Broken Pieces of Me, Episode Eight


Episode Eight

Victoria had been shocked to see him standing there in-front of her. She sighed within her. Now that she was seeing him after a couple of days she couldn’t help but admire him in his navy blue and pink striped shirt. She shook her head to prevent her thoughts from getting carried away.
“What are you doing here Moses?”
He raised his brow and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I came to see you, isn’t that obvious? After the whole incident you didn’t get back to me and I was worried. Asides that, I missed you.”
Victoria doubted that he actually cared about her. He only missed her body. “You’ve seen me now. So you can leave.” She turned to walk in to her apartment but ended up running instead. She opened the door and was about slamming it when a force held it back.
“Moses leave me alone! I will scream o!”
He laughed derisively and pushed his way in with little force. “Scream nau! Who pays your rent? Who settles your bills and takes care of you? Don’t try anything stupid. Let’s talk.” He took a seat and crossed his legs at his knee. “Why are you avoiding me?”
Victoria crossed her arm. “I’m not avoiding you. I have exams and I need to read. I go to the library and stay behind to read in one of the classrooms.” Why am I even explaining to him? I just want him out of the apartment!
“What an excuse . . . come closer and sit on my lap.” When she made no move to join him he said, “It seems you haven’t missed me. ” He uncrossed his legs and was next to her in one swift move.     “Victoria . . .” Victoria took a step back to prevent him from touching her. He reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her close to him with force and her head hitting his hard chest.
“Moses please leave me alone . . .” She groaned. His arm tightly around her wrist was bruising her. “Please, you’re hurting me.”
He released his hold on her gently, but with enough firmness to keep her where she was. He planted a kiss on her forehead. His breathing was heavy on her face. His mint breath cooling her face. His voice raspy as he spoke, “I have really missed you Vicky.” He pushed aside a strand of her hair and caressed her cheek. Victoria groaned out-loud at his touch. The sound was enough for Moses to lower her unto the mattress on the floor. He moved to her trousers and unbuckled her belt. Victoria moved her hands up and tried unbuttoning his shirt. All of a sudden a thought flashed through her mind. She remembered he was a married man.
She dropped her hands suddenly and tried to push his hands off her trousers. Her breathing fast. “Moses … stop! Please stop . . . You’re married.”
As he still worked on unzipping her trousers again he said, “And so?”
She pushed his hands away again. “And so we should stop.” She pushed him off her and struggled to get up. “Please Moses leave. I have exams tomorrow and I need to read.”
He looked up at her. The desire could be seen in his eyes and Victoria was almost tempted to go to him on the bed and resume from where they had stopped. Moses pushed himself off the bed and stood to his feet. She saw his Adams-apple bob as he swallowed hard.
“Victoria,” His voice was husky, “Why are you doing this to me? ”
Victoria shook her head. “I’m not doing anything. I should be asking why you are doing this to me. You’re a married man for goodness sake! Don’t you feel any sort of remorse for cheating on your pregnant wife?”
Moses’ jaw was set and his eyes blazed in anger. “Who told you that? Have you been snooping around my private life?”
“N-no. I saw a picture of her on your phone.”
He nodded and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Don’t do that again. You had no right to do that. Why don’t you just forget all that and let’s talk about us.” He sighed and leaned against the wall. “What is going on between us? Why are you withdrawing? What did I do wrong?”
Victoria licked her lips. How could she explain to him that she was falling in love with him and vexed he wasn’t concerned about her health but just her body? Either ways he would not marry her at the end of the day so why were they going on with it?
“I’m waiting Victoria . . .”
“You didn’t ask how the . . .” she paused. “You didn’t ask how the abortion went. You weren’t concerned about me . . . You are just concerned about having sex. You don’t . . . You don’t love me.” Even as she said the latter words she felt like a fool. “Moses, please leave.”
“Who told you I don’t love you?” He pushed himself away from the wall and moved towards her. “You mean a lot to me and I have no intention of looking at any other woman.”
Except your wife! “Please I need to read Moses. Give me some time and let me think it through, but I don’t think we should have any relationship again.”
“I don’t believe that,” Moses shook his head vehemently. “ Who will pay for all your bills? School and all? I will give you some time off, but I’ll be back.”
He closed the gap between them and pressed his lips against her forehead. When he left, Victoria locked the door after him and collapsed unto her bed in her room. Victoria willed herself not to cry. Her ringing phone saved her from the ordeal. It was Funmi. Her friend from school. The same friend that had invited her to celebrate her father’s birthday and in the event Victoria had met Moses . . .
“Hi Funmi. . .”
“Babe! How you dey? Were you sleeping?” Her voice was upbeat.
Victoria tried to keep it at the same pace, but at a failed attempt. “I’m okay. Exam stress and all. I wasn’t sleeping, just settling down on my bed. What’s up? So what do you have planned for your birthday?”
“Take it easy please, ‘cause you don’t sound fine. As for my birthday, I want to invite you to my house. I’m not having a party o! Just getting some close friends together to gist, eat, and have some fun. Can I count on you to be there?”
Victoria thought it would be a good idea. Funmi had been a good friend to her, even when Victoria was not so close to her as Funmi would have liked. “Yes, I will be there. You can count on me.”
“Thanks! See you. Rest well sis.”
Victoria smiled. “Thanks, and you too.”


Wedding preparations were in full swing and Bimbo was insufferable! But who could blame her, it was her wedding after-all. Tomike couldn’t wait for her to leave the house and become Kamal’s headache with all her drama.
The savouring smell of grilled chicken drifted to her nostrils as Tomike walked down the corridor into her friend’s house. Today was her friend, Funmi’s, birthday. She was having a get-together in her house later in the afternoon. It had been awhile since they had seen each-other, but it was ‘cause they had both been busy.
Tomike looked at her friend as she walked up to her in quick strides. Her friend had on a blue jeans trousers and a red off-the-shoulder top with red sandals. But it wasn’t just her dressing that made her look good, but she had a glow that shone from within. Tomike wanted that happiness her friend had.
“Tomike!” Funmi screamed and hugged her tightly. “Babe you look good. See how your skin is glowing and you have no sun-burn at all!”
“Yes nau. When I just drive to work and back and sleep well during the day. No sin is touching my body. See nau . . .” Tomike stretched forth her hand and shoved it in her friend’s face.
“Abegi don’t oppress me with it jor!”
They both laughed and walked to the living room where a couple of people sat at different sections. There were roughly about twenty people there. Tomike recognized a few people, but there was a girl she didn’t quite know, though she looked familiar. She greeted a couple of people and made her way to a three-seater that already seated two people.
“Okay people! Let’s not just sit down and eat, let’s get to know each-other more. . . please mingle o!” Funmi winked at the lady seated beside her and Tomike turned to look at her.
“Hello. You look familiar . . . I can’t remember where we met.”
The girl smiled. “It would probably be at the dentist. I’m studying dentistry at Idiaraba.”
Tomike snapped her fingers and remembered she was the person that had cleaned her teeth the other time. “I remember now. You did a good job the other day. Thanks so much. What’s your name?”
“Victoria. And you’re welcome -” She shrugged like it was no big deal. “I was just doing what I’m supposed to.”
“Not everyone does a good job you know, you were patient with me while I kept telling you to chill while I let the pain subside.”
She smiled.
“Tomike that was a really great show you did a few weeks back,” Someone on the opposite couch called her attention. She turned to look at her friend’s boyfriend, Biodun. “That guy try . . . If it was me I don’t know what would have happened.”
“God gives different grace to different people. He probably knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it.” A girl teased him.
“Thank God he didn’t turn gay or anything. People in this world are really sick o!” Biodun said.
“A cycle of hurt people hurting other people . . .” Another guy said and shook his head. “Why must it be a terrible cycle? Why can’t hurt people help other people instead?”
Tomike was growing uncomfortable with the conversation and as if sensing her dis-ease, Victoria changed the topic, asking about movies and the best plots.
Tomike looked at her and gave her a grateful smile before looking away. She owed her one.


“Why do you look so dull?”
Victoria looked up from the carrot she was cleaning and at Mrs. Johnson, she hadn’t realized the older woman had stopped mixing the batter and was staring at her.
“N-nothing ma. I’m fine.”
She snorted loudly. “I hear you. We both know that’s not true. I won’t press, but you know you can always talk to me. I take you as a daughter . . .”
Victoria smiled. She had been crying a lot these days and it seemed she was going to start again after Mrs. Johnson said she took her as her daughter. “I just have a lot of issues. My life doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m just tired. . .”
Mrs. Johnson dropped the wooden-spoon on the tray and wiped her hands on a napkin, which was placed over her shoulders, and walked towards her. She took the slightly cleaned carrot from Victoria and guided her to a green plastic chair nearby. After sitting her down, Mrs. Johnson took her own seat next to her.
“You want to talk about it?”
Victoria shook her head, then nodded. She sniffed. “I – I’m h-having,” She paused to sniff and wipe the tears from her eyes. She shook her head again and continued, “I’m sleeping around with a married man. . .” Victoria expected to hear a gasp from the older woman or see a surprised look on her face and she chanced a glance at her, but what was on her face was compassion and . . . Love. How can she love me? It made her sob harder. Victoria couldn’t bring herself to tell her about how she had been raped at age thirteen . . . Of how she had searched for love in all the wrongest places. But Moses was better than the others.
“I know it’s wrong. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but I can’t help myself. I’m already in love with him. He has been so kind to me . . . Paying my school fees, giving me pocket money, taking care of my housing . . . I don’t know what to do . . .”
The older woman rubbed her back in a clockwise motion until Victoria managed to stop the heavy-flow of tears and mucus down her face. She made a move to use her t-shirt to wipe them away but Mrs. Johnson handed her the napkin that was over her shoulder.
Upon seeing her hesitation, Mrs. Johnson said, “You can use it. I have too many from all different weddings I’ve attended. . . As if that’s the only thing in the world to give out.”
Victoria gave a small laugh. “Thank you ma.” She collected the proffered napkin and cleaned her face, wondering what Mrs. Johnson would say. Maybe she would castigate me and not want me here any-more . . . The thought made her sad. She looked at the older woman and waited for her to speak.
“My dear . . . If you’re thinking I would judge you because of all you have said and tell you off, I won’t. I have no right to. In life, we all make mistakes and no one becomes perfect without having encountered several mistakes along the way. What I would like to ask is what you want to do now?”
“I don’t know. I love him and I don’t want to stop being with him . . .”
“Let me ask you a question; would you like your husband to cheat on you?”
Victoria shook her head. “No.”
“Does the man love you back?”
“No. He just likes me for my body. I – I have aborted so many times for him because he doesn’t want children . . .”
Mrs. Johnson heaved a sigh. “I can’t tell you what to do, I can only advice you. No matter how much a woman may love a married man or how much a married man may love another woman other than his wife, he is breaking his oath to his wife before God . . . To love and cherish her for the rest of his life. This man can’t offer you anything right now and he may not be able to offer you anything in the future. God has great plans for you my dear. Such great plans that you yourself would be marvelled at. You just don’t know it yet . . .”
“I have had too much abortions. I hurt too much from my family . . . They see me . . .  They see me as worthless. My father wanted my mother to abort me, but because she could lose her life if she did it, she had no choice but to give birth to me. My father walked out on us after that, and everyone at home hates me.”
This time the older woman gasped. Her eyes widened. “What? That’s terrible! A lot of things make sense now. I’m so sorry about that.” Mrs. Johnson drew her into her arms. “You know God doesn’t feel that way about you. . . He doesn’t think you’re worthless or not good enough or worthy to be loved, as your family may think. God loves you, and you’re here because He has great plans for your life.”
Victoria shifted out of Mrs. Johnson’s embrace to look at her. “If He has such great plans for me then why am I suffering? Why am I being hurt so much? Why didn’t He help me all this while?”
“God is never late my dear. He doesn’t want you to suffer pain. He’s there for you and don’t think our crossing paths is a coincidence. It’s all been designed by God.”
Victoria closed her eyes and tears gathered beneath them.
“I know you would be bothered about where to live, but you have to break free from that man; staying with him wouldn’t get you anywhere. It’s up to you. You can stay with me and build yourself up with baking cakes in the meantime. Things would work out for the better my dear. Trust God . . . Cling to Him.”
Victoria opened her eyes and looked at the older woman. “How do I do that?”


Theresa had been processing everything that happened to her. She hadn’t confronted Kayode with the news she had just discovered, and she had told her mother not to let him know anything. It was worse . . . Worse when her mother had told her the doctor said she would never be able to have a child again. That had broken her completely and strengthened her decision to harm him. She had been a fool for so long . . . Too long. She wondered if her brother also knew. She gripped the steering-wheel in anger as she drove over to her brother’s house.
“Aunty!” Her nephew and niece ran to her. She smiled down at them and bent low to hug the both of them. Linda looked at them; a sad smile on her face. The thought that she couldn’t have children accosted her again. Taunting her. She bit her lip to hold back tears from forming in her eyes. “Hi guys! How’s school?”
“Fine!” They both said.
Theresa nodded. She had some gifts in the car for them, but she would give it to them later. She told them to play. Linda was heavily pregnant and it looked like the baby would come out any time soon.
“How have you been Theresa? You didn’t let me know you were coming . . . I would have prepared something.”
Theresa shook her head. She hadn’t really come for a visit. “No, it’s fine. I told my brother I would be coming so he’s on his way.”
Linda nodded and rubbed her tummy. “Okay, but now that you’re here – what would you like?”
Theresa made her way to a couch and took her seat. “A glass of water would be fine.”
Linda raised her brow at her. “That’s all?”
“Yes please.”
“Okay, be right back.”
Her brother got home thirty minutes later with a sour mood. Theresa wondered what was wrong with him, but guessed it to be work related. If she asked what it was that was bothering him like she cared, it would be a lie ‘cause she didn’t really care at.
“Moses I need your help with something.”
“Okay, what is it?”
“Mama told me about what happened . . . How I lost my baby and how – how I can’t have children any-more. You knew about it right?”
Moses’ face took on a sober look and he nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry about that sis. I didn’t know how to tell you . . . None of us knew how to. Mama, me . . . Your fiancé thought it was best not to tell you yet.”
Theresa’s fist clenched and she closed her eyes. She gave a deep breath and opened them again. “It’s fine. I need some money. I need to have a surgery, that’s what the doctor told me when I went for a check-up the last time.”
“What’s the surgery for?”
“He said it could make me have children, and if I don’t do it soon it may be too late.” Theresa had rehearsed everything in her head.
“Okay, how much do you need?”
“Five hundred thousand naira.”
Moses’ mouth fell open. “Wow . . . That much?”
“Yes. It’s an expensive surgery. Are you going to give me the money?”
Moses cleaned the sides of his mouth and closed his mouth. He nodded. “Of-course . . . You needn’t ask. Just give me two days. Is that okay?”
Theresa smiled and nodded. “Yes, thanks so much.” Her plan was gathering momentum. Kayode was going to pay for every of his evil deeds.

Dr. Tunde Coker returned to his office after seeing the Inspector General of Police out of his office. He flicked his wrist and checked the time on his watch. He had to take his leave as well and get home. It had been a long day. He closed his lap-top and placed it in the bag. He picked up his car keys from his desk and walked out of his office.
The drive to his apartment took over an hour, but during the drive he had made himself think about Tomike. Not like he needed much effort in doing that. She drifted to his mind occasionally and made him smile.
The first time he had met her he had been blown away by her personality. She was a fun person to talk to, if only she opened herself up to him . . . He had the feeling she was holding something back. God was letting him know she had a horrid past that was affecting her, but she was holding herself back. But that wasn’t the only thing God was showing him. . .
Tunde parked his car in the spacious compound and got out, taking his laptop bag with him. He had a seminar at Eko Hotel and Suites tomorrow and he wasn’t done preparing for it, he had to brush-up his slides and get out the clothes he would be wearing. He climbed up the stairs to the first flour and headed to his apartment. His neighbours weren’t around yet, the padlock at their door, proof of it.
After two hours of working on his slides and having an early dinner, he paused a bit to take a look at his phone and noticed he had three missed calls. Tomike? He wondered if she had called him. The missed calls were from Stella. She had become so involved with the organization that she was helping out with tomorrow’s program. He called her back.
“Stella what’s up? Sorry I was working on the presentations and all, that’s why I missed your calls.”
“It’s fine. How’s the presentation going?”
He nodded. He rubbed his eyes, having stared at the lap-top screen for too long. “Fine. Almost done with it. Still have to pick out what to wear though.”
She laughed. “I’m sure you would look good. You always do. . .”
Tunde could hear the flirt in her voice. He had to let her know he wasn’t interested in her. “Thanks Stella. I’m sure my girlfriend would help out with that as well.”
“Oh? I didn’t know you had one.”
“We just sort of got started. Elm – I have to go. Seems it’s going to rain and I want to sort everything out and head to bed.” He paused before he said his next words, “ See you tomorrow?”
“Sure! See you. Good night Tunde.”
“Thanks Stella. Good night.”
He ended the call. She hadn’t sounded so enthusiastic after hearing he had a girlfriend. I guess Tomike was right . . . He smiled. He wondered what she was up to. He hadn’t spoken to her since their date. That was a week ago. God wanted him to be patient and give her time. He was doing that but finding it hard.
Tunde had been led to the story of Ruth in the bible. How long Boaz hadn’t been married and Ruth, a Moabite woman, had come with her mother-in-law and been the woman Boaz finally settled down with . . . It was a profound story with numerous lessons. One thing God had let him know was that it would be the same thing with Tomike and him. Now . . . Now Tunde was waiting – waiting for God to tell him what next . . .


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