Book Review: Dance with Me

Book Review: Dance with Me

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Hope you all are keeping safe during this period. I know fear may be lurking in our hearts but let’s be still and know God is on the throne.

Don’t stop trusting and don’t stop believing in Him.

I know some of you are aware I released a novel in January ‘Dance with Me’ and I’m glad it’s impacting lives. I couldn’t have written this book without God’s leading and I believe He will use the book to touch as many lives as He wants.

A special person wrote a review of this book and I would love to share it with you.

The Review:

Tope Omotosho is my best Nigerian Christian fiction writer and I am always excited to read anything new she has written. I have always found her stories captivating, deep and spiritual. This book was gifted to me by the author and I would like to say a big thank you.

Reading “Dance With Me” was like having a conversation with God. Despite the fact that it is a work of fiction, it pulls you in so deeply that you begin to see, breathe and almost touch all the characters in this book. Some of the characters, I have met before in her other books like Zainab in “I’ll Keep Loving You”. In that story, I was a bit curious about this particular character and it seemed as if the author read my mind and decided to tell Zainab’s story in this book.

The book has many faces, but has the sole message of God’s undying love for all of us no matter where you have been or what you have done. Micah is a pastor who is suddenly widowed as the love of his life dies of cancer. Zainab has discovered the love and forgiveness of God but wonders if the world will ever forgive her past and accept her for who God has moulded her to be. Maureen is a young christian who falls in love with Detan, a man who doesn’t share her love for God and she is torn between her love for him and her love for God. Tobi is married but struggles with her attraction to fellow women and is tempted to abandon her marriage to live out her desires. These and other characters tell stories of the daily struggles old and new Christians face in times of adversity especially in the areas of marriage, pre-marrital relationships and sexuality.

This book was well written and well paced. I loved the way all the themes tied together neatly at the end with the clear message of salvation and God’s infinite mercy and love. This story will encourage and lead you to a better and healthier relationship with Christ no matter where you are in your journey as a Christian. I have been surely blessed by it. My favorite character was Zainab. I admire her strength and courage to be able to openly talk about her wild past so that souls can be won for Christ. She stands as an example that God can meet you anywhere no matter how low you have fallen and will take you to heights that you can not even imagine only if you believe and trust in him.

I highly recommend this book to everyone particularly young people who are pressured by what they see on social media and the prevalent worldliness that God rejects. Do get a copy for yourself, your friend or that teenager you know needs guidance.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Published: January 2020 by Leverage Press

Pages: 231

Genre: Christian Fiction

Purchase on; @rovingheights on Instagram

So that’s the review! If you are yet to read the book and you are led to, I hope you do. Keep safe and cultivate your relationship with God.

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Much love,

Tope Omotosho.

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