#TAC: What Is Money?

By Oladapo Omotosho

Money is first and foremost a tool that gets things done so we don’t really need money. If we can get things done without money itself. Take for instance, if I can trade a favour all through my life, I would always get things done because the favour would take the place of money. What do you think? Pause and think on this!

On the action part you need to understand that the amount of commodity you have is equal to the amount of money you have. Commodity in the sense of credibility, responsibility and trustworthiness. I have met a lot of young entrepreneurs who claim they have a problem raising capital and I tell them the problem is not the capital but the credibility or trustworthiness or character to raise the capital.

I would be more than willing to help certain people get started in business but my problem is these persons wouldn’t be able to pay back or manage effectively the resources they are given. Understand that money is just a tool that helps you achieve things.

The problem is not the capital but the credibility or trustworthiness or character to raise the capital.

Secondly, money is a seed.

It is put in the ground to make more of itself. Don’t tie money down in an account doing nothing with it. Don’t put it under your bed and expect it to miraculously, exponentially increase.

You need to understand that money should be sent on an errand to do things for you that you ideally can’t or don’t want to do. The ancients have a saying that you don’t keep money tied down, you have to spend it to ‘permit’ it’s return. However, what is very important is you shouldn’t spend money anticipating ‘because it was spent it would return’.

There is a difference between spending and a investing.

Spending is using money to purchase something or an item, while Investing is all about returns in more folds.

Thirdly and finally, money  could be called ‘good work’ with people. Money is defined as anything backed up by law that could be presented as legal tender but if I can trade my good work for money then it’s arguable that money is credibility.

So change your perspective, stop chasing tools and develop goodwill with people, strangers and those around you. When you do this, generally people want to have dealings with you and possibly show you favour, give you things and trade favours with you.


What do you think money is? Leave me your comment and feel free to disagree with me.

Oladapo Omotosho.


Oladapo Omotosho is a trained public health specialist, public speaker and wealth generation consultant. He believes in people pushing the limits around them. He runs the Think Act Change (TAC) campaign which is focused on helping people get the best out of life. He currently has 3 years public speaking experience, a close relationship with God and is working on a project to impact 1000 lives directly before 2020.



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