The Battle Against Discouragement and Depression

The Battle Against Discouragement and Depression

Good morning fam! Hope you all are doing great. So this was a study taken by one of us in our WhatsApp Bible Study group, CRADLE2SUCCESS, and I want to share it here. I believe you will be blessed by it if you’re currently going through discouragement and depression or you know someone who is. Have a great day! P.s Exciting news coming here soonest!


Gone are the days when the term depression was not commonly used because of the stigma associated with it. With so many things going on around us, it is very common to see a lot of depressed and discouraged people all around and the truth is, it is very common among believers and Christians.

Depression is one of the major weapons the devil uses against the saints. They are lies the devil feed our minds with, thought that are against the word of God ( 2 Cor 10: 4-5) and the moment we encourage these lies and false truths about ourselves, the moment we pay a little heed to these lies from the devil, that is the moment we begin to fall into bouts of depression and discouragement.

EVERY ONE has been discouraged or depressed at one time or the other. We are not super humans. we have this thing called the flesh that is constantly in battle with our spirit and unless it is subject to the will of God, we will be prone to waves of depression. So YES, we have all been there and it is possible that some of us may be having bouts of discouragement right now, but I believe that by the reason of this study, every wall of discouragement and depression is conquered and dismantled by the blood of Christ in JESUS name, amen.

Great men of GOD fall into depression too and Some are discouraged about sosmany things, but they all came out of it. I watched a program where Brian Houston of Hillsong confessed to being depressed and having suicidal thoughts especially after he heard that his father was a pedophile. that is just one example. There are so many others. So you are not alone; you are not abnormal.

The fact that the devil tries to force feed you with lies does not mean you are abnormal. Let GOD be true and all man be a liar (Rom 3:4). Only God’s Word and thoughts stands sure. His Truth about you stands forever. I would love to make this study as interactive as possible and I will definitely lead by example, so I will recount some episodes I have had with depression and I will bring out some points from it. And I would really appreciate it if we all can also recounts some experiences we have had with depression and what we did to be free from it.

My Personal Story

I have always been a serious and studios lady, very bookish and a bit reserved. All this hindered me from having a lot of friends and I was very introverted. I only knew three places in the university- library, class, fellowship and I was only friends with two people throughout my stay in school. This continued for a very long time and because of my very unique personality, I never had guys come up to me to initiate a relationship. The guys were not just interested in me, or so I thought.

Some thought I was inaccessible, a “too know”, they said I was too opinionated. My room mates jokingly told me to join a convent. I really didn’t take it really serious until 6 years after I finished NYSC.

SO HERE I AM, in my late 20s, working, giving my all to God in church. Being the same ol’ introverted girl I’ve always been . . . BUT THE SAME STORY, sisters you can relate na. . . when no guy walks up to you to say “hey sister” or a little wink, or a smile. I would even take brothers that would say –“thus says the Lord sister, you are the one for me”, lol but nothing. I had never been in any relationship – at all, and I was already pushing 30.

Now the depression came in like a tidal wave. I forgot all the promises of the Lord and thought like, “well you are very ugly, you will die an old maid, nobody likes you. Its better God takes my life, no one will ever marry me. I have nothing of value to offer” and so on.

And sadly, I believed those lies.

I was going to church BUT I was going through the motions I remember a day a church lady wanted me to meet her brother who just came from the uk, I was so excited and in my mind I felt- this is it. Lo and behold, the guy took one look at me and was like, sorry I don’t like you you are not my type. Kai! I felt so horrible and those thoughts came back and flooded my mind like daggers. I went to God at that point and cried like a baby. I could not hold it any longer. At that point GOD spoke into my heart. He said, I will make all things beautiful in its time. Feed on my love. (ECCL 3 VS 12)

And that is what I did. For a whole year I studied the love of God and it transformed my life. I confessed the word daily and fed my mind with the right stuff I listened to messages on God’s love and how to cope with discouragement. After a while I didn’t think about my ‘status’ as a lady, in fact I was so happy, more open to people and cultivated awesome friendships with people. 7 months after, I met my husband, and last year we got married.

And I should tell you, my husband is like haaa!! The best ever!

In fact, God kept the best for me.


From my story I can categorically tell you some of the ways depression can set into our lives.

Wallowing in self pity– When we wrap ourselves in self pity and use the “why me” phrase all the time. Self pity is one of the tricks the enemy uses against us that causes depression, when we continue to look at all that GOD has not done in our lives. IT IS SO EASY TO WALLOW IN SELF PITY ESPECIALLY WHEN WE FEED ON NEGETIVE THOUGHTS. It happened to me. . . Self pity became an uncomfortable blanket that I wrapped myself with. It is a strong hold and the lord has told us to cast down every strong hold and imaginations that exalts it self against the knowledge of God ( prov 12 vs 25)

Comparisons with others – Back then I was always given the task to be someone’s brides maid and it was so easy for me to compare my self with people and go wow. “That person is married and I’m not. Life is so unfair” But the Word of God says, comparing themselves among themselves they are not wise. This is a major cause of depression ( 2 cor 10:12)

Not trusting in God’s Word – Let’s face it, the reason why many of us get depressed is because we do not trust God enough and we lean on our understanding ( prov 3:5). When we don’t trust Gods word enough we fall into bouts of depression and discouragement (Jh 14 vs 1-2) Not being connected to

THE SPIRIT OF GOD– When we have a disconnect with God spirit, we are bound to listen to the lies of the devil and not Gods voice . for the word of God says you shall hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk therein in it .( ISAIAH 30:21)

Let’ face it.We usually get depressed because we are far from God. It is easy for negative moods to overtake us when God is not the center of our lives. Satan can easily take advantage of these moods and influence us to sink into even deeper despair.( ISAIAH 40:31)


LETS LOOK AT SOMEONE IN THE BIBLE THAT SUFFERED FROM DEPRESSION AND HOW HE BATTLED AGAINST IT Elijah– 1 KINGS 19:4-14 You would think that someone like the great prophet Elijah would not suffer from depression. He had just won a major victory in Gods name by defeating the prophets of baal , so why would this great prophet be scared and depressed just because Mrs Jezebel threatened him?

THE TRUTH IS EVERY ONE IS PRONE TO DEPRESSION …. EVERYONE So how did Elijah battle against depression?

ALONE WITH GOD- First, he had to seclude himself …go to a quiet place to seek Gods face… and that is what we need to do in times when we feel discouraged or depressed The bible says be still and know that I am GOD.

WHEN WE FEEL DEPRESSED, it is very important that we god to God in our quiet corner to seek His face TRUST IN GOD, NOT YOUR MIND- Elijah had a moment when he did not trust in GOD HE WAS WRAPPED UP IN HIMSELF AND felt he was the only prophet alive at that time. We have to understand that when we feel discouraged we have to ask His Spirit to help us trust Him and believe in his Word.

ASK FOR HELP GET GOOD SUPPORT- God revealed to Elijah that he needed Elisha as a helper and a successor. We need good people around us. People who have our best interest at heart, a wonderful support system for this is very important.

PRAY FOR REVELATION- God revealed himself to Elijah in usual ways. And Elijah received fresh revelations from god. In times when we fell depressed we need to ask god for fresh revelations. it could be that God wants to use your situation to reveal himself in different way. Health living- some times we do not take time to take proper care of ourselves and this can cause the case of Elijah we see God giving him food to revive his strength. It is Gods wish that we proper and be in good health. 3 John 2


Have you battled depression? How have you battled depression in our lives?

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Temitope is a lover and true worshiper Christ. She is married to Michael Nwoseh and She lives in Yaba.

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