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Hi Fam! Just ’cause it’s the anniversary month we thought it a good idea for you to get to know all those who contribute to the website.  So it starts with me?. Here it goes!

Name: Temitope Omotosho née Ogunyinka.

Yes Fam!  I got married a while back. I will fill you in on the details very soon.


Age: Err… is a lady supposed to reveal her age??

Sex: Duh!




All lovely pictures! ?☺?

Location: Nigeria (for now)

Favourite food: Ah! Jollof-rice with fried chicken. Absolutely delicious!

Favourite bible verse: Hmmmm.  I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!

Favourite translation: Amplified version

Best author: I’m torn between Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers. Wonderful authors and they are my mentors ?

When you became born again: March 2009

How you became born again: It was a while back in my university days.  All of a sudden I just started having thoughts of how bad I was. I knew even if everyone believed me to be a good girl, I wasn’t. I knew I needed God… and so a friend and a sister led me to Christ while I cried and was so happy to receive Him as my Lord and Saviour. I can’t forget that day.

In a relationship: I think I mentioned that already ?

What you do : Well I love to write articles and Christian fiction (obviously), I also just started editing and I’m a blogger.

How you met LGL, the journey so far: Well LGL was formerly MysteriesofLove360.wordpress.com till some things occurred and It changed to LGL. Back then with MOL360  I had a few limitations on things I could and couldn’t write. If it didn’t flow with the theme of the blog or vision, then I just couldn’t write it. I had to stay focused. But then the need to venture out of WordPress and stand alone brought about a new thing. It wasn’t planned at all but I believe it’s how God wanted it to be. We weren’t able to talk more on life issues, relationship, Marriage, love and God. But now we can.

Thus far the journey has been beautiful.  It’s had its ups and downs with me being excited at starting the website to wanting to give up when things didn’t seem to be going well. Later on i figured out God is with me through it all. When I renewed the website this year it cost alot and at a point I thought it was an opportunity for me to give up… but God provided the money and what came to heart was ‘1000 souls’ .

There are a lot of people out there yet to experience the joy in Christ and the great love He has for us his children. I know for a surety that God wants to do something great with Life, God and Love and I’m just a vessel. I keep saying the website is His and He should do as He wants. So far it’s been awesome and I know better days are coming!

What are your dreams and visions for the website:

I think I’ve already said it above but then here goes: For Life, God and Love to touch as many lives as possible, for souls to be saved and discipled into God’s Kingdom. For us all to grow in the knowledge of God, come to understand the deep love He has for us and show that love to others.  Also for people to make friends and possibly meet life partners here?.

What words would you say best describes you:

Funny, loving, caring.

What are your guiding principles:

Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

Who are your role models:

Heather Lindsey, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers , Joyce Meyer.

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