Oladapo Omotosho: Response – Ability

Oladapo Omotosho: Response – Ability


It is only by acknowledging that you have created everything up until now that you can take charge of creating the future you want. – Clement .W. Stone

Responsibility can be broken down to two words; our response ability. The way manner by which we respond or react to various situations. When we are told to take responsibility, it means to own up and take the blame, to be the one that shoulder’s the cost or punishment.

The blame game is one that is very common among mediocres, failures and nobodies. Sadly, this is about 95% of the population. I interact with people daily and I hear this a lot. They aren’t where they wish to be because of somebody else and when there’s no one around to blame; they say it’s spiritual – God or the Devil is working against them.

Common! To be responsible is to take charge; to take the blame. To end the blame game and more importantly to seek to get better. As the opening quote rightly put it, your life is where it is right now due to the way you have responded to the issues of life. Don’t get me wrong. It is possible you were born without brains, raped by your father, sold out to slavery and castrated among others. That is life. It will sucker punch you. But if you don’t die, if you survive, then how do you respond going forward.

It would suffice to say that many successful people [by any standard you choose to define success] were absolutely not born in the silver-spoon factory. They made out of life what they wanted. We build our lives by the daily choices we make. Day in Day out, consciously or otherwise, we are moulding the future that we would live in.

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So here are the questions for you. Why aren’t you successful yet? Why aren’t you better than your peers? Why aren’t you doing better especially when you know you could be? Why are you letting these reasons hold you back? Why are you tolerating them? When are you going to suck-up and stop blaming nature for being nature? What are you going to do about it?

Guys, we need to think. When are we going to stop blaming and complaining about things we can fix? When are we going to stop tolerating stupidity in our lives? When are you going to start living life to the fullest? It’s not your kids fault. They never asked to be born. It’s not your spouse’s fault. You had a choice not to be married. It’s certainly your fault because you condoned it. Be responsible. Take the blame and do something about it.

Think upon what you’re doing currently that needs to either be improved or stopped. Act immediately on this thought. Don’t over think it. Don’t give in to fear. Don’t take the less risky and chicken option. Act out the thought and see the change you deserve.




Continuing the Thanks Challenge


Today makes day four of our Thanks Challenge! Romans 8:28 let’s us know that despite what we go through in life, it all works out for our good. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some pretty rough times in 2015. When I was going through it all I was sad, I cried… but as I reflect back at those things I know it only made me stronger and made me grow. I know God’s got me covered!
What about you? Got anything to share? Please do so in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you!

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