuals should do. It’s a story but then we should question ourselves….can non family members see us and say they want to join our Jesus family?

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