Book Review: Dear Diary and Other News!


Doctor Moyosore Jones is a Christian single lady with a great job and perfect life. Well, that’s what everyone thinks until we begin to get a peek into her diary which reveals her ever active mind where a thousand and one weird conversations go on. An old flame steps into the picture and sweeps Moyo off her feet. He fits the picture she’s always imagined of living happily ever after and makes her belief her days of singleness and loneliness are over. But fairy tales don’t last and she is pushed to embark on a challenging journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. As Moyo faces several challenges and approaches a crossroad, she’s made to question her faith in God and discover the true meaning of love. Will she find what her heart seeks, or be scarred for life by an ultimate decision she has to make? A riveting story on life, love and faith, Dear Diary will make you question what it really means to believe and show you how soul-searching is a must for every believer.

This story begins with Moyo Jones finally having the chance to be with her long-time crush, Danny. In this book, we realize that some crushes don’t end up in love as we would want them to. We see Moyo coming to that sad realization that leads her back to relying on God before embarking on any serious relationship. But then God directs her on a path she knows nothing about and has her raising questions and welcoming doubts, which is not new as a Christian walking with God. But at the end . . . Nah! I won’t tell you about the end, go get the book! *winks*

What I like about the story is it makes you want to sit down and cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to Moyo tell you her ups and downs and laugh and cry with her if necessary.
Purpose, relationship mishap, following God’s will, trusting God above every other thing and more are what Moyo Jones discovers along her journey in life. And it’s oh so beautiful! Even in the midst of struggles you know you can rely on God.

There were parts of the novel that had me wondering if it was realistic and if Moyo was sort of childish but nevertheless, Itunu Taiwo wowed me with this novel and I couldn’t help turning the pages and hoping it wouldn’t come to an end soon. Looking for nice Christian fiction? I implore you to get this one.

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So fam go get a copy of both books here.

Yes fam! A novel is in the works and I’m excited about it. *smiles* I’m releasing a novel and would talk about it on the website soonest but first I want to make a shout out to anyone who would like to make a cover design for my book as a work towards the Lord. If you have it laid in your heart to do so, please send me an email at [email protected]

There’s a time frame (July 7th) so please don’t delay. Let’s reach out to those in need of this material. The book has been long in the pipeline. Thanks.

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