Long Lost Love

Long Lost Love

Happy November fam! It’s my prayer for all of us that doors of abundant favour would open to us this new month in Jesus name, Amen. Here’s something a wrote a little while back … hope it helps anyone out there who’s going through this. Also, please share with others.
Thanks fam!  Love you ?

It’s been weeks since we last spoke to each other… yet it feels like years. How did time fly past so quickly that I forgot to pick up the phone to call you or you kept reaching me on my voice mail. I remembered the last time we met for coffee. We had an awesome time together, engaging in meaningful conversation and laughing and just having fun.

 When did I let life get in the way of meeting with You?

I stared at my laptop and what I was currently working on. Nothing new was coming to mind and the decision to take a break was delightful. I saved what I was doing and put the laptop to sleep. A part of me wanted to shut it down for the Day but I knew I had a deadline to meet. I couldn’t afford not writing something down.  So I put it to sleep.

The rain outside was pouring down heavily and I feared the power supply would soon go out. I went down the stairs to the kitchen and got water boiling on the stove. At the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the newspapers piled up on the table.  I hadn’t the chance to go through them ’cause of the demands of work.

My journal sat under the pile of newspapers and I set aside the papers and flipped it open. My last entry was last two months.  I wrote about my experience with practicing righteousness at work when everyone was against me.  I laughed when I saw the big question marks near love. I remember how I was able to overcome with Your strength and how I now have a better relationship with my colleagues. 

I flipped back some more pages and see Your teachings on faith. At the time I was praying for a miracle and You were teaching me that my circumstances were a good breeding ground to sow seeds of faith. That when I see the opposite of what I want and it seems I may never get what I want. . . then it was time to sow faith seeds.

I had already forgotten about that.

I sighed and got up to make a cup of tea and biscuits and settled back down at the table going through my journal. . . more of my journey with You thus far. It dawned on me that I missed You. Our communion with each-other and there was always something to learn in Your presence. It’s been so long I felt Your love and had a deep love for You in my heart.

Eyes closed I said I was sorry. Sorry for losing touch with You. Sorry for not setting time aside to meet with You. Nothing else was more important than You. All the times I needed You . . . You were there. And the times You wanted to talk to me,  I wasn’t. My heart was breaking as sobs took over me.

That was two weeks ago. . .

Now here I am.  Sitting with You and having tea. Having intimate moments with my long lost Love.  I flipped over to a fresh page of my journal ready to glean from Your Word, excitement bubbling up deep within me.

♡ Love Quote for the Day:

God waits for you to communicate with Him. You have instant, direct access to God. God loves mankind so much, and in a very special sense His children, that He has made Himself available to you at all times.
Wesley L. Duewel 

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