Book Review: I’ll Keep Loving You

Book Review: I’ll Keep Loving You

Salt Essien-Nelson on I’ll Keep Loving You

The funny thing is I was getting impatient with this book at first. I mean, what was going on here for crying out loud! Did I not read the first book till the end? But I’m one of those efiko readers that hates to skip ahead so I had to keep reading patiently waiting to find out what had gone wrong!

At some point I even toyed with the idea of sending the Author a warning message to stop messing with my mind like this. And just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, it was clear but just as I understood more, more drama started building. But here’s the thing. I’m not sure exactly when but I began to feel a deep tug in my chest. It began with Femi. I love his relationship with God. The effortless way he hears and dialogues with God and how, as much as it hurt, he obeyed.

My next favorite is Elianna. Her struggle is real and I could relate. But I think what really got me all messed up was Anthonia’s journey and how the author took us through it. That excitement! I was jealous for more of that!!! Then there was Abdul! Wow! I could go on and on. The plot twists and how God’s voice is a character all by himself!!!Kai! You need to read this book yourself to understand. I can’t really explain it. But here’s one thing I can do. I can encourage you to pray before you read this novel. Seek for more than just the ‘romance story’.

It’s beautifully told but ‘I’ll Keep Loving You’ is way more than that. God has given Temitope a gift. The ability to write in a way that shows you his heart even as we humans go up and down in our walk with him.She exposes God’s love and if you read with a prepared heart, you will encounter him. Afresh. Or for the very first time. And I promise, you will want to make him your First Love too. For Real. Deeper. I cried ugly happy tears as I finished. I wanted what I had read and I told God as much. I know he heard me.

That’s the power of this book.

It’s like listening to the best sermon about God’s love for you, all you want to do is rush to the Altar and be embraced by this God that’s pure Love. Go on, read this book and if I’ve exaggerated in anyway, connect with me. I’ll give you a refund. I mean it. To God alone be the glory!

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