Thank you!

Hi fam!

Hope we had a fab Christmas. I haven’t posted the next episode of Separated due to some issues on the website as some of you might have noticed. I’m still working on it and there might be a few changes on the website. Would post Separated on or before next year. ?


Many many thanks to all those who donated towards the Open Heavens Challenge. We exceeded our expectations and were able to get 320 copies as  supposed to 250 copies that we wanted!

God is awesome!

I appreciate you all and your labour of love would surely be rewarded. And thanks to Aramide, a  reader on the website, for coming along with us on Christmas day. God bless you. ?

Surely next year would be better.




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Temitope Ogunyinka, is a loving, caring and friendly person. She is passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge found in her thought provoking stories and writing that applies to all ages. Her stories and articles cut across love, relationship and romance in a way that does not deny the relevance of God in our everyday life. She is a devoted christian, passionate about bringing people to the knowledge of God’s true and unfailing love.


  1. This is amazing.
    God bless you all.

    Ps: Love how Aramide just has a heart for supporting us in our works for God.. may you not lack helpers when you need them Jesus name, amen

  2. Amen. Thanks for allowing me come along. I was blessed, it was an awesome way to spend Christmas.

    God bless everyone that sowed their seed towards this challenge.

  3. I just saw the pix and asked myself ‘is this not Aramide?’ God bless her and Amen to Frances prayers for her.

    God bless you all.
    Happy new year in advance?

  4. Thank You Aramide

    God’s blessings for all givers

    Happy New year everyone

    Thank you Temitope for this great platform

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