Cultivating the God Relationship

Cultivating the God Relationship

The two fail safe, error proof ways of maintaining a good, living vibrant, relationship with God is through prayer and the study of the Word.

The early apostles discovered this.

When saddled with the increase and multi-dimensional care of ministry, they delegated the extra responsibilities and decided to focus on these two activities;

Prayer and Word ministry.

I can’t see myself going without talking to God and taking in His Word per day; even if it’s just a few verses. It spurs me up. Hearing from God keeps me going when I feel at my lowest or highest. For the former it reminds me God is control, for the latter it confirms His goodness over my life.

Yet, it seems in these days it’s more of a trend for Christians to outsource praying and reading God’s Word. We wait till church time to do these activities and have no personal time set aside for personal prayer/Word ministry.

To keep God ever so near (especially during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic), we have to place these two activities fore front in our lives. Deuteronomy says, let the Word be between your eyes (Deut 11:18). We are also to talk to God as it were up to 7 times a day (Psalm 119:164). The ability of Joshua meditating on God’s Word daily twice a day to get success and praying without ceasing is the ability to activate a healthy God relationship.

Let the Word be between your eyes.

Deuteronomy 11:18

When you are in love, you naturally want to spend time with the fellow. Time is not being measured. God loves us and wants to spend time without measure with us both in eternity (a time where time is not being counted) and now in our everyday lives. We claim to love God back but only put God into our schedules.

Cultivating the God relationship seeks that we prioritise God, we talk to Him (prayer) and we read from and about Him (The Word). We discuss what we read all day in meditations (turning the read Word repeatedly in our minds) that burst out in prayer (communicating with God). People who have done this have made their way prosperous, having good success and better yet a lovely, thriving relationship with God.

I charge you, think about starting with a prayer time (no matter how short) just start and place aside moments to reflect (cast your mind back) on the Word of God you have ever learned.

Hope you all are keeping safe. Please reach out… would love to know how you all are doing. How are you coping? In my family we are bonding and keeping hope alive. My son keeps us busy and entertained. In all things, we give thanks and trust God to see us through.

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