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Thanks Challenge: Day One


Happy new month!
Welcome to the Thanks Challenge. Can you list 20 things God has done for you in under 5 minutes? And keep doing it until it’s a lifestyle?ย  Please join me in giving Nonstop thanks to God throughout December!
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Temitope Ogunyinka, is a loving, caring and friendly person. She is passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge found in her thought provoking stories and writing that applies to all ages.

Her stories and articles cut across love, relationship and romance in a way that does not deny the relevance of God in our everyday life.

She is a devoted christian, passionate about bringing people to the knowledge of Godโ€™s true and unfailing love.

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  1. Anita says:

    Hmm… Let me try.
    I thank God for:
    1. life
    2. the ability to see
    3. the ability to feel
    4. the ability to taste food
    5. the ability to smell
    6. making me speak
    7. making me hear
    8. giving me a loving family.
    9. the privilege to see a new month
    10. protection
    11. guidance
    12. provision
    13. divine favor
    14. good health
    15. the energy to type this
    16. good friends
    17. answering prayers even before i thought of asking him.
    18. his grace
    19. infinite mercies.
    20. ability to walk

    To be Honest, it took me way over 5 minutes to write this. LOL.

    1. Nice one Anita! Let me give it a go as well ๐Ÿ™‚
      1) I thank God for making me a part of His Kingdom
      2) I thank Him for His mercies over my life
      3) for His Faithfulness
      4) for the ability to go to the toilet ๐Ÿ™‚
      5) to be able to digest the food I eat
      6) for His provision
      7) for His protection
      8) for His favor
      9) for my friends and family
      10) for the gift of writing
      11) I thank God for the website, Life God and Love and all the wonderful people who take time out to contribute to the website (God bless you!)
      12) I thank God for all those who take time out to read the articles.
      13) I thank God for the gift of life
      14) I thank God that I haven’t been to the hospital through out this year. (Awesome God!)
      15) I thank God I can sleep
      16) I thank God for His love for me
      17) I thank God for having food to eat ( hope I haven’t said that before)
      18) I thank God that I can see
      19) I thank God that I can walk
      20) I thank God that I can talk
      Done! Gosh I had to think. Honestly if we really sit down and think of all the things that happen in our lives… There would be a lot to thank God for. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Anita says:

        Tope I love numbers 4, 5 and 17. ๐Ÿ˜€ . I’ll do this more often

        1. Lol Anita! They are very important things…:)

  2. Oladapo Omotosho says:

    Way to go Anita. Thanks for taking the challenge. The beauty is the more you try the better you get. So don’t stop and don’t limit the thanks. I like 15. *wink*
    Stay tuned. Tomorrow is another amazing pic. It goes on all month long

    1. Anita says:

      looking forward to tomorrow’s post ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oladapo Omotosho says:

    Nice one Tope. Super thanks for giving it a swing and definitely thanks for giving me this space to express the ramblings that take place in my head. Cheers dear. Until tomorrow

  4. Today is my first time of visiting this site, read your series on Moskedapages and decided to check out your blog.
    I took this challenge and below are things I am grateful for. i actually penned this down in my journal and decided to share when i scrolled down and saw what others shared.
    1. Divine Health
    2. Reassurance through His Words.
    3. Forgiveness
    4. Strength to wait on Him
    5. Deliverance from that which held me captive for many years.
    6. Good health for my family members
    7. Good friends
    8. God’s leading in the best pathway for my life
    9. Salvation
    10. Journey mercies for Dapo
    11. Every patient He has given me
    12. My god daughter’s 3rd birthday which is today
    13. Destroying pride in me
    14. Revealing His intent/will to me
    15. Grace to forgive and let go of grudges
    16. Provisions
    17. Grace to give
    18. My new dress (which I am wearing presently)
    19. Strength and grace to fast and spend time with Him
    20. My Future Husband’s walk with God

    1. Oladapo Omotosho says:

      Hi Kemi. It’s nice to have you visit us here on lifegodandlove, thanks for partaking in the thanks challenge. I like number 10. So who’s Dapo

  5. Hi Kemi! Thanks for stopping by. :). I’m amazed you wrote all that. May you never cease to give thanks to God. As you have thanked Him for these ones He would do greater things for you.
    So from your thanks challenge I guess you’re a doctor :). As per wedding… when’s it happening? ๐Ÿ™‚

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