Ephesians Chapter Four Bible Study 

Ephesians Chapter Four Bible Study 

Happy New Month dear family! Happy independence to Nigeria! Hope you all are good. I pray this new month ushers in new beginnings of joy, love, peace and other wonderful things in your life. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while now. Just taking lil time off to breathe and sort some things out with me. I’m fine😊. Thanks to those who checked up on me. So I want to wrap up the Ephesians Bible Study so for the next two days or so, I would put up the other chapters and prayer points. Here’s chapter 4👇

Chapter 4
A few days back, the anchor asked if we were all born again (it was rhetorical but it’s really very important). I believe we all are because that’s the step one for a better understanding and application of today’s study.

We all have been called. As a born again and true child of God what’s your calling? Ponder on that if you haven’t identified it or them yet.

The same God and Spirit (Holy Spirit) is behind our calling therefore we are expected to live in humility, gentleness, patience, unselfishness and love. These are fruits of the Spirit (see also Gal 5:22).

Talking about GRACE again, it is God’s gift to us individually, not indiscriminately but uniquely/differently.

Verses 8-10, He descended (he came to earth, died, was buried, rose and ascended), this is simply for His presence to fill the whole earth.
Verse 11, the variety of gifts is why some people are appointed apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

Practically speaking if you don’t have a particular gift in the service of God never envy anyone who has been given, rather enjoy the gift as God uses the person and fulfill destiny with your own unique gift. I believe this is one problem with some churches i.e. you see a sister ‘beefing’ another because she gets the microphone to lead praises on Sunday. Such people need to understand the unity of the spirit and the variety/diversity of gifts.

This diversity is to build the body of Christ (the Church). In the same vein when we know the power and the spirit behind all (Holy spirit) we will no longer be tossed about with every ‘changing wind of doctrines’. Then you can test/try any spirit when in a confusing situation (1John 4:1).
Let our lives lovingly express the truth (verse 15) amp.

Embrace the new life. Drop the lifestyle of the gentiles/heathen, not fulfilling worldly/fleshly desires. 

Have a fresh mental attitude (Romans 12:2; do not be confirmed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds).
Verses 23-32 explain the kind of life we should live.

– The presence of the Holy Spirit is vital in our lives and that’s the only way it can be easy for us to leave no room for the devil.

– Put away lies (small lies and other little foxes).

– Control your temper: stop saying ‘I’m very hot tempered’, ‘I can stay on my own without talking to him/ her, after all he’s not feeding me’ (that’s malice).

I used to do that to my hubby when we first got married. I could keep to myself for days when there’s a misunderstanding. Thank God I’m free from such evil act. I talk to him the next minute after a heated/hot argument.

– Work and let God bless your little effort.

– Control your tongue: let the words that come out of your mouth glorify God always and uplift the hearers. This just came to mind: avoid jesting and flattery.

– Love: be kind, have a forgiving attitude, bury the past with the past.


How do we grieve the Holy Spirit?
Contributions from others:

– Here is my contribution‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬; verse 7, every single believer has a gift of the spirit given according to the measure of Christ’s gift. The big question have you identified your gift and if you have, are you making use of it?

– Okay for context guys, let’s run through some general bible study points; 

1) Don’t take the word of God in isolation. Always read it in context.

2) Let scriptures interpret scriptures. In other words whatever you believe a scripture is saying must be because of the interpretation of another scripture(s). To do otherwise is to ‘do violence to the word of God’, that is force it to say what it does not say.

Knowing these two points, we can attempt to answer what it means to grieve the Spirit.

First Paul took the time out in 3 chapters to lay the groundwork. He made plain spiritual realities available to the believer the riches of His glorious inheritance, the great incomparable power, the place where Christ is seated and how we are seated together with Him. He talks about comprehending and knowing the Love of God and being filled in all measure of the fullness of God (very powerful stuff).

He lays this groundwork deliberately to let us know that the next part of his letter is only achievable through this spiritual reality.

Now about grieving the Spirit, 

The Holy Spirit never gets angry with us. NEVER. The Greek word for the Holy Spirit as used in John 14:16 is ‘Paraclete’ (translated as legal Counselor, an Advocate, a Helper, a Comforter, an Intercessor, an Encourager). You see! Profound qualities! None of them vindictive!

Also God is love (1John 4:8, 1John 3:1) and God has lavished His love on us through Christ and deposited His Spirit out of love (Eph1: 4-8, Eph2: 4). His Spirit also teaches us how to love (Romans 5:5, 1 John 4:7,10-13).

About God’s love,

1Cor 13:1-7 tells us the qualities of love “…. keeps no record of wrong… always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, never fails….”. Keyword here is ALWAYS. 

Thus the Holy Spirit always stays in us because of His love for us. Hallelujah!

Ephesians 1:14 tells us that the promised Holy Spirit has been given to us as a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance UNTIL the redemption of those who are God’s possession. He never leaves us! He’s always in us! However when our conscience becomes seared (when we continually live according to our flesh), we fail to hear Him. Doesn’t mean He’s not there. We are merely no longer spiritually sensitive so we don’t hear Him anymore.

Paul’s use of the word Grieving the Spirit wasn’t to connote a negative/vindictive response from the Spirit, such as anger, as a result of our actions rather He was trying to paint a picture to the church, (the picture of an emotional Holy Spirit). He needed them to understand that the Holy Spirit has emotions too. And just as we will feel bad when someone who we have invested so much in fails, so does The Spirit of God because God has invested/lavished so much on us by the Holy Spirit. Not that He will get angry and walk away from us. No!
Knowing this we can agree that grieving the Holy Spirit is simply squandering the grace of God. At every point of our Christian growth, we have enjoyed different experiential levels of grace to reach that level of growth. Paul experienced more grace than most and so grieving the Spirit of God for Him will be a much different action than a believer who just gave his/her life a few weeks ago and is probably still struggling with smoking or lying etc. Whichever experiential level of grace the new believer has been able to lay hold upon by his faith is the standard that the Holy Spirit will be “grieved” over.
And lastly, the Holy Spirit is telling me the word grieve there can be translated as MAKE SAD. So don’t make Him sad.

Yes, we are correct in our responses and He is correct whatever he reacts to being made sad but don’t go about walking on one leg being afraid of grieving the Holy Ghost. He loves and wants to help you dearly.
I miss two days and I don’t even know where to come in. Plenty lessons learnt. Thanks to the anchor and contributors.

The gift and calling of God are irrevocable but when we don’t use them, God finds someone to replace us. The parable of the talent; the guy with the one talent who buried his gift was asked to give it to the guy whose talent had become 10 through good use.

The essence of the gifts is for the building up/benefit to the body of Christ so when we decide not to use our gift or use them for the wrong purpose, God will still find a way of making sure his people are blessed by blessing someone with similar gift for the benefit of the body of Christ. ‬‬‬‬

Hope you enjoyed today’s study! 

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