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Frances Okoro: 10 Steps to Walking In Purpose


“I  recently  stumbled  onto  a  letter  I  had  written  to  myself  when  I  was  21 years  old.  It  was  heartwarming  to  see  that  even  then,  my  earnest  desire was  to  walk  in God’s  purpose  and  plan for  my  life. I  had  written  that  “I  would  rather  not  live  than  live  outside  of  God’s  will, purpose  and  plan for  my  life”  and  I  meant  it  with all my  heart.

My  life  at  21  was  filled  with  days  when  I  didn’t  even  know  what  God had  planned  for  me  but  still,  I  got  a  hold  of  the  truth  that  I  was  made  to fulfill  a  specific  purpose  on  earth  and  I  simply  refused  to  let  go  of  that truth. I  was  having  a  conversation  with  a  friend  about  “purpose”  when  the  true meaning  of  the  name  of  this  book  –  “Steps  to  Walking  in  Purpose” dawned  on me.

Our  walk  in  purpose  takes  place  exactly  the  way  the  name  of  this  book says  that  it  does.  We  only  gradually  ease  into  all that  God  has  for  us  to  do on  earth.  We  fulfill  our  purpose  in life  in steps;  each  step  leading  onto  the next. . .

. . . There  will  be  days  of  knowing  the  details  of  your  purpose  but  not  being able  to  walk  in  them  because  the  vision’s  appointed  time  is  not  yet  at hand. And  there  will  be  days  of  just  stepping  into  the  step  that’s  right  in  front of  you  without  knowing  that  there  are  bigger  steps  that  lie  beyond  that step. No  one  ever  arrives  at  fulfilling  purpose  in  the  blink  of  an  eye.  Fulfilling purpose  will take  constant  alignment  with God’s  will for  your  life. This  is  the  reason  why  you  can  never  fulfill  purpose  without  a  close relationship  with  the  one  who  created  you  with  a  purpose  to  fulfill  on earth.” – Excerpt from 10 Steps to Walking In Purpose.

Gosh! Isn’t that an awesome introduction I just gave you? Sorry for cutting you short of it but that was just an appetiser! It’s just to let you know this book is not one you would want to forego!
As I mentioned yesterday,  Frances Okoro is the great lady who wrote Chastity for Men, in conjunction with other people, sharing their testimonies and how they overcame certain things. You can get info about it here. If you read that book, you would love her current book; 10 Steps to Walking In Purpose.
I personally learnt a lot of things when reading this book and it has got me thinking about my life and what I’m doing. This book would make you question if you are where God wants you to be? Or if you’re just working out your own path?

“The  only  reason  why  we  sometimes  feel  useless  is  because  we  lack knowledge  in  this  regard  or  have  refused  to  fix  our  minds  on  the  truth that  God  has  created  us  all  to  fill  a  niche  and  provide  solutions  to  issues that  we  have  been  uniquely  crafted  to  resolve.” – Excerpt from 10 Steps to Walking In Purpose

Already interested in the book giveaway? Let me share the rules with you!

Rules of the Book Giveaway:
Rules are simply for you to share the book cover on instagram or twitter with the words: “Get your free copy of this book from (your blog link), then use the hashtag #10stepstowalkinginpurpose.”

Afterwards you would comment on this post with your emails and the names you are identified by on twitter or instagram (the means you used to share).
Eg. adding, [email protected] @temilove360 on twitter to the comment.

The book will be mailed to everyone who complies with the rules and comment with their emails on the post on November 30th. The giveaway would last for two weeks and all participants who complied ‎with the rules will be mailed their e-copies of the book on Monday November 30th 2015.

Good luck guys!

Love you as always,
Temitope Ogunyinka.



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