About Me: Iyanuloluwa Adedeji

About Me: Iyanuloluwa Adedeji

Name : Adedeji Iyanuloluwa

Age: 25

Sex : Male…lol, kidding.




Location :Lagos. If you need my addy ask Jumia.

Favourite food: If you can find the intersection between Garri(and groundnut) and Beans(and plantain).

Favourite bible verse: Too many oh. Presenly feeling Deut 8:3

Favourite translation :KJV and NKJV

Best author : Andrew Murray, Elisabeth Elliot and Francine Rivers

When you became born again: 2000 (Whaaaat? I’m a pastors daughter)

How you became born again: One morning Devotion in January that year, after a message by my mum, I said “I do” to Jesus.

In a relationship : By the special grace of God.

What you do : Creative Director of a crafts company. Name is anonymous for now.

How you met LGL, the journey so far : I met the visoneer (she is an amazing young lady) long before I was introduced to the vison and I can say the rest is history.

What are your dreams and visions for the website : I see it becoming a foremost blog that saves lives and ultimately homes and preserving them via godly principles.

What words would you say best describes you: ambivert, introspective, whimsical.

What are your guiding principles: Love God, love life, love people. Enjoy the moment.

Who are your role models: I may need a few sheets of paper. Jesus,My Mother, Elisabeth Elliot, Heidi Baker, Kelly Needham.

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