Broken Pieces of Me, Episode Thirteen

The Holy Ghost congress starts today! Let’s make plans to attend. Surely you will get the miracle you desire… ********************************** Episode Thirteen Was there an explanation to the joy she had been feeling for the past couple of days? The… Continue reading

Broken Pieces of Me, Episode Twelve

Episode Twelve Ifeoma wasn’t sure she had heard right. So she said, “Come again? I didn’t get you.”    “I said I’m getting a divorce.”    “Why?”    “’cause I can’t take it any-more. I can’t continue with this kind… Continue reading

Broken Pieces of Me, Episode Nine

Episode Nine Tomike was told that the woman she was standing in for was was resuming work in two weeks time. It meant her days on the show were numbered and she would be back to being an assistant or… Continue reading

Broken Pieces Of Me , Episode Four

Episode Four “That was a really nice talk from Mr. Stevens.” Kayode said to the lady beside him. As soon as he had set his eyes on her he had started looking for an opportunity to speak to her. She… Continue reading