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Name: Oluwaseun Ajia Emmanuel

Age: 25

Sex: Male (By the pictures you can tell, and a very handsome one too….lool)




Location: Currently in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Fav. Food: Hmmmm…this is tough, will go with Chips and either but not restricted to fried egg, fried plantain, stew or well smoked Fish.

Fav. Bible Verse: I don’t have a verse per se but I do love the epistles (Letters written from apostles to the early church, especially those from Paul like Romans and Galatians)

Fav. Bible translation: English….loool, alright on a more serious note I don’t read a lot of translations but I do enjoy this one New American standard Bible (NASB).

Best Author: I will start with this the author that most influenced my early Christian growth was Kenneth Hagin, but in recent times Joseph Prince and Pastor Segun Onayinka.

When I became born again: I became born again during my first year in Uni, basically I had an experience that chased me to Christ but my walk really started December 2010 during my 3rd year in the University.

How I became born again: My year one experience was rather funny, I had gone to the bathroom to wash my face when I rose my head up to look into the mirror. I then saw a line and on the line there was an arc above the straight line but the arc did not cover all of the line, and then I heard a voice say you have been under your parents protection until now, give your life to Christ to avoid death. It all seem to have happened in split seconds but it got me thinking, the next day (which was a Sunday) at the chapel after the service a member of the student council walked up to me and asked me to follow her,(Mind you I went to covenant uni. Famous for their suspend rule breaking policy) she was in her final year and I was the obedient type so I followed and then she told me God instructed her to actually come here and call me and she asked me was I a Christian of which I said NO, the rest is history.

My Walk really started after I attended a program titled “Inspired Fire” on campus, It was during worship, a sensation and hunger I had never felt before came upon me, I remembering going back to my room and continuing from there, it’s been 5 years plus of moving with Jesus.

In a relationship? NO

What I do? For now am currently Job hunting but I like to write on the side also

How I met LGL? Well you can call me one of the “founding fathers”….loool, I remember when tope told me about the idea of starting a site, (she still had a blog then) and I was so excited and am like “start up, common start-up” was a great idea and I don’t regret supporting it.

My Vision for this site: To be frank to make known the person of Christ and His Love, it’s an avenue for amateur writers like us to share our knowledge and grow off one another while still ministering the gospel to those who are not saved.

What words best describe me: Teacher (Talk a lot…lool), Funny, Compassionate

What are my guiding principles: Let His Word guide you, His spirit teach you, His will be your will, His love ever reflecting in our actions? Basically to live for God.

Role Models: Christ.

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