After I Do #5

After I Do #5

“A husband can only love his wife best when he loves God first. You have to show her love more than your career, hobbies and other stuffs that can’t love you back”.

I smile when I hear Kayla scold Tayo.  I am currently in the hospital where I was detained for a while so they could do a proper check up on me and the baby. It’s a lot of self-control not to try to peep at Tayo and Kayla as they discuss. If I want to hear more I know I need to be content with listening with just one part of my sense organ since they still think I’m sleeping.

“Kayla”. I hear Tayo say. He sighs deeply. I don’t hear anything from any of them for a while.

“Tayo it will be fine. God’s won’t leave or forsake you. Of course you know that!” Kayla responds later.

“I know, I know. I know my first love is God and in him I derive pleasure and do not need any additional love. I am not a bad person Kayla. You know me!” Tayo says in frustration.

Kayla Laughs. “Ha Ha Ha Tayo! She exclaims. “How can the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus be a bad person? A whole you? The beloved of God; God’s special unique person like you, Tayo! Of course you can’t be bad. Have you forgotten that the fullness of the Godhead dwells in you?”

I imagine them hugging but I still shut my eyes.

“Kayla you’re just sweet like that. You know how to make a man feel good”.

I freeze. My body goes tense and my ears stretches to catch Kayla’s response.

“Which man? You mean you? You’re not serious. I am not trying to make you feel good o”. Kayla replies with more laughter.

“Then what’s all the whining for? What do you want? ”Tayo ask. It’s as if he took the question from my mind

She laughs some more and then claps her hand in that funny way that says”Can you imagine? or unbelievable. “Tayo I am not whining you nau”. She drawls. “I am just reminding of who you’re in Christ Jesus so that your senses can return and you can treat Omolade well”.

She must have hit him ‘Cause I hear Tayo moan in pain.

I am pleasantly surprised. I cannot believe Kayla, former Ms. Unknown woman running around in the kitchen with my husband has my back. I know I was intimidated by her beauty and my perception of her was that of a ‘Husband snatcher’ person.

For the Lord does not look as man sees, for Man looks at the outside appearance but God looks at the heart.

“Kayla promise me you won’t tell her”. I hear Tayo whisper out of the blues.

“Tell her what? Any secret you can’t tell your wife, I don’t want to hear. In fact until you put your act together I am not staying in your house”.

“Ehn Mogbe! Tayo has something that he is hiding from me? Or did he cheat on me? Ha Tayo what did I do to deserve this. How can you cheat on me? I am ruined “. I think. My thoughts are racing all over the place.

I tune out of Tayo and Kayla’s conversation until I hear Kayla loud laughter. I cannot help it this time, I open my eyes.I cannot pretend to be asleep anymore.

Tayo’s eyes meet mine.

“You see what you caused, you’ve woken her up”. He scolds with a frown.

“It’s okay. I am still tired.  I’ll just sleep back”. I yawn deeply for effect so I can hear what secret Tayo has to say. I wish I had been patient for a second more ‘çause nothing more what said.

I wonder what the secret is. I try not to assume.

Patience is a virtue I have to learn.

“I swear when our lips touch, I can taste the next sixty years of our lives”.

I smile sheepishly when I remember what Tayo had told me this morning as he engaged my lips and body in a spontaneous but short journey of intense pleasure.

I had decided to obey my spirit and walk in his wisdom. I woke up an hour before Tayo’s alarm goes off to sort out his clothes and shoes for work. I arranged his laptop, chargers and all of the document he was working on the previous night into his suitcase. I had further gone ahead to run water for his bathe.  I bought him a small toothpaste that will last about two days so that even if he presses it at the centre or misplaces the cover my finicky self wouldn’t be bothered.

I am fifteen minute into making breakfast when I see my husband with all smiles walk towards me with sparkles in his eyes.

I am wondering why he is so happy ’cause he is usually cranky in the morning. Before I am able to come up with any possible reason Tayo scoops me up in his arms without any notice. My small frame is lifted up in the air and he twirls me around. I give a loud squeal of excitement.

I am laughing so hard, it’s difficult to breathe.

“Tayo please na”.  I say amidst laughter and short breathe.

“Please what?” He teases.

“Please…” I laugh so hard, it’s hard to complete a sentence. Tayo takes advantages of this to continue his teasing.

“I can’t hear you babe?” He says in a mocking tone.

I do not realize how loud our voices are until I see Kayla’s (Former Ms. Unknown) panicked face in my view. She seems worried but when she takes in the scene, her faces relaxes in a smile.

“Good job Cuz”. I hear her say, with a thumb up sign. She leaves us alone but comes back almost immediately. “Tayo you shouldn’t tickle her for long, have you forgotten she’s pregnant”.

I laugh so hard, tears begin to fall my eyes. Tayo reaction to Kayla’s statement cracks me up so bad. The quick transformation of his naughty happy face to a worried look. I am also laughing in relief knowing that Kayla is Tayo’s cousin and their relationship is not a BFF affair or some Sister in Christ parole.

I keep preparing Tayo’s things for work till it becomes a habit for me. He does what a man should do to show affection in its most beautiful sense. Although he never carried me up like that again. He is so gentle with me that he is usually scared to have sex even after the doctor had assured us that we could go ahead.

Ever since I was discharged from the hospital Tayo has been acting good to me like. All is well in Camelot, but we still have not spoken about the cause of our last fight. I don’t want to ruin our happiness so I decide to go along with the good things happening even if I am desperate to talk about it.

These days, I am intentional about learning more about the realities of marriage than the fantasies of it. I am sometimes afraid that Tayo might return his attention to work and things may fall apart again.I am afraid that my mouth will put me in trouble again.

“I’m no longer slave to fear. I am a child of God”.

“Did I just imagine that song? I don’t think so”.  I move tentatively to the source of the song and I land in front of the visitor’s room where Kayla is.

I stand by the door to listen on. I absorb the peace the song brings to my heart.

You split the sea, so I could walk right through it
All my fears where drowned in perfect love
You rescued me so I could stand and sing
I am a child of God

I am amazed at how God speaks to us and reminds us of his great love through songs and through people.

I begin to analyse myself and I see that I have wronged God. It shouldn’t really matter what Tayo does or do not do. After all I did not have to do anything when God extended his love to me.

I should love and honour my husband as unto the lord. I should love him as a son of God and a vessel of Christ before I think of him as a husband. I have ruined my witness by not exhibiting the love and life of Christ to my Husband. How then can I show Christ to other people?

The music stops and I hear Kayla speak in tongues. I stay awhile until I hear her groan as if trying to bring out something from her tummy

In the same way the spirit helps in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray but the spirit himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words – Rom 8:26

“Ehn let me to go and pray my own. The devil has no place in my home. I cannot come and carry last”.
“Omolade! Omolade!”.

I hear the scuffle of a feet before a frantic knock on my room door.

“Omolade!”. Kayla screams.

I hear the urgency in her voice. I quickly get up to open the door but she beats me to it.
“Just come”. She says running ahead of me.
I want to fly but I have a child to consider so I am careful not to run.

I finally get to the scene and I see why cool, calm and collected Kayla is frantic. If I saw it first I would have fainted.

I scream instead!

Ashley is covered in blood. She looks almost dead. I am transfixed to a spot. I find myself again in the hospital this time moving in rhythmic steps around the reception. I know Kayla is running around doing all the paper works and speaking to different people on phone. I cannot seem to decipher what is going on, I am looking but not seeing, I am hurt but no tears come to my eyes. I think I felt Tayo hands around me at some point trying to offer me comfort but it did nothing.

My tummy begins to hurt and I feel the muscles in my stomach contract. I bend to the pain.

Tayo screams.

“Tayo shut up and be a man!” Kayla snaps.

I still don’t understand what’s happening but I know she’s over me, saying soothing and comforting words. She rubs my hair and back like a child.

“Try to take a deep breathe”. She says in a soft gentle tone to me.

“I need you to take her to the emergency ward immediately. Tayo don’t just stand there looking, ensure that the nurses have gone ahead to call the doctor. Just do something useful with yourself!” Her voice is stern as she throws instruction around.
I come to full consciousness after Kayla puts something beneath my nose. She forces me to take deep breathes. I look down when I feel something wet flow down my legs.

I see it and I smile.

“After all the prayers…….”

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