Open Heavens Challenge

Open Heavens Challenge

Christmas is a season for showing love, being around family, exchange of gifts and remembering our Lord and Savior. . .the reason for the season. He said in Matthew 25 to His faithfuls that while He was in prison they visited Him. With this in mind this Christmas #TAC is going to kirikiri maximum and medium prisons to fellowship with the inmates. Certainly we aren’t going empty handed. The best gift to give is one that keeps one giving, and that’s the Word of God but in a devotional format such that the recipients have a better understanding on a daily dosage.


We intend to raise a minimum of 250 copies and a copy goes for N1000. Please come over to Macedonia and help us. Let’s sow seeds of the word into the lives of these people and believe that the Holy Spirit would take over from there.

The deadline for collection is on the15th of December, please make cash donations to Access Bank Omotosho Oladapo 0031599133 and state Open Heavens or #TAC in the description.

God bless you greatly!

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