First Things First


I want to say thank you to those who indicated interest in helping out with the book. God bless you. If you’re still interested please send me an email @ [email protected] 


Seek first God’s kingdom and what God wants. Then all your other needs will be met as well.

Matthew 6:33 NCV


There’s nothing as sweet as having intimacy with God. Enjoying His presence. Speaking with Him and getting to hear from Him. It’s all wonderful.


Many times, life happens. We wake up, hit the road, run for the bus, try to catch the train, work calls, the children need attention, breakfast or not etc. Our lives are bombarded with activities and noise from the surrounding and all around us. It’s hard to still have a quiet time or to focus on that one scripture of the devotional.


Even when we read our bibles, we sometimes do so to check the box or power through it and can’t/don’t meditate on it. Sadly enough, no one seems to be exempted as both clergy and congregants are swept away from the flowing river with mighty waves called LIFE.


First things first is simply putting what matters, with eternal value and consequence first. When we put our jobs, businesses, careers ahead of God and His desires, we have placed second things first. In the parable of the good Samaritan, even the priest was in a hurry and couldn’t help the robbed, injured individual.


Amazingly, God’s grace and mercy still gives us results but mercy drops can’t be compared to the rain. To get the abundance/results heart desires that we please, we need to return to our First Love and give Him first place, centre rule, priority, that he deserves/desires and is some to reward.


First things first requires putting God as first no matter how busy it. It may mean waking up earlier, sleeping later, pulling away for some days in a year, certain days in a month etc. It will absolutely cost you something but then nothing goes for nothing.


The first thing is to seek God and His Kingdom first and the second things would become easier. The God of the whole universe desires a relationship with you. He eagerly awaits fellowship. Put Him first and all the other things would be added unto you.




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