Seun Ajia: The Encounter

Seun Ajia: The Encounter

Here’s the continuation of Seun’s story. If you missed part one, click here to catch up.

SEUN AJIA – The Encounter and Reason Known (Part two)

During my senior secondary days I was one of the smarts in class and was quite confident in my books. I identified myself with my books and took that mentality to the university. Sadly, something began to happen when I read; I both didn’t understand what I read and didn’t even remember at-times what I had read. It was really frustrating as my only core of identity was lost and so there I was  . . .back to square one.

It was also at this period I gave my Life to Christ and some months later I found animes which quickly became the new substitute. I was engrossed in animes and subsequently, games. I looked to animes for light and answers, while also trying to connect this with the Word of God; you know trying to find common ground. Anyway to cut the long story short I started paying little attention to school and more to animes and games with the bible being a supportive book for my theories (Imagine that).

December 2010 is a month I will not forget as this was the time I had a genuine encounter; it was at a program called “Inspired Fire” held at my school (oh yeah, I went to covenant university). I was worshipping and a sudden desire, thirst, to know Gods love engulfed my heart and it was so strong.

Before the encounter I had just needed answers to everyday questions, but was never really bothered about the person or nature of God. Probably this was also the reason I was not so confident saying the Holy Spirit by name because to me, the little knowledge He shared with me out of curiosity was to make myself look good and feel good then. It was about myself and wasn’t about Him (Jesus, God) at all.

The next day, still being fired up I started listening to messages. I remember I went on my kneels to pray and said I want to know You more, I want to learn who You are and for the first time I recognized the Holy Spirit not as “The Voice” but as a Person. His Presence evident, the first thing He says is get a pen and paper and immediately I started writing. I don’t think I had written like that before as at then and it was amazing as He described a lot of things and the scriptures started adding up for me.

The Child
God is an awesome God as He wants to catch our attention by all means; He uses anything to explain His nature and being, His kingdom.
Jesus used parables, Moses used signs and symbols to teach the children and Israel, heck . . . God used a donkey to speak the language of man to communicate a message and as a baby Christian God used what was dear to me to explain his nature of Love, Peace and Strength. Animes.

Animes became a frequent thing God used to explain Biblical principles to bring it to my understanding. I was fed milk, using carnal to explain the spiritual the way Paul at times did in his letter to Rome and Corinth (Romans 6:19) -Paul uses the word “Slave” when we are free in Christ, which to me is not the best of analogy, but did so to pass an information of we not being “slaves” to sin any-more. This is an example of using what we can relate with to explain spiritual principles and matter.

I was being given milk and believe me it was one of the most exciting times! Where you want to share out of sheer love for people to know, (my motive had changed), I had identified myself in Christ and just wanted people to know about the amazing power, grace and truth about God. This went on for a while but there is only an extent to which the carnal can fully explain the spiritual and this was what started happening at a point. It seemed I could no longer draw from animes, but little did I realize that as I watched animes God was also weaning me to spend more and more time on His word. It got to a point where I would just read His word for not 5, 10 or 15 minutes but 30minites to an hour.

It was an incredible period for me as a growing Christian because a whole lot of things started to make sense. I had been the type that only acted what I understood when it came to spiritual matters. An example is basically I always needed a genuine reason to do anything as my reason is what gives me the conviction, satisfaction and drive to actually do this whole heartily because I understood. So for me this point in my life was a blessing not just doing “church activities” but getting a feel of what it meant to be in the presence of God.

Lesson learnt:
I discovered that God does want a relationship with His children and usually the teaching stages are one of the best experience. No one can explain a one on one relationship with God. We do not need a human intermediary any-more like in the old covenant as we have a direct access to the Father through the Chief High Priest, Jesus. Desire a genuine encounter; make yourself available, He wants children who become sons holding up responsibilities in the long run.
Growth is also a natural spiritual phenomenon for those who are properly fed by His word. As growth is an essential evidence of a journey taking place.

Ephesians 4:10-16, emphasis on verse 15, Colossians 1:1-10, 1 Corinthians 1:5, one of Paul’s key concern was that believers where properly and adequately fed. This reflected a lot in his letters to the different churches.
Now with all this growth I gave into pride and some other things . . . Read more about this next week.

♡Bible Quote for the Day:
Ephesians 4:15 (KJV), But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:


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Seun Ajia enjoys writing, discussing and reading about who we are in christ, the totality of all He has promised and what we have inherited in him. He also has an Msc in Accounting and Finance. You could reach him via email [email protected]

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