Chief Bridesmaid with a Difference!

Chief Bridesmaid with a Difference!

It was a clear and sunny day, all was set, everyone was seated and expectant as they should be. It’s been months of planning, pruning, budgeting, financing and finally the D-day was here. It was the wedding of Rachael Braithwaite  and Anthony De’Shevere, the De’Sheveres they were tagged  on social media, Instagram in particular has been agog with their pre wedding pictures and video, truly it’s been such a beautiful journey thus far.

The date was 10th September,2016. On the surface everything looked beautiful, the decorations was on fleek, catering company ready with mouth watering delicacies, the photographer was taking shots, the pretty ushers were  leading in the guests to the reception, the DJ/MC were performing with brimming excitement, the whole atmosphere cackled with happiness, all was in order or so it seems. Immediately the couple waltzed in to the reception with the wedding procession, one could see that the bride was frazzled.

“Oh no, what could be wrong?”, thought a guest who could not look away from the stressful looking face of the bride despite the professionally done make-up. She definitely looked really relaxed when I saw her two days ago, the guest thought further. ‘Her pictures are gonna be so horrible’, thought a rather bitchy female guest.

Right behind the bride was the chief bridesmaid but she might as well not be there for all the attention she gave the bride. The chief bridesmaid was obviously more interested in catching the eye of every eligible bachelor at the wedding. The guest shook her head sadly wondering, when will the necessary consciousness permeate every intending Chief bride’slave’, sorry chief bridesmaids?

So what does a chief bridesmaid actually do? Well, the duties transcends from before and during the wedding to even after the wedding. Basically, the chief bridesmaid is to cater to the needs of the bride especially during the wedding, infact  she is the go-to person for anything relating to the bride. She is to ensure the bride is not looking frazzled on her wedding day. She is to the bride what the best man is to the groom, this is a role that carries great responsibility. She is to work with the best interests of the bride at heart. The duties are not exhaustive, now to specifics:

Before the wedding

• Pray for the success of the wedding and the marriage
• Be a good source of emotional support to the bride when she feels overwhelmed with wedding preparations
• Organize the bridal shower
• Helping the bride choose her wedding dress,accessories,other wedding attires &bridesmaid dresses
• Helping with the wedding planning,communication with vendors

The wedding day

• Helping the bride dress and pining her veil in the absence of a hairdresser
• Liasing with any wedding vendor who has a question for the bride on the day and running general errands.
• Ensuring the bride has something to eat for breakfast and lunch
• Making sure all bridesmaids are ready on time with their hair and make up sorted and dresses in place
• Keeping everyone on the wedding train calm
• Looking after and helping dress the little bridesmaids and page boys
• Ensuring that there is water for the bride to drink throughout the day
• Helping the bride out of the car and helping with final adjustments to hair,makeup,veil& dress before she makes her grand entrance
• Making sure the bride has given you any makeup/items she might want to access during the day.Keep this in a bag for easy access
• Having some tissues and wipes for the bride as necessary during the day
• Pulling back the brides veil when necessary
• Standing beside the best man during the wedding procession
• Ensuring the bride looks picture perfect for the wedding photos(dress and make-up)
• Checking with the bride regularly to ensure everything is OK and she is having a great time
• Any other duties as needed by the bride
• Assist the bride at the end of the day.Change of clothes,handling any special requests or surprises
After the wedding
• Assist the bride to ensure any hired item is returned
• Assist the bride to retrieve any personal item stored at the venue
• Assist in safe keeping,transfer and transportation of wedding gift as indicated by the couple to their home

The role of a chief bridesmaid comes with a lot of pressure and responsibilities but this is largely outweighed by helping the bride have the wedding of her dream. For couples who contracted a wedding planner for their wedding, the duties of a chief bridesmaid is easier.

Thank You for reading, Ido hope more chief bridesmaids have a full consciousness of what is expected of them before,during and after the wedding.

God loves you irrevocably,never you forget that.

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I am an unrepentant reader especially Christian literature. Once upon a time, I wrote articles, I haven’t written in years though. With the help of the Holy spirit I dedicate my life to honoring God, one day at a time‎.

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Have an awesome weekend!

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