New Series: EZINNE

New Series: EZINNE

Today is supposed to be another discussion but i want us to address the last two topics before going any further. Would post my thoughts on our last two discussions tomorrow. 

Remember Rings and Roses? Well, if you do then you would know this character, Ezinne, who also happens to be a sister of Korede in SEPARATED. If you haven’t read Rings and Roses you can get the ebook at Okadabooks here 
Here’s a sneak peek of the series:

Ezinne opened her eyes and shifted on her side to stare at the man on her bed; watching as he slept. He looked peaceful. His eyelashes long. His lips pursed. Tiny hairs were already growing around his neck region after having shaved two days ago. According to her, he was pure definition of drop-dead gorgeous in a rugged way. 

She used the back of her hand to cover a yawn and farted. The smell of it widened her eyes and she threw the covers off her. She got off the bed and headed straight to the toilet. What she ate wasn’t as terrible as the ghastly smell coming from her. Obviously the food she cooked last night had not been as good as she thought it to be.

She scrunched her face as she heard her excreta descend into the toilet, causing the toilet water to come up on her privates and she flinched. 


So disgusting! 

When done she threw her underwear in the laundry basket and turned on the shower, adjusting it to her taste. It was going to be a warm shower due to the rain overnight that had made the atmosphere more conducive for the romantic gestures between her and Patrick. 

Patrick was one man that kept her on her toes and always guessing what would come next. It’s either they were clubbing one day or he was calling her at work to get ready for a trip to Ghana or Dubai, nothing so fancy but what he could afford. She liked that kind of spontaneity. But then she wasn’t getting any younger.

 They had been going on with their relationship for the past three months and Ezinne couldn’t tell if it was progressing or was just stagnant. She had asked herself on  numerous occasions if he was the kind of man she was willing to settle down with. Her answer? Yes a thousand times over. But on his part he didn’t look like he was ready to settle down despite nearing forty.

Ezinne had brought up the topic a couple of times and hinting them towards marriage but it was either he acted dumb or he was just dumb! 

She chose the latter.

The warm water ran down the length of her body and she rubbed it clean with a special sponge she had bought on her work-related trip to South-Africa a couple of months back. It soothed her body at the same time making it supple. By the time she got out to the room Patrick was up and in his boxers.

“Good morning baby,” He called out to her.

“Morning,” She ambled over to her wardrobe and brought out her clothes for the day; all her work clothes were pre-selected and ironed over the weekend, making her life much more easier.

He came close to her and wrapped his hands around her waist. His nose tickling her neck. “You sleep well?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Mmm-hmm. I slept like a baby. You were amazing last-night.”

“Thanks.” Ezinne gently removed his hands from her waist and walked to her bed. She dropped her clothes on the bed and walked to the dressing table. 

“You sure you okay?”

“Yes. Just need to get ready for work.” She turned to look at him. “Aren’t you heading off to work or what?”

“Erm – What time is it?”

She reached out to the watch on her table. “Ten minutes past six.”

“Oh yeah. Er- I would just have a quick shower and would be out in a jiffy.”

“Okay.” She said whilst rubbing some body cream that left her skin feeling soft and kept her complexion at the right tone. She applied her make-up going for a nude look that morning. She loosened the rubber band and her weave rested on her shoulders and fell down her back.

By the time Patrick got out of the bathroom she about to apply her perfume before getting on her white jump-suit.

“Ezinne there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay?” Does he want to propose?  Her eyes snapped up to look at him, expectant at whatever news he had to deliver. Oh god am I ready for this? Hell yes, I’ve been waiting for years nau. Would I cry or what? Even as she though on it tears gathered in her eyes.

She took a deep breath, waiting for him to speak.

“I er – I’m getting married today.”


They had spoken simultaneously but his words just registered somewhere in her brain. Ezinne steadied herself against her dressing table. She could really feel her heart drop. “W- what?”


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