New Bible Study!

New Bible Study!


Happy Easter!

So early January I announced a bible study on Matthew and a few of you indicated interest. We have moved from Matthew and discussed other books in the bible.

It’s been wonderful reading and discussing the Word of God! Learning from one another and getting fresh perspectives. 🙂 I can say God has really been teaching us.

Asides that we have study topics on pornography, masturbation, choosing a life-partner and so on.

So I’m throwing the invitation open to everyone who may be interested in our next bible study on WhatsApp.

For those interested in getting deeper in the Word of God we are having a study on the book of 2 Corinthians. It would run from the 19th of this month till May and it’s only on weeknights. 

So if you are interested get in touch asap.

Send me an email @ [email protected] with your phone number. Once again it’s for those who are really going to participate and take it serious.

Have a lovely weekend!

Temitope Omotosho.


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