Nigeria Of My Dreams: Happy New Month!


Hi! Welcome to a brand new month… A month filled with blessings, breakthroughs and many more wonderful things.
   It’s a special month for us here in Nigeria and of course a very special day… Happy Independence Day! God has been so good to us in this country… The elections that almost everyone thought would be a disaster turned out beautifully well and all thanks to God, the Ebola outbreak that fizzled out almost as soon as it came… despite the fact of the bombings of Bokoharam and other terrible kidnappings and corruptions… We can still say we have reasons to thank God.
    A friend, more like sister, wrote this beautiful poem in celebrating Nigeria’s Independence day and I thought to share it with you all.
Here’s Nigeria Of My Dreams by Similoluwa Akinremi.

Independence Day poem
Nigeria of my dreams.
By Similoluwa Akinremi.

Green, White and Green again,
Growth, Purity and Grace abide.
In the North, East, West and South,
Let Love, Beauty and Peace,
Fix all of our broken pieces.
Let the bond of our unity,
Break every chain that’s holding us back.

Where there’s no to Nepotism,
A frown to Tribalism,
And no Crown for Favouritism.
Where the corrupt are jailed,
The Just are hailed,
And the law can’t fail.

Where there’s freedom to speak
Freedom to preach,
And freedom to be
That which is right and true
With our might and you,
With your virtue.

Where we grow in love,
To become as one.
Where every man is able to feed
Him and his family’s needs,
Where the young can work
And the old live long to walk.

Where every citizen is equal,
With respect for people’s calls.
Where no stranger is an alien,
And no alien is a stranger.
Where there are opportunities,
And no complexities.

Where men will want to die
Fighting for their father-land,
Where one gets to the top
With no help or flops,
Where hard work is key
That the myopic may see.

This is the Nigeria ,
The one of my dreams.
A country that celebrates excellence,
And not mediocrity
But it is with the Grace of God,
That we will get to the top of the world.


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Temitope Ogunyinka.



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