LWEIM #7: Living a Life of Holiness

  Written by Oladapo Omotosho  Contrary to popular beliefs, myths or misconceptions, we are to live holy lives worthy and pleasing and acceptable to God. ‘We’ means all mankind because God doesn’t want any to be lost. God is not… Continue reading

Chief Bridesmaid with a Difference!

It was a clear and sunny day, all was set, everyone was seated and expectant as they should be. It’s been months of planning, pruning, budgeting, financing and finally the D-day was here. It was the wedding of Rachael Braithwaite … Continue reading

Seun Ajia: Dealing with Addiction

Dealing with Addiction As believers some people still genuinely deal with addictions and do really want to get over these distractions that clearly turn their eyes away from Christ. Addictions ranging from sexual immorality like watching porn and masturbation to… Continue reading