Sneak Peek 2 of EZINNE

Sneak Peek 2 of EZINNE

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It was seven in the evening when she left the office and going to an empty house wasn’t an option for her. She decided to head to her best-friend’s house to talk. She desperately needed someone to talk with.

As usual, Tayo was home with his two daughters while his wife worked late hours as a medical doctor at a hospital in Ikeja. They had agreed on Tayo running his business and having more time for the kids while she remained at her job.

 He opened the door for her and and shifted aside to let her in.

“Hey girls say hi to Aunty Ezi!”

Mowa and Mope spun around, turning their attention away from the TV, and ran excitedly to Ezinne. 

She enveloped them in a hug. “How are you girls doing?”

“Fine!” They chorused. 

“Aunty Ezi you look pretty.” Mowa, the oldest of the two said and placed her hand on Ezinne’s skirt.

“Thanks love. Oya go and play.”

They ran off to seat in-front of the TV once again while Ezinne took her seat on the love seat and threw her head back and closed her eyes.

“Tough day at work?” He asked as she took her shoes off. 

“Tough day, tough week, tough life and tough everything!”

“Ouch. What happened?”

Ezinne related the whole thing of Patrick and how she had reacted. “It was really terrible Tayo.” Tears filled her eyes. “I wanted to scratch his eyes out and damage his fine face. How could he do that to me? I didn’t deserve that. I don’t deserve that!”

Tayo stood, his tall-frame came towards her and sat on the arm rest of her chair. He rubbed her back. “I’m sorry bae, you could have called me up to teach the idiot a lesson or two. He’s a complete fool for letting you go compared to the village girl his family had planned for him.”

His words didn’t console her as negative thoughts came to mind. “Village girls know how to cook jor.”

He hissed. “Is it cooking that is everything? Abeg make you leave that one. Not all men are concerned about cooking.”

She agreed with him then. Tayo had been her best-friend for the last fifteen years, and he was a far better cook than her. Even if they never went out with each-other, before he got married she would stop by at his place and he would cook for the both of them. But then he had gotten married to Fisayo and she couldn’t drop by all the time but whenever she did she was sure to get her tummy filled.

As if reading her mind he said, “I cooked Egusi today with assorted meat. You hungry? I can make some Poundo-Yam for you.”

It was all too tempting for her; him mentioning her favourite dish.

Ezinne looked up at him and nodded. He stared down at her with a smile. She couldn’t tell if it was because she was sad and depressed and needed some form of comfort or because his hands were still on her shoulder or she needed someone to hug. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his thigh.

He rubbed her back and they were like that for a few minutes when the door opened and Fisayo walked in. Ezinne shifted away from Kehinde and smiled at Fisayo, but then she wasn’t so welcoming.
He stretched and yawned at the same time. His whole body ached and his muscles felt sore. He sat up and stared at the pink walls and shook his head at the girlishness of the room. Her pictures hung up high on different parts of the wall. He looked at her as he threw the covers off him gently and stood up. His clothes were strewn on the floor and he picked them up quickly and got on his trousers. He didn’t want her to see him sneaking out. This was the second time in a row he was doing so on her. It had caused a lot of trouble between the both of them, the previous time he did . But he couldn’t avoid it. 

He tiptoed out of her room and was about shutting the door to the living room when he heard her voice.

“You are doing it again!”

He closed his eyes and muttered a profanity. He opened his eyes and turned to face her. “Kachi I told you I have an early morning today.”

She threw the covers off and walked to him clad with nothing. He tried his best to keep his eyes on her face and not on other parts of her body. Everyday he knew he had made a mistake getting into a relationship with her. But he couldn’t up and leave just like that. He had invested so much into their relationship.

“And so? Does that mean you should sneak out of the house like you’re a thief? You’re just being mean to me and it’s not fair! Why are you treating me this way? Why are -”

“Please don’t start.”

“I’ve started and you must hear me out.” He shifted back into the room when he heard her neighbour’s door open. He didn’t want anyone else seeing his girlfriend in all her glory.

“If you don’t behave yourself you can forget about this weekend Kachi! Why are you behaving like a child?! You laze around here all day doing absolutely nothing but waiting for me to come and service you after which you eat and watch TV. Don’t you want a life?”

“I have a life. I’m an actress remember.”

An actress that hasn’t gotten a real acting job in the last six months? The last job she had was to join passengers in a movie to scream at an oncoming vehicle. He chuckled. Yeah, I hear you loud and clear. 

He released a sigh and got on his t-shirt. She reached forward to help him with the buttons but he stepped back. “I can do it on my own abeg.”

Kachi Shrugged. “Suit yourself.” She turned around and walked back into the room and got on her nightwear. “I need you to give me some money.”

He frowned. He didn’t know which was more offensive; the manner in which she said it or because that was the only reason why she was in his life. “How much?”


“20k?! For what? What happened to the fifty thousand I gave you last week. What did you spend it on?”

She eyed him. “Shuo! Why are you shouting on me? Are you not in this country again? Don’t you know things are expensive?”

He hissed and told her he would only send ten thousand naira to her and that was all. He was hustling to make money and she might as well do the same. He finally walked out of the apartment after she showered him with sloppy kisses. He ran down the stairs; happy not to bump into any neighbour. He hailed a taxi and got in. 

He got out his phone from his jeans pocket and speed-dialled a number. The person answered on the third ring.

“Bunmi how far? Abeg that account number I give you last week . . . Ehn that one. Please help me wire 10k to it. No dey ask me question I go pay you back soon. I know I know . . . I go add jara. Thanks bro.”

He dropped the call and rested his head on the car seat. It was going to be a long day.
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