Ephesians Chapter Six Bible Study 

Ephesians Chapter Six Bible Study 

The last study on Ephesians plus prayer points! Enjoy 😊

Chapter 6

Sis Ayubapreye has done a wonderful job of summarizing our study of yesterday. One cannot over discuss the importance of love in our lives and in our world. And this love can only be showcased in our lives as we live in Christ by the workings of the Holy Spirit in us. 

The first part of the study are admonitions to our family and work relationships.

Verses 1-9: Still dwells on admonition to families and work relationship.

As children we’re to obey, reverence and value our parents and God’s promise of well-being and long life will rest upon us. We should do this not only in their presence but also in their absence too. As we guard jealously against anyone speaking evil of our Lord so also must we our parents for they are also God’s representatives to us.

As parents, lets not goad our children; nagging, shouting, correcting in anger can make children develop bitterness towards parents or have a wrong perspective about life and family. Imagine a child saying he/she hates their parent because all she does is inflict pain all in the name of discipline. Rather they should be cared for and counseled in the Lord, giving all necessary corrections and discipline in love.

In our workplace, let’s render our services as unto the Lord knowing that we are first of all accountable to Him before our bosses. Stand for what is right and be faithful in the little committed into your hands (Luke 6:10). The same goes for people holding positions and business owners.
The second outline is admonition to Christians as Soldiers for Christ.

Verses 10-13 give us knowledge of where we draw our strength from and give us perspective of our warfare. Being strong in the Lord comes from being one with Christ. Jesus said abide in me and I in you (John15: 4). The strongest determination of man to overcome a weakness or adversary can only produce more wickedness in him; take a man that stops smoking or an addiction strictly by his own effort, he will think he doesn’t need God to stay upright with a sense of self righteousness.

To pull down strong holds, we need to draw strength from the Lord and totally rely on His mighty power. These days warfare might not be in the form of masquerade chasing you in your dream but can be as subtle as ideologies, world system etc. Thus God is telling us to put on His whole armour.

The whole armour of God:

Truth: Be armed with God’s promises, take hold of it and never let go. Life will throw factual events at you but your knowledge of your inheritance as a co-heir with Christ will make you stand firm for that is our reality.

Breastplate of righteousness: We need to understand our standing with God (Rom 5:17-18). Don’t let the devil get you into doubting your standing if he does then he has a foot hold on you.

Gospel of peace: Peace is first of all vertical i.e. you and God before it becomes horizontal i.e. you to the world. You can’t preach the peace you don’t have. Let the peace of God keep your heart (John14: 27). Don’t operate in fear, fret or worry (Phil 4:6-7), learn to walk in peace at all times. The devil gets mad when we keep our peace. Let His peace radiate in you and through you.

Shield of faith: As soldiers of Christ, we need to get rooted in our faith and this comes by constantly hearing the word of God (Rom 10:17). Our victory is in our faith (1John 5:4).

Helmet of salvation: Let the hope of Christ dwells in you richly (1John 3:3). Be hopeful at all times as our salvation has been complete in Him, don’t let the devil drain you of this hope.

Sword of the Spirit: Equip yourself with the word of God (Josh 1:8). As you study and meditate also speak it out for it is very potent (Heb 4:12, 2Cor 4:13). It is our sure source of flourishing (Ps 1:2-3, 92:12-14).

Prayer: The essence of this as a soldier of Christ cannot be emphasized. Pray always, pray in tongues to edify yourself (1Cor 14:4), tarry in the place of prayer for others both believers and lost souls.

All parts of this armour are essential and are not mutually exclusive i.e. can’t stand alone.

As a soldier we need to be vigilant not neglecting any part of this armour so that we will not end up with a broken leg or a broken tooth. The devil might roar like a lion but know that He that is in you is greater and mightier than any tantrums the devil can ever throw at you. We can’t successfully wield the weapons of the armour when we are not abiding in Christ and a surrendered life to the Holy Spirit.

On a lighter note you will be so angry at yourself when you get to heaven and you discover that you are fully loaded with an AK47 and the devil injures you with a table knife.

Let’s think on these:

– How often do I allow the Holy Spirit to workout the love of God in me to others?

– How committed am I to prayer and His word?

– Am I walking in His mighty power or self-confidence?

The bible says in 2Tim 2:4 no man that wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life.
Contributions from others:

As we wrap up the letter to the Ephesians I want to touch light on verses 8 and 24. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Ephesians 6:8 – “Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord, whether he be bond or free”.

What you sow you will reap. Period. Doesn’t matter who you are or what your status is, God who sees in secret will reward in the open and conversely it’s true as well. You do evil…you will reap when the time is right.

Ephesians 6:24 – “Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen”.

A special kind of grace or the general grace, I don’t know. But it’s clear as one reads it literally. So it begs the question for reflection; HOW SINCERE IS YOUR LOVE FOR JESUS CHRIST?

Honestly, I believe that every believer should spend quality time to pray that God reveals His love to us‬. Yes the love of God is all ready in our hearts by the Spirit of God (Romans 5:5).

But I believe Paul wanted us to have deeper revelations about His love and that’s why in all His prayers he was always praying that all the churches understood, really understood the love of God. Remember Romans 8: 38-39

Eph 3:19 even says that the knowledge of God’s love (ginosko) will give us knowledge (gnosis) on so many other things including earthly knowledge.

You ask sir how sincere is our love for God? I used to think that my love for God was sincere and noble until I watched a message by Katherine Kulman some years back.

The way she talked about God and the Holy Spirit, the way she glowed and went on about them, like they were intimate lovers or something, and in my mind I knew I didn’t have that. Somehow I was even envious of her like ‘how can she feel that way about God’. You see there was something she knew about God, her love for Him was way way deeper. I believe she caught the revelation that Paul was talking about.

So I prayed, for almost a year actually. That God reveals His love to me too, that I know the length, the breadth and the depths of His love. I prayed, I was sincere about it honestly.

It didn’t come like a rushing wave, no. In fact it was months later, I was on my own and it immediately dawned on me. That God loved loved loved me, I was so overwhelmed, I started crying none stop, my understanding about His love was enlightened.

Nothing mattered to me anymore, only Him. In fact I found myself praying that He comes soon to take us all home. I had that glow of His love. Powerful stuff.

So how sincere is my Love sir?

I would say that at that point I knew for a fact that I can never never love God the way He loves me, at all, like no way. So like Joseph prince would say …

“When you come to a point when you know how much He loves you, boast of His love for you, like John the beloved and never boast of your love for Him like Peter. Just rest in His unfailing love”.

I say this because my life changed after that encounter. That doesn’t mean I don’t sin or stuff, but I always remember that Gods love is unfailing and I can run back into His arms without condemnation.

Honestly, people I tell you, there was something Paul knew about God’s love and instead of praying about other stuff for the churches, he prayed that they all had a deeper understanding of God’s love.

There is a difference when we see worshippers who love God, look at Kim Walker, Steffeny Gretzinger, Nathaniel Bassey, Victoria Orenze.

If we knew, just knew a little how much God loves us, in fact I don’t know how to describe it.

I say this because we really need to pray about it. Let’s all pray that the Spirit reveals His love to us.

It’s in our hearts already but we need to pray it out. 

Please lets pray about His love, I’ve seen it, I can’t comprehend it, and I don’t think I ever will, but let’s pray that HIS love becomes so real to us.

My point is this, application trumps excessive knowledge. When you do the word you receive, your life becomes better.

Sir I know it’s not easy‬, but you see having a deeper revelation of Gods love automatically propels us to always please God. 

The more you know about God’s love the more you want to please Him. It would be a small price to pay actually.

And yes sometimes the flesh get’s the upper hand, true but when we rest in God’s love and the finished work of Calvary, then it becomes easier.

Prayer points

Chapter 1

Ephesians 1:17-19.

Lord teach me confidence your way. 

Chapter 2

Look back from where you were. Before you were saved and where you are now. And just Thank God for saving you. Reflect on God’s grace and goodness to you.

Think about some of your friends, family and others, who are still unbelievers. Pray for their salvation not just today…but keep them in your prayers.
Chapter 3

Father please pour your grace immeasurably upon me.

Help me have the faith to unlock the riches of your glory towards me.

Let your love keep me till I meet with you in glory.

Help me not to abuse your grace upon my life.

Chapter 4

We can do nothing without the Holy Spirit. Let’s pray this one prayer in all sincerity.


Chapter 6

Father, please help me to lay aside the frivolities of this life and fully focus on you.

Father, at every point self wants to take its toll on me, help me to yield totally to your love.

It’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed it. Send in your questions if you have any😊

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