Sexual Appetites


By Temitope Ogunyinka.

It was hitting her senses all over and going down her spine in a tingling sensation. She just couldn’t explain it. Probably it was constant thoughts of him that just kept flooding her mind. There was something about a man playing a guitar that was somewhat sexy to her. The scenes of the movie she had watched the previous night playing in her head.
   Lolade stared at herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her dreadlocks, then adjusted the collar of her white silky blouse. She picked up her red lipstick, applied a considerable amount and rubbed her lips together. Asa’s Iba playing softly in the background. It was one of those lucky times she had the pleasure of enjoying power supply as she prepared for work. Today she wanted to look extra special.
   Her brown pencil skirt hugged her hips and accentuated her curves. Lolade turned sideways and admired the mound of flesh at the back; proof of her mother’s genes. She liked to look good, but it didn’t matter if men were also attracted to her.


Lolade didn’t know what was wrong. The whole experience of sex wasn’t new to her, but she couldn’t help herself. She was weak and found herself as it’s slave. She had promised God she wouldn’t get into it again, but it was hard. Hard for her to say no.
   She had been battling with an addiction. It had started four years ago when she had had sex with her then boyfriend and developed an insatiable hunger for more. She had constantly prayed and asked for forgiveness when she sinned, but she found herself falling back into the sin numerous times. Was God not answering her? She knew needed help.
   She shook her head and tried to focus on the seminar at hand. Her company was holding a one-week training for the employees in the accounting department. Lolade, being the head of her department, was raking in a lot of money for her company with her ideas and strategies. She was good at what she did and built herself up with attending various trainings and seminars. Mathematics, no matter how much it thrilled her, couldn’t at this point. She had a weakness no one knew about. If people could read her mind she would have been castigated and laughed at.
   “Lolade can you imagine a man that fine is working like that? He should be a business mogul,” Wande, her friend and colleague, whispered to her.
   Lolade was doing more than imagine him   working. She also had an itching feeling to to do something more. Call her brazen and too forward. This was the twenty-first century and times were changing. She shook her head and tried to focus on the reason she was there. The training, and not the trainers fine assistant.


It was lunch hour and she had a place she frequented to get good Amala with Ewedu and Gbegiri soup; a lovely Nigerian delicacy. She had settled down and was about digging into her food when a lady walked up to her table, asking if she could seat next to her. The lady looked familiar. She was nicely dressed in a blue pant-suit and white camisole.
   Lolade looked around the room and saw there were other free tables. She looked back at the woman and shrugged. The lady took her seat and Lolade briefly glanced at her again; trying to remember where she had seen her.
   “Is there a problem?” The lady asked her.
   Lolade was slightly embarrassed at being caught. “No, you just look familiar.”
   She smiled. “Oh, I work on the second floor of the building.” Lolade’s mouth formed an ‘O’, finally recollecting where she had seen her. “I usually come here for lunch. I’m Maria.”
   “Lolade.” She said with a tone to indicate she didn’t want to talk any-more.
   Maria nodded and bent her head low. They ate in comfortable silence. When Lolade was about getting up when Maria stopped her.
   “Elm – I’m sorry, but I just feel the need to give you this book.” Maria handed her a book. She looked down at it, Chastity for men. Was she okay? Did she look like a man? Were her curves not enough proof or was she confusing her with someone else?
   Maria could tell exactly what she was thinking and smiled at her. “I know what you’re thinking. You aren’t a man? I know, but this book could also help a woman as well. You could give it to someone who is in need of it.”
   Lolade took the book from her and walked out of the canteen. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was God’s way of helping her. . .


Believers are meant to live in the world but not blend in with the world’s ideologies. – Excerpt from Chastity For Men.

A sister and friend of mine, along with other wonderful brothers, put this book together to share their own victory stories on overcoming sexual addictions in the hope to help those who are struggling with such addictions.
   I believe it’s an eye-opener for anyone seeking a way out of the grips of sexual addictions, and other sexual related activities outside the walls of marriage.  Lolade found it ridiculous to read a book about men, but it’s a great book for both male and females despite it’s title. It’s also a book for teenagers to read as well, ‘cause nowadays age is not a determining factor of who is sexually active.
   Having casual sex without any form of commitments in marriage and masturbating are really high nowadays, and a lot of people find it hard to stop. This book enlightens us on how God intended sex to be in marriage, it also gives series of steps on how to stop sexual sins, how to find your way back to God and live a victorious life in Christ.
   I pray this book reaches out to as many people as possible who are going through any form of sexual addiction. It’s a book definitely worth reading.
   You don’t have to go far to get it, with just a few clicks on your phone, laptop, ipad or whatever . . . You could get the e-book. And guess what? It’s FREE!

You could download your free copy of CHASTITY FOR MEN @

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