Don’t Miss This Amazing Offer!

Don’t Miss This Amazing Offer!



Okay, I haven’t been full-time here ’cause I’m putting a lot of my attention on my upcoming book.

Not so great with multi-tasking😣

I covet your prayers to keep keeping on!

Alright, the pre-order discount at #1000 ended weeks ago but it’s back again but for a limited period of time.

As at Saturday, I was giving out 250 copies of the book at a price of #1000.

But it’s no longer 250 copies ’cause different people have been ordering. Sorry for not putting this here sooner.

The offer lasts from 7th of July to 14th of July 2018. After which ALL PRE-ORDER STOPS.

So key into this. 😊

Make payment at GTB 0167452635 Omotosho Temitope. Send me an email at [email protected] or DM me.

Please, please, please… share the flyer or this post with your friends. Don’t just keep it to yourself.

Thank you!

Have a fab day!

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