Details of My Upcoming Novel!

With these shoes I thee wed . . . But the shoes don’t Fit, a Christian romance by Tope Omotosho. This book struck me from the title ‘Shoes don’t fit!’ why? Get yourself a new pair no need for unceremonious… Continue reading

Sneak Peek of the Novel/E-book

Hi fam! So I’ve been going on and on about a novel coming up. Had the idea a couple of years ago and just got round to finally completing it. It’s been held onto for too long and it’s about… Continue reading

Separated Episode 31 – Finale 

And so we come to an end of SEPARATED. Makes me feel all mushy to see this end. Thank God for the inspiration❤. Thanks to hubby for all his support 😙.  Thanks to all the readers that embarked on this… Continue reading