Seun Ajia: The Discipline

Seun Ajia: The Discipline
Hey y’all. So this is the last part of Seun’s personal story. We started with the Journey,  the encounter, the bragging kid and now… The discipline. It’s been a privilege to hear his story. Hope you learnt some things for me his story cause I for one did. Without much ado… here’s the last part!



I started hearing other voices. . .

I completely discarded my books as I saw no use for them, although I will come to realize later that in order for you to change a system you must understand how that system operates in the first place. After realizing this I decided to come to U.K for my Masters degree, unknown to me this was where God needed to meet with me again.

I did what I usually do when I meet people; find out their current knowledge and begin to either debunk or compliment. So I did this to a certain lady, and to cut the long story short I fell into fornication and used ‘My interpretation’ of the word of God to iron things out, constantly trying to smooth-out things when I knew they were wrong.
I even went outright and disobeyed a specific instruction given to me regarding women. This lasted for a year plus, and since I was also living with this sin my connection with God suffered a lot. My spiritual life which represented my identity had collapsed due to pride in the knowledge God gave me and I started hearing other voices.

I knew these voices weren’t from God, and at this period I started learning to share with spiritual grounded brothers as before I believed I was superman, I didn’t have to share but could stand all test on my own but was opened to other people’s problems, but I think the most important thing was learning to respect spiritual authority and acting out of sheer love.

After the whole experience which entailed dating her, I had to break up. This took a lot of toll on me as I condemned myself for leading her astray with my words and also allowing all this happen in the first place when it could have been avoided if I had obeyed instructions.

It did take me months to redevelop a relationship with God. I had become scared of falling again and my confidence in His word was zero and I had an overall fear of women.

The New Start

I came out of the mess and I thank God I wasn’t alone. I had my dad, uncle, my brother and best friend who all helped me on my feet again. My dad was so understanding it was unreal like I mean it, am privileged to have a father who has a very buoyant relationship with God and understands His nature, an uncle who did not condemn but prayed earnestly when his advice wasn’t taken by me and a best-friend who tried to support me but was also very wary of me. Also my new pastor here in the U.K and my youth president then.
People who hold Christ as dearly as you do are important around you. I knew this head wise but experiencing it was amazing in itself and I was really thankful to God that after all I did, ignoring Him, He still accepted me when I thought “mehn I’m done with God, yeah He will accept me but this His work I’m over it”, but He still kept teaching me and speaking. God is indeed faithful.

Conclusion And The Present

I am currently completing my ACCA Program and more active as a loving member of the church in my vicinity, and not its critic. I don’t get pissed at messages that I feel more justice could have been done neither do I feel the need to teach all unless the opportunity arises. My prayer life is more active and I pray for opportunities to share His true intention with mankind, which is a relationship based worship.

And for things like my memory I recovered that and understand things again. As for my perspective of books they are a necessity in other to forward the gospel, like I said understanding what we go into is key before we can talk about change.

I also now view people not with a let me rate your spiritual knowledge look but with a God let me say what will spark or trigger them to go to you. It’s not about wowing them with what you know but about being able to help lay the foundation in which what you have said can germinate, allowing them experience Christ for themselves. I still teach, but don’t overload; just the required amount for the situation.

Hope you guys were able to learn a few things from my journey so far with Christ. Until another time . . .



♡ Bible Quote for the Day:
2 Corinthians  5:17 (KJV) Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.


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Seun Ajia enjoys writing, discussing and reading about who we are in christ, the totality of all He has promised and what we have inherited in him. He also has an Msc in Accounting and Finance. You could reach him via email [email protected]



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