Matthew Bible Study Challenge

Matthew Bible Study Challenge

Happy New Year fam!

I’m guessing we all enjoyed the holiday and we’re revved up to start a brand new year with new ideas and goals and what have you. 

I know I promised to post Separated soonest…the series would resume on Monday. Just been a bit down… and honestly I can’t believe no one cared enough to check up.

Oh well…

So for the new year! Different things are coming up, first is our bible study Challenge which we would be doing on a group on WhatsApp ‘Cradle 2 Success.’

For those interested in getting deeper in the Word of God we are having a study of the book of Matthew. It would run from the 9th of this month till the 10th of February only on weeknights. So if you are interested get in touch asap. Send me an email @ [email protected] with your phone number. Please and please it’s for those who are really going to participate and take it serious.

This year let’s be deliberate and intentional about seeking God and drawing close to Him. ?
I look forward to us achieving more and stepping out in purpose this year… and of course I look forward to celebrating with you ☺ the many wonderful things and pleasant surprises God will do for us this year.

Love you guys!

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