Flash Sale Alert!


Happy New Month fam!

To usher in this beautiful month of fruitfulness and refreshing, there would be a flash sale of the e-book ONCE UPON A FIRST LOVE!


And It’s happening only on OKADABOOKS!

From today, 1st of September till tomorrow, 2nd of September at 10PM, the e-book will be sold at a price of #300.

The original price is #1000, but because I want a lot of people to get to read this… I’ve slashed off #700.

Awesome, right!

Oya hurry over to Okadabooks… sales have already begun!💃🚲🚲😁❤😁

And please tell your friends❤

If you’re still wondering if you should get the book, head over to my page on Instagram and Facebook to see the reviews! Lemme share one here:



If you’ve gotten your copy and read it, pls tag me with your review @topeogunyinka or Facebook at Omotosho Temitope.

Thank you!

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